Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Vancouver, 63 year old

Date single man from Vancouver, Canada. I am an intelligent,educated, gentleman who loves conversation and romance. I am looking for a connection with someone who is willing to share body and soul, not necessarily in that order. I am financially secure, clean and tidy to a fault, musical, well-dressed and sensual. I can be conservative one minute, and adventurous and playful the next. I am the sort of guy that you would be proud to be seen with at a public function, but noone except the two of us would know the fun we have in private. I am not likely to be glued to the TV screen when a hockey game is on. I am more likely to be looking into your eyes. I am literate, a good communicator, sensitive, romantic and sensual. If I find a soulmate,she will be more important to me than my job and I look forward to sppending quality time together. I love the ocean annd can see it from my apartment which overlooks granville Island>if we match, I'll make dinner, get the candles out, and we can watch the city lights together sipping wine.I'm looking for an intelligent,passionate,sensual woman who likes to share her soul with a guy who will listen. She must capture my mind as well as my heart. She is warm,caring,compassionate and positive.

Meet a man from Vancouver, Canada. Growth is the only goal. We can never be perfect, but we can always learn from our mistakes, especially in dealing with others.
Forgiveness is the greatest emotional tool there is; I wish I could use it more than I do.
I have overcome a lot in my life and it appears I have learned enough to either have fooled a lot of people or I have gained some wisdom, although the later is very dubious.
I seek the kind of intimacy that can only come from openness and honesty, self honesty, the kind that builds the foundation for trust and respect and kindness and a lot of forgiveness....
For that, I have found, is what really drives a relationship. Not wealth or sex or beauty, but a generosity of spirit borne out of simply caring about, not for, but about the other person.
But, coffee and walk is cool too...!

Date people from Vancouver, Canada. After 60 years there is a little baggage accumulated and my baggage is just enough to remind me to stop and smell the coffee & roses more often. We spend a long time getting to this point in life, so Please let's enjoy it and not complicate it further. Am I the right guy for you? Are you looking for the perfect guy... hell move on! I am nowhere near perfect but I think I'm a work in progress and pretty damn good company. I need someone who stimulates me. Someone who makes me want to join in on her plans (be they good or wicked)

Meet a soulmate from Vancouver, Canada. I have strong family ties and am very social. I believe I make my partner comfortable in new situations but expect them to be independent. I act the same. Loyalty is extremely important to me and I give as much as I take. I have a sense of humour, usually self-deprecating, and expect that you will have one too but never without respect.
We can enjoy dinners with family and/or friends, participate in family activities (blended and individual), or just hang out with movie marathons and wine (or martinis). "Adventures" should be experienced with no expectations or disappointments.
I believe I have a sense of style in both my appearance and my home; both give me great pleasure however there's nothing wrong with lazing around in pj's or sweats.
I enjoy movies that challenge me intellectually, scare me, make me laugh out loud, awe me or make me cry (yes, I cry at movies sometimes).
I'm a sucker for dumb dogs, playful cats and exotic birds and am deeply concerned about animal welfare.
I am no longer interested in night clubs but will attend if there is an intriguing reason and I can close down any bar as long as it closes at 9:30 (kidding).
Many times I just need to be quiet with my own thoughts and will respect that in you without feeling abandoned.
I like curvy women; I'm very Mad Men when it comes to women. We both need to be attracted physically to one another but I also realize that this is something that can develop over time.
I will always strive to make you proud to be with me both in the way I physically present myself and the way I act.
I am old fashioned in my view of relationships but your views, idea and beliefs will never be minimized, ridiculed or dismissed by me - they are yours and they will be respected.

Date someone special from Vancouver, Canada. Perceived by numbers of others as their best friend
because of how I treat them
I smile daily and laugh easily and frequently
I have zero regrets
Grateful to be living in the Pacific North West
Looking for/open to my "soul mate" - nathing less
My social life is simple/happy with good & new friends
I laugh when surprised by something unusal and or unexpected

Meet men and women from Vancouver, Canada. I have just moved to Vancouver to be near my kids and grandkids..lived many years in Southern United States..I live near downtown...I am looking for a great gal for a LTR...My friends would say I am easygoing and always have a positive attitude and a sense of humor.....I am a great cook (raised two boys)...I like to walk and ride my bike everyday....I believe age is in your mind and I feel much younger than my age and hope I can find a gal that feels the same..I like to golf when I can...I love to dance...great exercise.....I.enjoy the beach, ocean...I like swap meets, art galleries and long interesting conversations... l love the blues and rock and roll..I have done many things in my life but am not interested in the past...only the future....I am a romantic guy and want to find that special chemistry where we click on all levels....let's have a great summer

Date single man from Canada. I am an intelligent, independent, perceptive man, with a dash of spontaneity and adventure in my character. My curiosity about life in general, extends to - arts & culture, issues (social, political & economic), religion, languages, travel, family and profession. I am divorced, with no children, but have lots of nieces & nephews and I sponsor an 11 year old in a developing country. Romance and affection flow naturally with the right woman. For me fitness means no smoking, as little alcohol as possible, light eating and walking, but not just the Seawall.
I am well educated. In youth I read literature; however, today most reading is in the finance area. Leisure activities include: creative writing, computers, software, volunteering, concerts, plays, sports events, and politics. I have lived in the US, England, Australia and have traveled in the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Europe.
My prioritized values (ethics, self-respect, intellect, etc) are strong and I am demanding of myself. I am goal oriented and set myself challenges. Personal and professional development is a strong motivator. I am an organized person, who pays attention to detail, thinks in a systematic way and who has good interpersonal skills.

Meet a man from Canada. A creative life,looking for a partner that has a dynamic and exuberant view of the world,with a mature sense of humor and an inquisitiveness to want to work towards growing deeper into a more fulfilling and spritual life.

Date people from Canada. I am an accomplished professional with diverse and flexible interests; very warm, communicative and inspirational. I invest fully in the woman I am with, and am a good �soul mate’. I really value equity, mutual respect, and a sense of �working together’.
My perspective on the world is still romantic and adventurous. Lived in New York, London, and Toronto for 25 years.
I am primarily interested in a woman who can share some of my current interests in the arts, music in particular. (My second career is as a newspaper columnist, reviewing concerts.) If she is also interested in art and modern design, even better. Love discussing all this stuff in an intellectual and creative way. If she is at least somewhat athletic and enjoys nature, even better still!
Very personable and comfortable in meeting others, and apparently can be very humorous and entertaining. Can be ultra-sophisticated or ultra-relaxed in style and dress. Fun-loving and playful most of the time. I will probably be an ideal companion for both arts and business functions.
Live in a very spacious, serene designer setting filled with artistic resources: a concert area seating 30; two sound systems, over 10,000 CD's and vinyl, and an art library. A grand piano may be coming!
Hopefully, an engaging package!
The Photos start from a standard (and possibly mundane) press photo, and then express my close relationship to architecture, grand concert halls, and finally my graduating students (my cat's response to some of the poorer ones is included). We then move to nature and adventure. The final shots show my courage in tracking down and photographing a potentially dangerous wild animal!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am a quiet person, but that does not mean I do not like to talk. I can carry on conversation for hours and still feel there is a lot more to say when it's time to part. I was in computer career and like to play with computer and internet.
I play computer games occassionally, I am easy to get along, If there is no special event or no friends available, I'll stay home, read magazine or watch TV. I am looking for a woman who share the same interest and are not afraid to commit. I don't mind learning new thing and push new boundaries. I am comfortable about who I am and don't mind to be alone. Just feel that a mutual loving relationship would make life that much more enjoyable. I know that a email is not a marriage proposal, it's just a first step towards a friendship which may last for a very long time. or may even lead to marriage.

Date someone special from Canada. I am a fair and understanding individual and believes everyone is created equal. I would like to have a relationship that is built on trust, faith and understanding. A relationship that would last long and be bigger than life itself. As I am a caring, loving and faithful person, I would be so gifted if she is passionate sharing the same attitude towards his man. thanksyeh rosalito

Meet men and women from Canada. Widower looking for the one to share life and love. Someone who is open, caring and enjoys simple pleasures - walks on the beach, dining music and hugs. Looking for that special someone to complete me. Hope your out there.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Partner for the interesting road ahead....looking to hear from just one mensch. I know you are out there. Let's share the journey, with love, support, much laughing, and curiosity always. I am am up for it, are you? Let's roll, and grab some interesting time together.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. My friends would describe me as elegant, kind and classy. I have had the privilege of mentoring thousands of women and helping to develop their self esteem and self image to build their businesses which has been extremely rewarding. I became top in my field in Canada which was a career highlight. I am grateful for my health as it is our wealth, so I am looking for a mate who is physically, emotional and financially fit. He must have a sense of adventure and love to travel. A good sense of humour and patience are also high on my wish list.
I do not enjoy the monsoon season in Vancouver. So the freedom to leave for those months is a bonus.. I am very dedicated to fitness and healthy lifestyle. I would enjoy a man who is romantic and knows how to treat a lady. It is also nice to have a man who can keep his closet organized and understands the function of a hanger. I am not over the top but can't live in a clutter. Simplicity and old tired things have a place at the goodwill.
This is the final chapter of life, and it is the time to really get out there and see the world. I want to taste all the remaining adventures for which I was too busy with careers and kids to even entertain .thank you taking the time to peek into a wee bit of my world. The only way to know from a profile where everyone puts their best foot forward is a phone call and then meeting. face to face. Chemistry that even a fire hose can't put out just seems to happen. That said friendships, and good solid similar interests also help. At this stage of life we really don't want to waste time on any more mistakes in the relationship arena ... So how about it, shall we dance?
Miles of Smiles

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. Fun, Love & Laughter, that's seems to be me these days.
I like walking, talking, sharing. Movies, easy cycling, music, & dancing. Kayaking, have only been out in a double. Loved it.
Family & friends are very much important to me.
Oh, I do love to travel.
Love sharing a kitchen w/a special man.
Love people & things that make me laugh.
Looking for a happy, healthy, fun, committed relationship, full of love, passion & compassion.