Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Vancouver, 61 year old

Date a woman from Canada. I am..........compassionate, quirky, impulsive, and a risk taker. I have traveled in SE Asia for 7 months and travel is part of my future. My next trip is to Ecuador. I would love to return to India.
I paint, colour, design. The creative process is alive in me. Creativity in many ways feeds my soul.
I have done a 10 day Vipassana retreat and recently finished an online course with Craig Hamilton which was life changing.
I do not know what other women say on pof, but I do not want to be someone I am not. I am honest, open and have a sense of justice. I am fun loving, creative, intuitive, intelligent and like a challenge, both physically and intellectually.
My work is in Social Services, it is humbling, rewarding, and difficult all at the same time, but I love it.

Meet someone special from Canada. I am a fit, energetic, professional who would like someone who takes care of themselves, likes to travel, cook, golf, hike, be spontaneous, is considerate etc. etc. also my ideal person would speak more than one language, preferably italian, french, spanish, etc. My ideal person would be independent yet considerate, possibly ready to retire in the next few years or not, is energetic, romantic, has a gregarious personality, is open, likes to read, to ski, play tennis, hike, bike, travel, enjoys the sun, likes to read and generally have fun. All the best!

Date a soulmate from Canada. I live in a state of mindfulness, the first daffodil in the spring gives me pause, a good book, a beautiful melody makes me appreciate life and its infinite possibilities. My soul searches for that ephemeral connection, that may vanish in the blink of an eye or stay for all eternity.
that said, i am zany, quirky, with a wicked sense of humour. i will say things that may irk you ( i guess that does not bode well, for a new relationship, c'est la vie). I am the eternal child, and my spirit will always stay young.
I am passionate in everything I do, at the moment that would be chocolate, I read, write, dream and eat chocolate (writing content for a website), last week it was doughnuts (artisan), next time it may be olives or cheese or anything else that catches my eye!
Can't quantify what I'm looking for, as connecting on multiple levels is paramount, must be a able to sustain intelligent conversation till the wee hours of the morning, funny, witty, romantic and young at heart. Looking for someone who will enhance my completeness.

Meet a woman from Vancouver, Canada. I am looking for a great guy who can make me laugh, and see life in a positive way. Likes to travel and see the world. It would be nice that he is sincere and has strong work ethic and is financially secure.

Date someone special from Vancouver, Canada. I am independent, strong and able to look after myself. I am loyal to my friends and family and expect the same in a partner.
I have a very strong relationship with my children but don't want to rely on them.
I love to travel and will go just about anywhere.
I would be happy to learn new sports or activities to do with a new partner. I am reasonably fit and coordinated so can do most sports. I love to be,outside more than in and any time will go for walks or a bike ride.

Meet a soulmate from Vancouver, Canada. I am youthful, active and fit, and love being outdoors and in nature. My travels and living overseas awhile back were amazing experiences. I love weekend getaways and exploring further afield as well as simply relaxing at an outdoor cafe taking in the beauty of my surroundings - all the more enjoyable with that special man!
I am attracted to your positive and enthusiastic approach to life. You are fit and health conscious and have created a balanced lifestyle which allows the time and energy to build a friendship, explore our connection, and allow a potential relationship to evolve...
We come to each other with open hearts, a creative mind set and a sense of adventure and wonder. We take the time to get to know each other, build trust, friendship and intimacy. We love being active together enjoying all that life has to offer. While we share common interests and values, we also appreciate our unique ways of being and expressing ourselves. We have learned to communicate openly and honestly, to be mindful and to speak from the heart.
If any of this resonates with you, please send me a message, and include a photo of yourself.

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. Adventuresome, fun, curious and affectionate, I am looking for my intellectual and financial equal in a dynamic, intelligent, introspective, open-minded, warm, well-adjusted, kind, considerate man. I know you are out there!

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I'm a happy woman with a good life. I'm a world traveller and an adventurer - and a grandmother. I'm warm and funny, as well as intelligent and worldly. I'm soft-spoken and do not enjoy loud people or inessant talkers. Still, I can hold my own in any conversation.
I have lived in many places across Canada and overseas but am new to Vancouver. While I enjoy the beauty of this city I would very much like to enjoy it with a loving companion. I have a funny looking dog who loves everyone and together we enjoy our daily walks on the seawall. Care to join us and marvel at the changing colours of the flora in the city?
I believe that like a tree, we are either growing or dying, so ongoing learning, both personal and spiritual is an integral part of my life.
You are a positive person, tolerant, compassionate and kind - as I am also. You like to laugh out loud and find joy in many simple things, but know that ultimately joy comes from within, not from external things. That doesn't mean you've given up on society and moved off-grid, though.
You are financially responsible and politically liberal. You are an intelligent conversationalist but know that silence is golden. Like me, hopefully you enjoy the arts but delight in nature and are fit enough to take a good hike or trek. You believe in healthy living, and know that that includes taking care of your inner self as well as your body. And yet ... while you live an active lifestyle you know we are human"beings" not human doings, :) so do not define yourself by how often you work out or play sports.
I've traveled widely and while normally alone, using local transport, I am becoming more interested in tour type (not the cruise ship type) travel. I do like "winging it" and in 2001 after a winter in India, I spent six months with no fixed itinerary meandering my way across eastern Europe, through Turkey, Iran to Pakistan in an old Bedford caravan with a British friend. Traveled "roads" that existed only on the map. So it would be great if you are also a traveler, as your worldview will likely be different from one who has never left home or whose traveling has been to resorts.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am outgoing, friendly and energetic, I love to keep busy. I am blessed with a great family, and many wonderful friends. My social life is full, I enjoy cooking and entertaining .
My greatest accomplishment has been raising my daughter as a single Mum, and to see her grow into a beautiful young woman with a family of her own.
I am looking to meet someone with similar interests i.e. biking , hiking snowshoeing and ski-ing, In the next few years I would like to start traveling more, and would love to meet the right person to share that with.

. im lookin for someone that is honest, wants company to go out/travel
im not a complicated person , have no problrms
to deal with. i love may children and granchildren,
have good friends some for the last 30 years

. I am an empty nester, retired professional, who took early retirement. I am looking to meet a nice guy for a long term romantic and sensual relationship,who likes some of the activiites which I like which include: travelling , golf , hiking, music concerts, movies and being by or on the water. My friends describe me as having a funny sense of humor, easy to get along with , very active, kind and generous.

. The beauty of nature, a great comedy, drama, good food and great conversation in a small cafe all bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.
Life is rich and I am tipping the balance to more joy, less work. I am looking for a relationship with someone who shares great pleasure in our community and surrounds, and is open to exploring the world.
New horizons await. Will you take a chance on me?

For those of you who don't think a woman in her 60's can be hot...then think again!!! I have been told I look 50 because I keep myself in good shape. However, I believe age is just a number and you should enjoy life now, it has an expiry date.
I have a great sense of humor and enjoy my life. I love my job and value my relationships with those close to me like my son and my friends. I have been described by my friends as fun to be around and easygoing. I am open to relocating to a new area.
I respect that each person has some of their own interests as well as the importance of sharing mutual interests. I enjoy meeting new people and various outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, long walks and I am learning to play golf. I am also open to taking on some new outdoor activities you might like to do. I enjoy the theater, comedy clubs, dining out, concerts, movies, travel and just listening to music. I love to dance and that means just getting up and moving to any great music (even at I work out 3 - 4 time per week to keep fit and try to eat healthy. I believe in letting people know I appreciate them for who they are and the little things they do for me.
I would like to meet someone who wants to work towards building a long term relationship after taking some time to know each other as friends first by dating. I think friends first will help us to build trust and learn what we each enjoy and need in our lives. I like being around men who enjoy life and can see the humor in it, who value people for what is inside and not just what is outside, who can communicate their needs are and be open to hearing mine and who are affectionate. I hope to meet someone who likes to travel.
I look forward to chatting with you and learning more about you.

. interesting companionship, friends first. no dead beat dads. some security. sense of humour, confident in himself. luvs dogs and cats. not a nitpicker but cleans up after himself and cooks. socially aware. not stuck in the country. Balance.willing to share .

. I am not religious but feel my life has been blessed because I love and feel loved. I believe in random acts of kindness, and that paying it forward brings its own rewards. I am dynamic and fun to be with, even a little off the wall. I have very good friends that I enjoy traveling with, having dinner with, going on hikes, to the movies, to the opera, etc. I am independent and do not ask of anyone to be everything to me or to do everything for me. I do need warmth, emotional honesty and good manners. I am never bored and I am very disciplined. When I want something, I am willing to work very hard for it. This does not make me stubborn, just dedicated.
I have lived in Vancouver for 34 years but was raised on a farm in Quebec. Our parents taught us that pulling your load gives you a sense of belonging and of accomplishment, that working hard to help make something happen entitles you to share in the joy of success. We have also learned to play with the cards we've been dealt, which is a valuable asset in life. I am still very close to my family and we visit back and forth every year because we believe that absence does not make the heart fonder.
I have been a teacher for 36 years, loved and respected my students and was loved and respected in return. I have a degree in education, one in counseling psychology, one in translation and one in French studies. My friends do not have to have degrees coming out of their ears, but they need to be curious and open to learning and culture. I am retired but I work as a free-lance translator and as a language skills assessor for a local College. I am a communicator and have often been asked to serve as the mediator, the honest broker, in conflictual situations. I am loyal, kind and open-minded and do not waste my time with oafish or bigoted people.
I am not lonesome anymore but I had to reinvent my life after my husband died of cancer. I was very happy in my marriage and when you feel so connected with someone, it is hard to accept that you have to live without them. It would be nice to meet someone to share ideas and activities, to laugh with, etc. I love my life so it would have to be someone who enhances it, who would be willing and able to mix with my friends and share some of the activities we enjoy.
This is the first time I do this and I am giving it a one-month trial. I am curious to see if it is really possible to find someone on-line. I am not sure that I even believe in finding a partner this way but I am taking the chance of at at least finding a bird of a feather.