Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Vancouver, 65 year old

Date a soulmate from Vancouver, Canada. Who am I?
I am true gentleman who loves being with people and putting a smile on there faces. I am a man of my word. I am non judgemental and most people that are around me find they can totally be themselves. I like to enjoy the simple things in life while living life passionately to its full capacity. I am joyful man who likes to have fun, I am confident, respectful and most importantly a good listener who likes to communicate.
I am healthy and a well balanced man who enjoys eating good quality natural foods. I really enjoy cooking a great meal together while listening to music playing in the background and if the music calls for it we might break into dancing. With that being said dancing is delightful. I truly enjoy dancing as a couple especially to good old blues/ rock n' roll or given the chance a nice waltz is like skating on clouds with wonderful ease and happiness. I also enjoy hiking and walking along the beach in general being close to nature is peaceful and rejuvenating.
What I am looking for?
I am looking for a joyful, confident and freely expressive woman who has a positive outlook on life. One thing that is really important to me is having fun and accepting each other for who we are and who we are not for this makes for a loving, successful relationship. I am truly looking for my best friend and partner, someone that I can adore and admire and be loved and respected in return.
If this is something you would like to explore further please contact me and we can take it from there. Thank you for you time, take care!D

Meet people from Vancouver, Canada. Love is all there friends life music sports fitness mountains oceans streams animals symphony opera...we share all life has to offer without clinging. Space and time will tell how far we go...

Date men and women from Vancouver, Canada. . looking for companioship and friendship. Wear my heart on my sleeve sometimes.
am open-minded. match would have a good sense of humour, and not have aversion to me smoking and having my customary rum and coke. she would have an engaging smile and be content within herself with no hang-ups, prefer ladies with no piercings.
I still work Mon- Fri as a resident building manager just off south granville, but time is fairly flexible.

Meet single man from Vancouver, Canada. I have a very eclectic taste for life and enjoy many things. I really enjoy the company of women and prefer to mingle with them at a social function as opposed to hanging out with the guys.....I am definitely a one women man and focus my attention on the lady in my life. I believe that I will attract a lady that is meant to share a wonderful life together.
I also beieve in having balance in ones life, mind, body and spirit. Keeping all three healthy in important.
I am self employed and work out of my home. My work envolves several trips a year to Europe. I have travelled extensively and have spent approx. 2 years of my life in Europe and about 7 months in Asia.

Date someone special from Vancouver, Canada. LOOKING FOR A DATE, WHO IS WELL DRESSED,
I AM SLIM BUILT, 5'10", a retired forest engineer from UBC. My social life is nowhere at the moment,
need to share life with someone who is free sprited,
and likes to go dancing at least once or twice a week. I am not looking for commitment at this stage.
Let's leave it for later...

Meet a man from Vancouver, Canada. A little bit about me... I love to make the most out of each and every day, but also thoroughly enjoy kicking back and relaxing with good movie night. I'm a big fan of learning new things, whether it's a book I haven't read, a sport I haven't tried or a joke I haven't heard!
A little bit about you! I'm excited to meet someone who is light hearted, loves a good adventure and the outdoors.
--- It’s not what you know that counts. It is what you do with what you know that makes a difference. ---

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Looking for someone to share those lonely times. Am busy and you are too but there are times when 2 is just better than 1. I find I am willing to accept things I did not earlier in my life. Alcoho;lism, drug addiction and womanizing are 3 that I still won't accept.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. Sorry there's no photo. I’ll send a couple of pics to anyone who asks, plus an explanation of why I'm being so coy. But I assure you I’m not trying to hide from ex- or current wives, creditors or the cops. And while I’m certainly no Sean Connery, I don’t think you’d be embarrassed to be seen with me in public
Recently retired from my profession, hoping to find cheerful, thoughtful companion to share adventures far and wide, and daily life closer to home.
I think it's fair to describe myself as cheerful and contented with life. Considerate (usually) and even-tempered. I value fairness and balance and try to exercise it myself. Can't tell jokes to save my life, but everyone says I have a good spontaneous sense of humour. More comfortable in small groups of family and good friends than large ones, though small doesn't necessarily mean quiet. I like to think I'm fairly intelligent and thoughtful with wide interests, and I enjoy discussing current affairs etc, especially over a good meal. I'm healthy, fairly fit, and enjoy walking in the country and this beautiful city. Want to start kayaking this summer.
Am halfway through writing a novel about early Vancouver – usually enjoy the writing; always the research. Given any sort of opportunity I could easily get extremely boring on the history of the downrown area.
I'm hoping to find someone who would fit in with my family and friends - very easy to do - and I expect to do the same in return. Intelligent and thoughtful. Wide interests - hopefully not all the same as mine. Tolerant and funny. Either quiet or exuberant is fine. Someone proud of her accomplishments. I can't imagine getting close to anyone I didn't respect and value and who didn't reciprocate.
Someone who enjoys travel. I haven’t got to anywhere very exotic, but I do try to get off the beaten path, like driving to Inuvik (twice) and Newfoundland and down the Mississippi, and I’d love to take similar trips with an interested and interesting companion. Exotic would be good, too. Sri Lanka? Is New Zealand exotic? I’ve flown to Vegas a couple of times, stayed a day (and really enjoyed it), but then rented a car and spent the rest of the week in the National Parks in Utah, and it would be wonderful to find someone who shares those priorities.
All that, and a smile that lights up the room

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. Just curious looking for interesting new friends in Vancouver area.
Young at heart if not age!
Many interests, dining (in and out), books, sports (watch and play), theater and movies
If this is of interest, let me know.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. My friends describe me as a friend who they can trust fully.... I love to make fun of myself ...I am a writer and a painter too ....I become proud of myself as soon as I do or learn something new in my life ...I am so grateful for every single thing that I do it myself and independently ....I love to experience life the way I haven't experienced it yet... so i love to attract a person who shows me how to live my life differently ...I love going to movies, walking, dinning ,reading books sharing my thoughts with and listening to his too relationship I am looking for honestly .. I am so passionate about living the life fully!

Date people from Canada. I'm 65, in good health. I figure I've got 10-15 really good years left before I'm tottering. I spent years raising my family, and that was just fine. But now it's time for fun, for some more growth & exploration & some travel. And it would be nice to have a companion for some of that. Or someone(s) to hang out with on compatible, congenial activities, outings: walks, dinner, maybe kayaking or canoeing. It's great to laugh and en*joy this day, this time. I also like time to myself.

Meet men and women from Canada. A little bit of heaven looking to meet a strong and good man. Together, we would enjoy a fun, healthy, intelligent and sensuous relationship. This slender woman (two of the photos were taken in the last year) offers a warm heart, thoughtfulness and an appreciation of adventure. My passionate interests include a wide variety of music, discussion of thoughts, original art, reading, live theatre, real and excellent food, sharing, warm touches, domestic as well as international travel. I enjoy hours of walking in an interesting city as well as in remote rural areas. Liking variety I am drawn to many locales, people, foods and activities. I sense a connection to original cultures and tend to shun the total-tourist path. I think I'd rather try to walk across a body of water than take a massive cruise ship. A small ship or river barge appeals to me. I have a tactile nature, love to be close, am a morning person, and like healthy connection with my partner. My comfort is to be with a warm, thoughtful and creative man, with a smile in his heart. Although fitting well into society he is not known for following the crowd. Over his lifetime he has decided to grow, and by exercising his curiosity and sense of responsibility he will contine to'evolve. He is independent, intelligent, friendly, fun, understands love, needs nature, and is creative as he explores new places and new ideas. He is a positive person looking for a meaningful and pleasurable relationship. He seeks a woman with a smiling face, a good mind and a warm heart. He will honour in her that which is within himself. He is comfortable with ongoing connection and intimacy, welcoming and enjoying a woman with spirit. This man knows the value of the moment, recognizing that it is, indeed, the sum of all moments that defines the relationship.
If you would like to contact me please know that a 'wink' does not feel like meaningful contact, nor does a profile without a photo. I am not likely to respond to either.
Wishing you well.

Date a woman from Canada. I have a very active social life. My friends descirbe me as fun to be with. I am looking for that special spark of electricity with someone.
I love all types of humour, especially black comedy.
I love travelling and meeting new people and seeing new places. I love going to museums and art galleries in other countries as well as sightseeing and tasting new foods in foreign lands.

Meet someone special from Canada. Life is about supporting each other when times are difficult. Taking the time to see the beauty around you. Getting out in the fresh air. Sailing fast is my sport. Friends and family are what it all comes down to.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I love to have fun, good dancer, painting, scenery. I love to travel; if you love to travel, that would be fantastic. I am looking for a companion with a sense of humour, someone to share smiles, laughs, and good stories with.