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Date someone special from Vancouver, Canada. I was feeling a bit jealous about the long lists of superlatives people use to describe themselves so I decided I would construct a list of my own as a prefix to my main it atrocious speller, a renowned pie maker, a superb parallel parker, a highly conscious conversationalist, exceedingly dexterous,favoured playmate of young children, an urban forager, sensitive to injustice, earthy, true to some Pagan undertow,explorer of derelict buildings,a sound sleeper, bookish but not pedantic,visually acute,on occasion has swept dirt under a rug or tossed accumulated stuff into the spare room, highly intuitive,plays a credible game of ping pong with the boys,usually the deputy leader but can step up and be the chief, a giver more than a taker but ultimately receives so much more, polite, poised, and more than ready to laugh.......I am a high spirited woman who is seriously devoted to play and creativity in all things. I read contemporary literature, history and cookbooks-a real addiction. I have actually built a small library in my third bedroom which is stacked ever higher with books. Since retiring from teaching art, I now have a studio in my home where I can make art. I love colour and expressiveness and am less enamoured of conceptually based art that for me is too cerebral and often banal.Visiting art galleries around the world is a dream.Besides painting,I am a serious photographer, with twenty years of B and W negatives that are in serious need of a darkroom. Yes, I am a convert to digital but I'm still nostalgic about how the emulsion lays so beautifully on the paper. My art making is not a second career, but a point of reference, so I can grow. In the last few years I have make a commitment to be more "green". I've got involved politically, volunteering for the federal Green Party. Talking politics and history is natural for me since modern European history was my first degree. I'm also down in the dirt growing my own salad needs with large raised beds in front of my townhouse which I had built this year.Like everyone else I have started a blog to write about "urban farming", art and cultural anomalies. (visual phenomenon and quirks in everyday life) I can be and am a city girl but I love to get out into nature. One of my most memorable trips was a ten day wilderness adventure, visiting all the native heritage villages on Haida Gwaii. And, yes, I can tell the good wild mushrooms from the lethal ones--a genetically inherited trait from my Lithuanian parents.How would my community, friends and family describe me? Probably---very friendly, extroverted, creative,sensual, thoughtful, principled and hard working. How i see myself?---As a very loyal and devoted friend, an idealist with generous dose of pragmatism, a serious intellectually sort who has channelled that into creative endeavours rather than academics , and someone who delights in making others laugh. Who am I looking for? A good friend, lover, fellow artist or adventurer who has not lost the ability to dream. A good talker but an even better listener. A kind and generous man who has lived a passionate principled life and has achieved some of his goals. Someone alive physically,emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. And someone who is imperfect like myself. Are you out there?

Meet a soulmate from Vancouver, Canada. my friends would say I am small, thoughtful, kind and generous, Sometimes funny. Prefer one to one rather than large parties. Cries easily.
Poor cook. Non drinker.
would like a male friend to share actives with. Doesn't take himself too seriously.
Thinks globally. No major health problems. Financially secure.Educated.

Date a woman from Vancouver, Canada. I am healthy, happy and whole. Why then is there still this big gap in my life? Looking for that special man who feels the same about himself and wants a special woman to love. Joy is magnified when it's shared and pain minimized with someone to hold.
The natural beauty of the west coast, sailing, family and friends all feed my soul. My life has been full of incredible experiences and travel which leave me feeling enriched.
My words are given more sparingly than they were, unless I'm asked for the full version. Then the Irish storyteller appears. My creativity has produced pottery, sculpture, comfortable spaces and a wonderful house that I designed and built in Ontario. My business career has been rich and varied, I retired at 49 and then created a new and unique niche that allows me to be engaged with the world of people while free to move around with my computer.
Yes, I am looking for someone who shares some of my passions for adventure. I would like to get to know you. To talk and play. To grow into a loving relationship. The kind of relationship where we each feel treasured. I appreciate humour and strength in a man.
Sharing the day's stories, making plans to do things together, hearing stories about each others adventures, talking over the latest book or article we've read, these are some of the things that I love to share with a partner. Hiking, biking, traveling, dancing and just hanging out together make me happy. To feel someone by my side, to listen to the rain and watch the sunset..... the list is long.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I'm a kind-hearted, playful, happy and easy-going woman who enjoys the simple pleasures. I would say that I have a common sense approach to things, am slightly irreverant, and see the humor in the absurdities of life. I love the company of my two young adult daughters, a small group of good friends, and my job working with people with mental illness. I'm mindful of how lucky I am to have all that I do, and am forever grateful.
My lifestyle isn't hectic or complicated. I like to relax on the weekends by exploring the city, going for long walks, movies, live theatre, trying a new restaurant, patting dogs (I wish I could have one!), reading, catching up with current events, and hanging out with friends.
I would enjoy dating a kindred spirit, getting to know him, and we'll seeing where it goes from there. Somebody easy-going, optimistic, a good listener/conversationalist, with a kind heart, and fun to be with would fit the bill.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am looking for a partner to enjoy life with -- specifically outdoor activities, travel and adventure.
They should value family, have a positive attitude and be somewhat spontaneous. ----------------

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I love the Lord before anything else, I am Funny, responsible, mature, like to go out and travel, loving, caring and smart. I love listen to music, I am attracted to people who are smart,devoted, responsible, caring, loving and people who loved the Lord with all their hearts and soul. I am looking for friendship.

Date someone special from Canada. Free spirited female who loves life and what each day has to offer. Seeking a fun loving, kind, considerate, emotional male who knows how to treat a lady like one..not self-absorbed, self-centered or selfish. Not necessarily marriage material but more a good friend who like to share my interests and passions in life.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Until, recently, I was in a relationship faded away in so many spots that it seemed better to leave as friends so now I'm taking on life on my own terms.
In 30 years I've had two relationships ~ one 20 years and one 8 ~ so I'm rusty with current niceties of dating. (Actually, I think I suck at it but am a quick learner.)
I'm not looking for wham-bam sorts of interaction ~ more like someone I can talk with, meander around hither and yon as the whims hit, meals and laughter shared... The little things that make life comfortable between friends...
The sell job:
Fellas, if you are looking for a fantasy you might want to beat feet elsewhere. I don't send people into cardiac arrest at first sight but I've always been told that my beauty is of the inner variety (and I don't think much of it leaked through to the surface).
My face has wrinkles (quite a few are laugh lines) and comes in natural colours. I am neat and clean in my attire but it can be eclectic at times. No particular reason that I haven't toed the fashionista line other than it amuses me. This may be a good time to confess that I am not slim either ~ I'm shy about that.
I can't answer the ubiquitous question of 'What are you looking for here?' because I don't know yet though I'm fairly certain I'm going to really like the guy who doesn't hit on me in two sentences or less. In fact, if you're mellow, can sort of remember the '60's, have a social conscience and find that taking life easy with friends beats the hell out of partying and the acquisition of 'toys', there might be the beginning of common ground.
To the men who already have a partner ~ no. (Please note that 'no' is a complete sentence ~ thanks.)
To the eager young men seeking their very own Mrs. Robinson ~ no. Yes, yes, yes, age is only a number but it depends on who's doing the math.
To 'cybernauts' ~ shoo.
And, for now, that's all she wrote.

Date a woman from Canada. im a sexy hot mamma with 8 kids and a unsteady jod i love to read and eat and most af all i love men. i like to eat by the water, in a house , in a camper reallly i eat every were but the one place i will never eat is on a table their just so gross and un clean i HATE THEM ... but i love men. i also like to feed my animals i HATE it when they dont finish ther food cause then i half to do it .