Date men from Canada / British Columbia / Vancouver, 62 year old

Date someone special from Vancouver, Canada. Where are you, my Mrs. Right? Will we make it through the depth and breadth and height our souls can reach? I do still believe that the bedrock of all happy relationships is trust, respect and acceptance, open, honest communication, with unfailing devotion, kindness and patience.
I would like to open a fresh start of my life from which I could make a difference in someone's life. I'm a single-father with a grown-up son who is now attending University at Cambridge University in the UK. So, it's now about time for me to find my Mrs. Right who I can laugh with and enjoy her company; who I can feel safe with and cared for; that we can share ideas and feelings together; and there is respect for one another. She is that special someone who shares my beliefs and values; emotionally-matured; spiritually- and morally-grounded; possesses a happy disposition; and leads a healthy and balanced life. I like sharing our interests and doing activities together, and also be both cognizant to our needs. We will then both pursue in nurturing a relationship where we can both persevere and enjoy co-creating our lives.
I am inclined to someone who is down-to-earth and accepts me for what I am. For me, what is endearing and admirable is the goodness and pureness of a heart. It is the beauty that lies within, other than physical appearance and material possessions. It is wisdom and humility, other than pompousness. My friends and other people who know me well say that I am affectionate, easy-going, loyal, honest, forgiving, caring, and faithful. I want to be with someone who I can grow old with; and share a life with mutual trust, mutual support, mutual comfort, mutual vulnerability in good times and bad times, and mutual responsibility.
We will make a life story that is worthwhile and fulfilling, because "twosome is wholesome." It is something that we are both passionate about: where we can create memories; share wonderful experiences; and explore together what is in store for us in the future.
I love to travel, and I've been to many places. I find it such an inexplicable thrill of excitement in awe and wonder visiting a place, the people, their history and culture; and the beauty of God's other creations. You must agree with me to what St. Augustine puts it: "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." I prefer that my Mrs. Right will travel and explore more places with me.
Chemistry is very important for me in this process ... if we don't have that at the start I don't think that part is likely to follow. Not to say we couldn't be great friends, but that chemistry thing, well that's a different story. As Bonnie Raitt says... "It's a mystery, this thing called love" and I need a little "mystery" in my romance!
Okay, that's me - in a nutshell as they say. Now, WHO ARE YOU? Hmmm ... that deserves a lot of careful consideration before posting thoughts. I have many, just not enough time to add them here now. If you've read all this way and you're still smiling, check back later. Till then, take care ... Also i wanna know, DO YOU LIKE MEN IN UNIFORM???

Meet a soulmate from Vancouver, Canada. Looking for someone to share life with, to have new experiences, to share interests, to be able to relax with and live. I have a even disposition, i can laugh, and I can be serious. Lets find out if we can travel together, play together, and enjoy life together.

Date a man from Vancouver, Canada. I am a single dad with a great little 9 yr old daughter,asian looking. I have been a widower for about ! year I have a comfortable lifestyle ,but need a life partner, without drama, to make nice.We need positive,active ,lady,to make a family.A sister for my girl may be good.We like to travel,but limited by school year.I was self employed but mostly retired.Prefer some one younger than me,as they seem to have more interest in children,and a give and take relationship.See you soon? sorry but it must be someone local.
Please post at least one honest picture of your self or do not agree to meet me . thanks

Meet single man from Vancouver, Canada. I have recently returned to my favourite place to live to be near family, friends and find the kind of beautiful, charming and intelligent woman that Vancouver has always been famous for.
I moved in to the False Creek area and am looking forward to walking the seawalls and Granville Island markets with? . . . perhaps you? After 15 years of doing the single parent thing for my 3 kids in Edmonton, it's time to get back to civilization and have some "grown up" fun now that my kids are all on their own. I'm looking forward to meeting that special west coast woman that is warm, loving and takes pride in her appearance.
About me . . . I enjoy gourmet cooking, romance, street shopping, golf, Kim Crawford, dirty martini's, my weekend morning coffee and croissants in bed with someone special discussing the previous week's events, and although not a jock, I work out at least 3-4 times a week to keep in shape.
I am always attracted to women who take time to dress well and take care of themselves physically and smell as terrific as they look.
My taste in music is very diverse as my MP3 player will attest to, everything from Lightfoot to Lady Gaga and Vivaldi to Billy Idol.
I enjoy going to concerts, plays and travelling to warm interesting places as often as possible.
The Lady I'm hoping to find . . . is honest, romantic, self sufficient, light on any excess baggage, is comfortable with who she is, her sexuality, and is looking for someone fun and sincere to travel with and share her future.
As much as I know it reduces the number of potential partners, I will concentrate my search on ladies living reasonably close to where I live in Vancouver so I can give them the personal attention they deserve, so no long distance romances.
I tried online dating a few years ago, and experience taught me to only consider those willing to show a good, and up to date photo of themselves, therefore pictures are a must . . . no pic, no reply.
Sorry, but automated flirts, winks and other pre-packaged forms of contact that don't require any thought or effort won't get a response either.
Drop me line and say Hello!

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Hi
I thought that I would re-write this in sentences. I would say that I am intelligent and (com)passionate. Others woulld say that I am gregarious and very funny. Inside, I am shy, but apprehensively confident. (Haven't fished for awhile.)
I am and passionate, trustworthy and loyal in relationships. I love walking, photos, arts, travel (especially Italy), and good music (Etta James, Anita O'Day, Lucinda, Lightning in a Bottle); except rap and opera. I also love learning about other cultures, places and people. I enjoy movies and plays. I work and volunteer with children and people who have experienced homelessness.
I grew up in relative poverty now I am a health professor. Also, I am interested in Buddhism (Dalai Lama) and meditation. I don't play golf. I can't swim due to hearing aid.(I can hear fine now.) I am also an ex-skier (due to two many broken legs). Flexible personality, somewhat stiffer body.
I like the quote from Bertrand Russell. Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind. I have sought love, first, because it brings ecstasy. With equal passion I have sought knowledge. Last, I have sought to alleviate loneliness, poverty, and pain.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I've had an active life in the television and entertainment business and pursue constant education.
Post retirement I completed four years of film school and now work independently as a writer. producer, editor on scripts and books and in many other capacities of the business.
Much of what I do is voluntary; working with students, colleagues and non-profits.
I like most kinds of music from Opera to Classic Country. I really love R & B, the Blues and Funk.
My excercise consists of walking, light hiking, my bike, a little freeweight and occasional kayaking or canoeing serene lakes to share time with and photograph wildlife.
I like art, architecture, history, exploring the off beat and off the map. road tripping, Vancouver Island, NYC, the east coast and west coast. The desert states are favorite places on the Americas and I want to do more foreign travel. Especially Turkey, Spain and Morraco.
I was the oldest and the only male in my family - seven women and me.
From this experience I'm a very good listener, sensitive to the needs of others, and very independent, self reliant and a thoughtful decision and home maker who willingly cooks and cleans.
I do my best to conduct my life based on karma conscieness and ethics and live it to the fullest.
I've been told that I'm funnier than a rubber crutch, warm, reliable, generious, witty and whimsical, and appropriately serious too.
I am not at all uptight and feel no need to be in the "right" about anything at anytime and a very open communicator who likes people and their stories.
I would like to meet someone who can laugh, have fun, be spontaneous and easy going but spunky and open natured, loves ro talk about anything, is assertive and has high self esteem.
Finding someone who is GGG, (good giving and game) as I am, would be a big plus.

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. very easy to get to know, enjoy people. I'm basically just filling this out because it came up on my screen and I can;t get out of the damn thing untill I finish it, However you never know.I'm originally from Sault Ste. Marie On however I have lived in Vancouver fot 37 years and obviously love it.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. Me well its hard to describe yourself suddenly when you find yourself on a dating website ! very down to earth person no real agedas at my time in life, winding up my career after 27 years on the job... yes I do have a pension and deservidly so, ten years divourced and learned to live with myself which I believe is very important to move on in life lates face it if you cannot live with you then who can you live with... love to travel have been to lots of places and Im looking for a partner to share the wonder years with exploring life to the full, salt and pepper girls are my heart they show experience and maturaty which I welcome and admire in many ways.. my children are grown up and indipendent so life can now enter the final 1/3 free and happy with the past, I am fit 165 lbs full hair mostly the same colour which is amazing love to walk for miles, read sleep well and eat very international fare ! Happiness and well being integrity / love are all to me that counts in a relationship.

Date someone special from Canada. Friends tell me I am ruggedly handsome with a non-stop sense of humor. Life and people never cease to amuse and amaze me. 6'1, a husky prairie born man not quite HWP but close, non-smoking, employed professional, educated, very well read, imaginative, divorced, total hetero, comfortable with myself. Very broad range of vocational and intellectual life experience with all social classes. From Main and Hastings to the corridors of political and organizational power. Very clean, very loyal, enjoy road trips, foreign travel, long walks, fine dining, although I do like waltzing and slow dance, learning to dance the tango or Cuban salsa is on my list of things to do.
Reading includes Marquez, Eliade, the Tattoo Girl trilogy, et al, foreign to domestic as long as it is done well. Good art in all forms. From Oscar and Lucinda to The Mission and Juno it’s all good.
Looking forward to meeting a woman who enjoys life to the fullest and wants to share that enjoyment. Separate and shared tastes but “hearts beating close as one”. Independence given and received. Not too much baggage as airlines charge for extra weight and car trunks and boats are not big enough to bring everything. Someone who can take a compliment. She should be a communicator in all ways from hugs to philosophy. Someone who finds pleasure in a relationship that brings out the best in each other.
I am an amateur philosopher of life. Fascinated by the systems people create to give them some sense of order of life both personal and writ large Enjoy philosophizing (thinking) about anything that can possibly be philosophized (thought) about. Anywhere, anytime. However I am aware that silence, like space in art, can complete all experiences.
Only watch the last games of tennis opens or football and if they get missed because I am doing something else, oh well. The replays are always available.
My to-do bucket includes: snorkeling, salmon fishing, co-creating some form of art… whether a garden or a book of poetry, getting another boat. And more travel to wherever. Just “getting out of town” in itself can be fun.
Locale and mobile. No long distance girls please.
Vancouver located, mobile and keen to share this spring with another nature lover.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
If not, I wish you all the best life has to offer.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. fun loving, easy going, well off, active retired man looking for interesting attractive woman.
Interested in travel - I'm your man! I love Europe and Australia. I am very ell travelled and have no particular favourites although would like to do more in south america!
Will also take you sailing and to the mountains to do whatever suits you, from hiking to walking to X-C sking, snow shoeing or down hill skiing.

Date a man from Canada. well i am fighting the big C iam beating this with all the prayers and frends praying goodol lord will help sold my truck for a wheelchairwhen things look goodperfect comes out alot and praise thelord//// some weekends i go to flea markets and sell pot hooks..

Meet single man from Canada. Quiet yet confident about tackling the challenges/ curve balls of Life. I am generally quiet, yet I truly enjoy meeting most kinds of people and discovering their diverse interests which often intrigue me and offer furtherance of friendship and camaraderie. I am seeking a faithful woman, who likewise seeks a long-term, (perhaps) marriage relationship, one typified with forgiveness, tenderness, compassion and mutual integrity. I long for a life -long relationship characterized by a loving marriage and knowing/undertaking the hard work such a relationship entails. To be truly together in all phases of a relationship would create a wonderfully fulfilling aspect to my life, which up till now, has not been a permanent fixture.

. Would love to meet a lady who loves the outdoors..camping, fishing, exploring, boating. I travel south to Mexico and other points south. Sun, sand, snorkel, cervesas. Enjoy live music, dining out, beach, seawall walks, pets, and exploring new places.

. I want a person who is a good conversationalist and who is honest and caring. my closest fiends would say that I am loyal , loving and caring. I am gratful for my children's success in life. i am pa
ssionate about being active in all sports mainly tennis and skiing.

. Belief in fate, belief in God. Enjoy working, enjoy life. Helping people that means helping yourself, one day you will be reciprocated. Pray, God always answer Prayers. Help those they need your help, kids, illness, seniors . . .