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Date someone special from Canada. About me? I am an active person who enjoys many pursuits, activities. If you asked me what I like to do most, it would be: dance, golf, ski. I also like movies and plays, outdoor theatre, walks along the seawall, etc. Apart from that I am busy with work ( I have retired but still enjoy working, looking at doing less of that to have more time for fun. ). I no longer have that great garden to work in but will replace with other pursuits. I like to travel, warm climates, adventure travel and would like to see the world ... I'm open to most destinations.
I have started my new adventure, having relocated to Vancouver, getting used to smaller digs. So far, I'm enjoying the vibrancy of Vancouver, being able to walk to many places, venues, even skytrain. I am no longer a paid member so can't view email, etc. I can be found on or in the pond as a larkx2.
Ideally, I'm looking for a great partner but it starts with a meet and then see where it takes us.
IAbout you? You're a gentleman that is up front, honest, a life he is content with; someone game for adventure, wanting to share the small and big moments, be it cooking together or travel.
Qu'est-ce sera, sera!

Meet men and women from Canada. I am mature, yet playful and love a good laugh or a good conversation.
I consider health and a good attitude towards life the greatest assets anyone can have. I like to surround myself with people who embrace what life brings them, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant and be grateful for the experience of what the events teach us.
I am looking for a playful companion who does not take himself too seriously, but is responsible and respectful of his fellow human beings. Good sense of humor and the ability to see beauty in all things are essential.
There are many things I would like to explore with my ideal companion. From simple walks on the beach and sharing a good conversation to enjoying a good meal or a dance, going to a play or cooking a delicious meal together or just relaxing together after would all be enjoyable and welcome.
When a more adventurous mood strikes, we would pack our bags and take a trip to a destination not yet explored or re-visit a favourite spot, whether it is far or just a short distance away.
Life's offerings are bountiful and waiting for all who want them. If you feel the same, reach out and see what we can find together.

Date a woman from Canada. Friends describe me as youthful in appearance, mellow, and a good listener. I am definitely flirtatious and passionate!
Who am I looking for....someone who is outdoorsy, but, also enjoys quiet times at home, maybe cooking a meal together, where laughter and conversation flow freely. Common interests are important, but, it's okay to have different passions as well. I enjoy skiing, hiking cycling and tennis.
I would hope he is just as passionate about music as I am, whether it be jazz, the blues, or classical. There is nothing better than sipping a fine glass of wine listening to the blues.
Another one of my interests is singing in a non-denominational choir. Sometimes I leave tired, but always return invigorated!
And have I mentioned a sense of humour. A definite plus; laughing until you cry!
Gardening is also a passion of mine, although at this point in my life, it's container gardening. I like to find pleasure in simple things.
I have two beautiful daughters and enjoy spending time with them. They teach me humility and patience daily!!!
Last of all, but, both of major importance -- thoughtfulness and integrity.
I am independent, but prefer the contentment that comes from a committed relationship.
Hope you enjoyed reading my profile. I enjoyed writing it! If you're interested, please send me an e-mail!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am a quiet soft spoken professional working woman, I will be working for few more years.
I am amatuer musican, I play the clarient and would love to find someone to play music with. Music, like life, is better if shared. I play a wide varity of music incuding covers of Willy Nelson, Elton John, Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston.
I dabble in the stock market from time to time. I used to belong to a stock club.
Weekends.. doing the recycling, laundry, groceries, errands. Visiting with friends. Cycling the dykes and Steveston.
I am a bit of a geek in the IT world, I play Scrabble and Bridge on line. I have all the latest toys and know how to use them. I teach others!
I have also dabbled in the visual arts and have had some shows in local galleries. I'd like to get back into it when I retire. I would like to have a studio.
I've done some sailing in the past, but I am a fair weather sailor only. I enjoy kayaking too.
I'd like to meet someone interesting, nice and fun. I have a dry sense of humour. It would be nice if you did too. It has been said I am looking for a 'mind partner' .
I've got 4 weeks of holidays and would love to find someone who would be a good travel companion. I have Costa Rica on my to- do list. I would like to go back to Sedona and Mexico some time.
I have done some personal growth workshops and have a comfort level with meditation and introspection.
I am quite health conscious.
So many I's.. I am not a creative writer!

Date people from Canada. Like to meet someone with open mind and kind and sincere and honest
Will share the grief and happiness together and have the same faith. Can easily communicate.
I am a cheerful that is how my friends describe me. I am a very contented and easy going person.

Meet someone special from Vancouver, Canada. I
I have 3 terrific (mostly) grown daughters, satisfying work that supports me well, close friends, and a body that has not yet betrayed me. I bike, run, swim, read, cook, eat, talk, travel and take in as many cultural events as I can manage. I'm busy, but not too busy. I've been divorced almost 10 years...long enough to not need to talk about it. My kids ( then friends) are at the top of my priority list, and travel at the top of the wish list. Life lived alone just isn't as rewarding. I'm looking for someone who is smart, self-confident, energetic and adventurous.

Date men and women from Vancouver, Canada. I believe there are two primary choices in life - accept conditions as they exist or accept the responsibility for changing them. Glass half full, take the road less traveled, say yes - are all attitudes I embrace.
Physical activity, variety, adventure, nature, beauty, art and creative pursuits, friends and family are important to me. I enjoy preparing a meal complete with wine, candles and flowers as a standard for daily dining and sharing it with friends makes it all that much better. I donРІР‚в„ўt watch TV but definitely enjoy a good movie. (recent favorites - After the Wedding, King's Speech). I am healthy, active and appreciate that I move easily and have energy to spare.
I'm partial to people who are smart, curious, kind, slow to judge, a little quirky, fun to be with, adventurous, and passionate about living fully.
I have been on my own for a couple of years and my life is rich with friends, family and work but I do miss having a special someone in my life and I am now ready to go looking.
I'm hoping to find a man who has values that are in tune with mine, who is also looking for a friend, lover, and partner for playing, dreaming, exploring and building a life together.

Meet a woman from Vancouver, Canada. My friends find me upbeat, witty and a great listener. I have a dry Australian sense of humour which means I see the humour in my own predicaments or encounters.I love to travel and became a snowbird for three months this year. It was amazing in Mexoico !!At home, I live by the water in False Creek . I feel blessed with my life. Its rich with friends and great activities: concerts, theatre, movies, coffee on the seawall..all that Vancouver has to offer is at my fingertips.I love to spend time with friends and my family , yet I appreciate my time to myself to regroup and do my own activities which include dance classes, reading, walking my cute dog, and attending to my home business.
I am looking for a kind, compassionate guy with a good sense of humour who enjoys all or most of what I'm into to to share in a relationship with me. If you like what I've said, I'd love to hear from you. Let's grasp the opportunity to have lots of fun together!

Date a soulmate from Vancouver, Canada. I am a westcoast woman, born and bred. Grew up in the beauty ot our rain forest coast, learning to appreciate nature and its creatures. Love being on the water, smell of the sea, sound of the waves. Love as much, the smell of the forest trail on a warm summer's day, or after a rainfall. I have travelled and seen some beautiful sights but I am always happy to come home to our beautiful mountains on the inlet. I am intelligent, well read, good sense of humour, nice looking, good figure, loving, strong, loyal, compassionate, patient, passionate about a lot of things, and most importantly, I am at peace with myself. As for social scenes, I am as comfortable in jeans as I am in a cocktail dress and heels and can hold my own in a conversation. Still working and enjoying my time as a self employed professional but looking to retire in the next few years.
I hope to find a man with whom I can share good conversations and laughter. He will love music of all kinds, the performing arts, travel. Family and friends are important to him as are cats, dogs, long walks by the sea, nature. He will be articulate, smart, well read, good dresser and will fit in, in any social setting. He will be reasonably fit and takes care of himself. He will be financially comfortable. He will be a good communicator, willing to share his feelings and an equal relationship with me. I believe in living life to the fullest every day, with love and gratitude and I hope you do too. I'm interested in having a relationship full of laughter, love and friendship, not a dating scene and you want the same.
Thanks for reading this and I will try to post pictures asap.

Meet people from Vancouver, Canada. I am a born and raised vancouverite...
~love my city..have travelled far and wide, and still know I live in the most beautiful place on earth!!
how to describe ME? and YOU??
~ our family is very important to us-
as our are close friends....we are caring and considerate to others-hard working and have strong core values-we like to laugh lots-lead a healthy and active lifestyle and are both hoping to find our last love/soulmate out there and move forward with them!!! we both have so much to offer!
at this stage of our lives.....we have time and freedom on our side! so here's hoping we find each other!
cheers! thanks for checking in on me!

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. healthy, active, self sufficient. ; stands up for progressive causes; reads, enjoys sporty activities, culture, travel. monogamous, principled, fun to be with, likes to enjoy quiet romantic times; isn't cheap. Looking for same in a guy.

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. My friends and family describes me as a loyal friend who is very helpful and a good listener, who enjoys a good conversation and a laugh. I'm an easy going kind of person who enjoys a nice quiet dinner and a dance.
I'm looking for a person who can laugh with jokes, can dance ballroom,has an ear for music and likes to watch hockey games either on TV or go to the sports arena. He is kind, nice and gentle person who is willing to be my reliable good friend, responsible and secure, has sense of humour, patient & honest. I've never been married, no children and I live alone. I'm looking for a person who is ready for serious relationship....more info.when I meet him face to face. Thanks.

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. for fun: dance, bike. walk and hike
job: salesclerk
my ethnicity: born in Peru (Lima)
favorite hot spots: i love to go the cinema, i love dancing, like salsa , merengue, cha cha cha ,also i dance any kind of music...
favorite thing: i a simple eater . i like meat , chicken,
fish, sea food, greek, suchi not spicy...
last read: " mamy lives, many masters" i love the true story....

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am confident yet humble, outgoing yet alittle shy, very self motivated to succeed, comfortable with myself so therefore with others, awake each day with wonder and look forward the journey, seeking a man who is masculine to my feminine, someone who moves to the front of the pack, has strength of character, great sense of humour (including laughing at himself), is self-confident.... I am blessed with a wonderful family and friends however so many things are better shared - a banana split, tandem bike on the seawall, a scary movie, a weekend in Vegas, the morning paper, laughter..I have enjoyed a great deal of success in my life and would consider myself an overachiever who strives to be the best i can very tolerant and non-judgemental...when I look at those less fortunate I believe there but for the grace of God go I...I am not emotionally complicated...I know myself well, am comfortable with who I am and able to express my feelings in an honest way...even tho I am all "grown-up" I have a very childlike side...I prefer strong a physical sense but also strength of character...I enjoy an evening out dressed to the nines as much as a good action movie on the couch with a bowl of popcorn...I am not a great cook but am happy to take you out to dinner or do the dishes for you if you prefer to cook! I am not seeking an all consuming relationship as I presume like me you make time for family, friends and a career...but if you are unique and we click...I will adore you!....

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. “I am a singe lady, I am a single lady” I really like that song! And I am hopeful that I will meet a man whose profile resonates with mine. I am a city girl, simple, adaptable, independent. I love to be outdoors, explore new things. I have a circle of good friends but missing a partner, intimate friend and soul mate to share good times and bad times.
My vacation spots are hot, sunny places different locations, favorite Carabien Sea and Mediterranean Sea. Swimming is one of my favorite things. I am well educated and have traveled extensively; I would like to explore South America more. Carnival in Rio was incredible.
Our dog Dalli recently passed away. Going through that type of emotion was hard but I believe she is with my husband now. But every bad thing for a good thing: I enjoy the freedom and mobility. My work schedule is flexible so I can make a decision to leave on fly, like in February I picked up a good deal, Mexico and enjoyed the week near Playa del Carmen. Some friends went to New York in March to listen to Tosca in Metropolitan opera so I joined them. New York was incredible I will go back to explore more. I love all kind of music and dancing is another of my favorite things. I also love Vegas, bought a small apartment there and hopefully when I retire will be spending part of the year there.
I am family oriented, my 2 adult sons and their families live near by and we are often all together. They all enjoy my cooking.
I am on the Match over a month now and I encountered different man even two scammers. It has been fun! I admire men who send and e-mail instead of wink and the men who are willing to relocate for friendship and love. . I applause men who make an effort of “no thank you” by direct e-mail. In my books they are courageous and courteous man. I whish them all the best and to find what they are looking for!
What is that I am looking for: Since we all know that IDEAL PERSON does not exist, (and I am far from being perfect) I would like to meet someone who enjoys every moment of the time that we have left on this planet. Someone who is not afraid of emotions, person willing to compromise, because by now, we all have our own ways. A person who is not afraid of change because the only thing that is certain is a change!
Most of people sound great on paper. I am not into long e-mailing correspondence. Although pictures are worth thousands of words my experience is that friendly conversation in the coffee shop and body language is the best way to assess if there is that special chemistry among the coupe of people.
Thank you for reading my profile and hope to see you soon!