Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Surrey, 63 year old

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am truly grateful for my friends and family. They are a very important part of my life. I spend time and energy maintaining and enjoying them. Someone new in my life would become part of that friendshipfamily web and should want to be part of mine and these people's lives. I believe the people in your life and the relationships you have with them are the most important experiences you can have. Without special relationships with friends and family I don't believe you can be truly fulfilled.
Physical fitness and activities are also a necessary part of my life. I am physically active and would like to share these activities with a partner. Being healthy, eating well, exercising and generally paying attention to my physical and mental well-being are paramount to me. It is very hard to enjoy life and feel positive when you have chronic pain andor illness. Thus someone who is more sedentary would probably not feel comfortable with my lifestyle and I with theirs.
I am also looking for someone to laugh with and have fun with. I am not necessarily looking for marriage but definitely for a exclusive partner to enjoy life where-ever that may lead us. Fun could include the following and more: cooking together for friends (I love cooking and trying new recipes as well as eating great food. I probably will be a chef in my next life), a movie, hiking andor going for walks, boating, swimming, camping, traveling, live plays, biking, trying new restaurants, sharing a good book....
As well I have a great interest in philosophical and spiritual ideas. I read many books in these areas including ones on Buddhism and quantum physics - the easy readable texts! Trying to get a handle on what life is and how to experience it most successfully with an abundance of happiness is a key goal for me. Life is full of change and I want to be part of that positive change for the better for myself and others.
I am interested in the arts - drama, music, dance, visual art, writing. I do some visual art - drawing, pastel painting - but would consider it more a hobby than a passion.
I have a Post Baccalaureate in Fine Arts and a Masters in Curriculum InclusionDevelopment. I taught various grade levels at a fine arts school for 20 years including visual art, computer graphics, computer animation, core subjects (math, reading…) and I volunteered in our school theatre helping with lighting and sound. I am now retired from teaching at public schools.
I do volunteer work at the YMCA where I teach yoga at the once a week and sometimes do other work for them. I also volunteer with a friend at the Telethon every year and periodically cook dinner and serve it to people in need at my friendРІР‚в„ўs church. As well I volunteer at the Bell Centre for the Arts.
I have traveled part way across Canada and the US and to London, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Hong Kong, India and Nepal. I think I would like to travel more in BC - maybe camping, hiking, boating etc.. I love the water (ocean, lakes or rivers), the forests, the mountains and wildlife. I think I would like to go on a house boat cruise for 4-5 days.
I am looking for someone who is caring, supportive and flexible, as I would try to be. A person with similar interests and maybe some new ones would be great. I am interested in someone who is looking for happy times but knows how to handle the other times with a minimum of emotional outbursts. I would like to be with a person whose focus is on the positive. Life is too short to become involved with too many dramas - some drama is doable. I do not want to get involved with someone who over-indulges in drugs, alcohol, food...etc. on a consistent long term basis. Someone who has these type of abuse issues needs special care and attention from a qualified person and that is not me.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I'm looking for someone who is outgoing and family oriented, and is kind and caring with a great sense of humour.
My closest friends would describe me as kind, generous and easy to get along with. We enjoy taking turns to host dinner parties and wine tasting.
I've raised 2 beautiful and successful girls who now have families of their own. I am also a proud grandmother to 3 grandchildren.

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. "There are many things in life that will catch your eye... but ONLY a few will catch your HEART". There are 5 languages of love... do you know what they are? Yes two is better then one!! Looking to Network and possibly finding my best friend or the best thing that ever happened to me. Follow Your Heart and Dreams!!
I do not live by the Sun Signs although I am a Libra! I'm affectionate, genuine, honest and have a very health conscious life style! Also very outgoing, spontaneous, enjoy my own company, although time shared together would be a bonus. I'm very young at heart, selective, passionate with a great sense of humour... positive attitudes are very important, with communication & honesty being the key! I believe that sharing special moments together, creating lasting memories, and keeping the passion alive are important with lots of smiles and laughter! I am funny, vibrant, fun to be with, intelligent, strong enough to be supportive and a good communicator. I am whole in who I am. I don't need a man to complete me, looking for someone to enhance what I already have. Not into drama or lies and there can only be ONE... meaning, I am a one-man woman!
*Think sometimes we attract the wrong men/woman not really we only accept them!!* Abuse comes in many forms and in different ways. Then the honeymoon stage happens dont ever settle for less than what you deserve. Don't mean to preach just saying!!
I love dancing and listening to; The Blues, Rock, Jazz, Motown, some Country and relaxing to Solitudes of Nature are among some of my favorites. As for movies when I get the chance I do enjoy Comedies, Thrillers, Documentaries and the list goes on. My hobbies include Photography & Computer Graphics... creating in Photo Shop...

Meet a soulmate from Surrey, Canada. I am an honest, trustworthy, generous and very loyal partner and I would like him to be the same.
He should also have a good sense of humour, lots of patience for me my family and my grand kids.
I love children. I certainly do not want more kids of my own, considering my age it's impossible anyways and will leave that task to my kids and enjoy the grand kids instead.
Everything has a price, if you want something badly enough, work at it.

Date someone special from Surrey, Canada. I am a fun and funny independent woman with lots of time to share. I am looking for a laid back man who has a great sense of humor and a desire to enjoy life. Someone who is not pretentious, is casual and relaxed, and who has lots of interests and hobbies, preferably artsy. Someone who also was young during the Woodstock era.
I have many hobbies and interests, which include, but are not limited to: gardening, Texas Hold'em, reading, walking, being near the ocean, snorkeling and tanning in the Caribbean region of Mexico, camping, sewing, painting, home renovations, most artsy things. I am always on the lookout to learn something new.
While I am not looking for a permanent 24/7 kind of relationship, I am also not looking to install a revolving door in my bedroom. I am looking for a casual and ongoing arrangement with only one person. More of a monogamous “friends with benefits” kind of thing.
LetРІР‚в„ўs chat and see if we have anything in common.
A special note to those married or attached men who are looking fling, or whoРІР‚в„ўs wives donРІР‚в„ўt understand them or put out anymore: donРІР‚в„ўt waste my time or yours as I am not interested.
Non-smokers only please.

Meet a woman from Surrey, Canada. I am an easy happy-go-lucky person. Life is great.
Would like someone to share it with.
Are you the one? If so contact me and we can meet for coffee, no expectations. Timmies is always good. But you never know.
Thanks for the interest

Date a soulmate from Canada. Well! Here goes another try at this. I have not changed much since but I do know what I don't like. For started a healthy life style would be something we share. Being active, as I love to explore new places, visit new areas and meet people. I take pride in my appearance and love a man who also does.
Last been in Key West which I love, the ocean was so blue/green, the sand so fine, that you would love to stay there and forget the cold wet rainy days of BC. I have traveled to Europe and a few warm places and yet so many I have yet to see (my dream would be a nice cruise anywhere) - join me?. I play tennis (weather permitting) at my local club and would love to share in this activity. I also enjoy reading (Agassi's life was an incredible book), movies (inspiring ones, i.e., The blind side), documentaries (A&E - Biographies) and nature shows on TV - and occasional theatre plays. I prefer to be outside most of the time, walks on on the beach near my area or in the parks and also attend fit classes and pickle ball at the rec centre.
I am a Gemini so I thrive on meeting new people, visiting new places and possess an avid curiosity about life and history which shows in my choice of books.
Would love the tenderness and caring that a mutually enriching relationship can give. I am an incurable romantic (shy at first and cautious but don't let that fool you) and I greatly enjoy being spoiled by spontaneous, frivolous and tender gestures of affection (you can hug me any time). I like men who believe in treating women with respect and possess old fashion values and not looking for casual relationships, (NOTHING PERSONAL JUST MY CHOICE). No couch potatoes either, sorry. I do enjoy some evenings in watching TV or having friends over and share a good meal with stimulating conversation. I would love discovering this beautiful world with that "special" person am looking for. RVing was new for me and enjoyed it...need a co-pilot?
Hope these few lines have created an interest and to have the pleasure of hearing from you.

Meet someone special from Canada. I am an easy going person, but on the other hand I know exactly what I want.
It is important to me to have mutual trust and a caring attitude. I love it when a man opens the door for me or helps me to put on my coat, small surprises like some flowers etc.
I have been caring for people all my life and I am looking for someone who will care and love me.
From early age I have been travelling and have lived abraod half of my life, so I am looking for someone who loves to travel too.

Date a woman from Canada. Friends discribed me as a friendly, easy to talk to woman. They would say I am very interested in cultures and had explored many countries while travelling and working.
Love to be around people, see beauty in everyone, love to have fun. when something is funny I luagh out loud, can't hide it.
A complex thinker, trive to be effective and significant in my career. Loving and tolerant with my family and friends. Spirituality is important to me.