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Date someone special from Vancouver, Canada. I am confident yet humble, outgoing yet alittle shy, very self motivated to succeed, comfortable with myself so therefore with others, awake each day with wonder and look forward the journey, seeking a man who is masculine to my feminine, someone who moves to the front of the pack, has strength of character, great sense of humour (including laughing at himself), is self-confident.... I am blessed with a wonderful family and friends however so many things are better shared - a banana split, tandem bike on the seawall, a scary movie, a weekend in Vegas, the morning paper, laughter..I have enjoyed a great deal of success in my life and would consider myself an overachiever who strives to be the best i can very tolerant and non-judgemental...when I look at those less fortunate I believe there but for the grace of God go I...I am not emotionally complicated...I know myself well, am comfortable with who I am and able to express my feelings in an honest way...even tho I am all "grown-up" I have a very childlike side...I prefer strong a physical sense but also strength of character...I enjoy an evening out dressed to the nines as much as a good action movie on the couch with a bowl of popcorn...I am not a great cook but am happy to take you out to dinner or do the dishes for you if you prefer to cook! I am not seeking an all consuming relationship as I presume like me you make time for family, friends and a career...but if you are unique and we click...I will adore you!....

Meet a soulmate from Vancouver, Canada. “I am a singe lady, I am a single lady” I really like that song! And I am hopeful that I will meet a man whose profile resonates with mine. I am a city girl, simple, adaptable, independent. I love to be outdoors, explore new things. I have a circle of good friends but missing a partner, intimate friend and soul mate to share good times and bad times.
My vacation spots are hot, sunny places different locations, favorite Carabien Sea and Mediterranean Sea. Swimming is one of my favorite things. I am well educated and have traveled extensively; I would like to explore South America more. Carnival in Rio was incredible.
Our dog Dalli recently passed away. Going through that type of emotion was hard but I believe she is with my husband now. But every bad thing for a good thing: I enjoy the freedom and mobility. My work schedule is flexible so I can make a decision to leave on fly, like in February I picked up a good deal, Mexico and enjoyed the week near Playa del Carmen. Some friends went to New York in March to listen to Tosca in Metropolitan opera so I joined them. New York was incredible I will go back to explore more. I love all kind of music and dancing is another of my favorite things. I also love Vegas, bought a small apartment there and hopefully when I retire will be spending part of the year there.
I am family oriented, my 2 adult sons and their families live near by and we are often all together. They all enjoy my cooking.
I am on the Match over a month now and I encountered different man even two scammers. It has been fun! I admire men who send and e-mail instead of wink and the men who are willing to relocate for friendship and love. . I applause men who make an effort of “no thank you” by direct e-mail. In my books they are courageous and courteous man. I whish them all the best and to find what they are looking for!
What is that I am looking for: Since we all know that IDEAL PERSON does not exist, (and I am far from being perfect) I would like to meet someone who enjoys every moment of the time that we have left on this planet. Someone who is not afraid of emotions, person willing to compromise, because by now, we all have our own ways. A person who is not afraid of change because the only thing that is certain is a change!
Most of people sound great on paper. I am not into long e-mailing correspondence. Although pictures are worth thousands of words my experience is that friendly conversation in the coffee shop and body language is the best way to assess if there is that special chemistry among the coupe of people.
Thank you for reading my profile and hope to see you soon!

Date a woman from Vancouver, Canada. I tend to be a bit shy some times until I get to know the person. I have an amazing sense of humour and enjoy the absurties of daily life. i think out side the box and am a very global person. i have travelled a lot and hope to contuine to do so. I would like a intelligent man who is a good communicator,honest,good morals and a wicked sense of humour. I had an amazing circle of friends and a lot of interests. i like to surround my self with people who are positive and well educated. As much as possible i like to learn and have new experiences as much as possible. A yummy man who's idea of a holiday in Mongolia or bhutan !!! I am equally at home in an evening gown or climbing rocks in siemreap(cambodia) where I have bought my clothing from the "Sally Ann" to travel in, five star star hotels do not really interest me been there and done that for 36 years for work. I would like a friend,first and then perphaps moving on to the next level if we both wish for it. I'm challenged when it come to digtal camera's and my beloved ten year old camera got broken in cambodia when i was hiking. I wish to find if possible a happy person, NO DRUGS, No alchol problems and a positive out look on life and no one who has intimacy problems,that does not wish to hold my hand when walking down the street etc. I wonder do you exist. I am a happy person with one son age nearly 22 years of age who at this time is treking in Northern thailand on elephants(lucky him) I am fairly calm,positive,i SMOKE out side 4-5 cig"s a day am always trying to quit!!! I am fairly tidy but do at times leave things to the last minute and then run like a mad person trying to get it done, am very social and love to have friends over for dinner and cook up a storm. My friends say I'm pretty but then they would have to say that, i'm 5.4 and weigh about 110 lbs,hair color hard to say dark blond with some auburn streaks in it( you'd have to ask my hair dresser on that one) I have big blue eyes and short hair. I slap wrinkle cream on the face but as time goes on I think it will eventually be Spakle or some form of light cement to keep the wrinkles at bay :) I travel a lot and will be going to India in january for three weeks,I usually travel 4- 6 times a year and just love all the experiences that it brings to me and my personal growth. I have a warm and gentle heart,I'm compassionate and was recently told by a man a friend "that I have a man's brain " in a womans body I'm still trying to figure that one out. I admit to being a hopeless romantic and a day dreamer. I am not high maintance or a princess in any form. I am totally independent, I am not a clingy person and am very honest. I have to be really pushed to the limit to lose my temper. As I was married for 30 years I do not understand men that play games or as i believe the word now is a player. I had not expected to be single at this point in my life and one of my friends is helping me get set up on the She says that I am Yummy and she wants me to be launched(rather like a boat) I am very happy with my life but a friend or a partner would make it complete.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Am active in personal fitness. Like to be well dressed but casual not fancy. Would like to meet some one who is easy to get along with and has experienced life but still wants to see more and do more. I am feisty, independent , love to dance, laugh and have fun. Work hard and like to make the most of the spare time I have.
"Grew up in the 60's and graduated from high school in 67. Am a "Baby Boomer" and all that means.
Am open-minded, broad-minded and try not to be judgmental. Like the earthly pleasures in life. Young at Heart but have learned some wisdom along the way.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I'm sensitive, caring, have a great sense of humour, love to laugh and share everything that life has to offer. That's who you should be too.
I love animals with a passion and enjoy doing anything that is creative.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. My closest friends would describe me as adventurous, funny and smart. Things that make me smile could be as small as a hello to a stranger or a loyal smile to a friend who is in need. I am most proud of my three sons (don't worry they are all adults now) and don't live at home. I am hoping to attract someone with
the same values as myself but whose hobbies can
be very different from mine. I am most passionate about my art and anything related to it. To this end I am enrolled at Kwantlen on a part time basis and
hope to receive a diploma in fine arts eventuallly. If not, I am enjoying the process of being there.

Date someone special from Canada. My friends say I live life to the fullest and find joy in the small things. I love surprises and have a childlike spirit. I am grateful for all life's lessons because they have given me understanding and compassion for all. They have moulded me into the strong capable woman that I am. My partner would be a gentle man who loves to laugh and has a great sense of humor.He is loving, romantic , playful and passionate. I have a very good social life and am fortunate to have many friends.My heart is full of love and I would love to share some of it with you!!!!!!!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I live in a beautiful city, love my neighbourhood and my lifestyle but I'm looking to expand my horizons for travel and partnership. There so much more to see and do, and I'm looking for someone who wants to share (I do that very well)
a verve for life, to travel to exotic and historic places, wine country ( for a glass of Chardonnay or a good Port!) or stay home with friends and family.
I appreciate a robust sense of humor and a keen intelect (example # 4) who enjoys exploring the scenery, music, arts, cultures, flora an fauna of this wonderful world, be it just around the corner at the local pub or beach, or accross the planet.