Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Vancouver, 63 year old

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Partner for the interesting road ahead....looking to hear from just one mensch. I know you are out there. Let's share the journey, with love, support, much laughing, and curiosity always. I am am up for it, are you? Let's roll, and grab some interesting time together.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. My friends would describe me as elegant, kind and classy. I have had the privilege of mentoring thousands of women and helping to develop their self esteem and self image to build their businesses which has been extremely rewarding. I became top in my field in Canada which was a career highlight. I am grateful for my health as it is our wealth, so I am looking for a mate who is physically, emotional and financially fit. He must have a sense of adventure and love to travel. A good sense of humour and patience are also high on my wish list.
I do not enjoy the monsoon season in Vancouver. So the freedom to leave for those months is a bonus.. I am very dedicated to fitness and healthy lifestyle. I would enjoy a man who is romantic and knows how to treat a lady. It is also nice to have a man who can keep his closet organized and understands the function of a hanger. I am not over the top but can't live in a clutter. Simplicity and old tired things have a place at the goodwill.
This is the final chapter of life, and it is the time to really get out there and see the world. I want to taste all the remaining adventures for which I was too busy with careers and kids to even entertain .thank you taking the time to peek into a wee bit of my world. The only way to know from a profile where everyone puts their best foot forward is a phone call and then meeting. face to face. Chemistry that even a fire hose can't put out just seems to happen. That said friendships, and good solid similar interests also help. At this stage of life we really don't want to waste time on any more mistakes in the relationship arena ... So how about it, shall we dance?
Miles of Smiles

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. Fun, Love & Laughter, that's seems to be me these days.
I like walking, talking, sharing. Movies, easy cycling, music, & dancing. Kayaking, have only been out in a double. Loved it.
Family & friends are very much important to me.
Oh, I do love to travel.
Love sharing a kitchen w/a special man.
Love people & things that make me laugh.
Looking for a happy, healthy, fun, committed relationship, full of love, passion & compassion.

Meet a soulmate from Vancouver, Canada. I love to laugh and tell jokes but am also realistic, love to go out and socialize and do many different things even though I may not be great at them. Feel compassion for those less fortunate and have joined a club to help people.
Mainly love to have a good time, not take our woes too seriously but do talk through the serious issues if they impact on either currently. Love to talk and am interested in most people.
Am proud of my teaching at the college and my on line courses and always in everyone's high regard but always having fun. I am still trying to figure how to do this on line Matching and have never done anything like it before. Have to be patient with me until I can do so.

Date someone special from Vancouver, Canada. I'm a widow, the mother of a young adult, self employed, & close to retirement. I'm emotionally & spiritually spunky, delight in a good debate, & am inspired by Stephen Lewis, Muhamed Yunis, The Dalai Lama & Yo Yo Ma.
I enjoy clarinet quartets, hummingbirds, desert sunrises & linguistically satisfying humour.
I value the practice of love & the creation of bridges. e.g. between children & adults, men & women, & nations in conflict.
When I retire I hope to rest, play, travel, spend time with family & friends & contribute in a small way to peace-building & sustaining the planet.
I'm looking for someone who shares my interests, values and pleasures...someone who, given the state of the world, is up for sharing the skills, knowledge and wisdom he's acquired to contribute to society in some small way. (Given there's so much need,there's lots to choose from and it might as well be satisfying) He would want to balance that with rest, play, travel and fun .
I hope to find some one with whom I can laugh lots, cry occasionally and weather well the ups and downs of life.

Meet a woman from Vancouver, Canada. I'm 15 years old and absolutely love my aunt. I really want her to find a man who will treat her well and put a smile upon her face. I'm hoping to find her someone who has good taste, a warm heart and good morals. In life, she is most passionate about her friends, family and helping anyone she can. I've spoken to her about what she's looking for in a relationship and she is seeking a long term man in her life who will share her zest for life. She has a great sense of humour and loves a man with a funny bone. Myself, her family and all her friends would describe her as a passionate women who loves to live life to the fullest making everyone around her a little bit brighter. I think it's about time someone did something nice for her which is why we've discussed this site. A great man in her life is what she deserves.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Just hoping to meet some interesting man who is looking for a good and fun partner. For the past many years, I have been running my own business and now have time to spend with another person. As described in my profile, I am pretty active and love to travel.

Meet someone special from Canada. Hello, good natured mature woman looking for companionship. Retiring in a few years so would appreciate someone looking in the same direction. Looking for a kind individual who likes dogs and has a sense of humor. Basically looking for someone to do things with, as my children are grown up and independent. I like to read, watch TV in the evening to relax, walk my dog and travel. I like romantic comedies and hunorous books, mystery novels. Some authors are Townsend, Beaton, Christie. I have a degree in English Lit and some writing experience, although worked primarily as a secretary over the years. Politically I am left wing, unusual in BC. Enjoy walking, browsing in stores and informal events.

Date a woman from Canada. Happy, Healthy, Fun Loving Woman.
I'm excited by how my world is opening up at this third stage of my life! It could only be sweeter if shared with a loving partner.
Some of my interests include cooking, keeping fit, travel, hiking, golf and skiing. I enjoy many gendres of music,and really appreciate the the treat of a live performance. I follow world news and, as a recently retired business person, also follow business news. I truly am a city person with a strong outdoorsy bent. I also have a generous artistic side which seems to keep popping up.
I am romantic and affectionate, confident, spunky and fun.... laughing easily and often. I live in a relaxed, kind, honest, and caring way. Am emotionally and financially secure and would look for the same in my partner. Karma is a good thing!
Friends and family are important to me, as I hope they would be to you. I'm very sociable and enjoy casual entertaining. I find that two people creating in the kitchen makes for a fun and romantic way to wind down at the end of the day.
About the one I'm looking for...
I'm looking for a confident secure man who is healthy, happy within, emotionally available, and has a passion for life. He is open and motivated to share his world with a loving companion. He has the spirit of generosity, kindness, and romance in his being. He is attractive to me and we share a beautiful chemistry in all areas of our relationship.
I'd just like to add...
Good friendships can lead to good dating relationships. I'm looking to take things naturally and gain some friends, and hopefully one very special one. A sense of humour, honesty, and an open heart will show us the way.

. I am optimistic, confident, willing to take a risk,easy going, cuddly, financially secure, happy with who I am.
I like the outdoors and to keep healthy and fit though not to extremes -( I am allergic to jogging!)
I like to keep mentally active and enjoy good conversations.
In my spare time I enjoy working in my garden and playing relaxed golf - My handicap is round and white! I also volunteer at a number of things.
I enjoy occasional movies and British programs ( that is my background) I am a Canucks supporter. I have participated in live theatre and enjoy going to shows. I also like staying at home for a good supper and a DVD
I like most kinds of music except hard rock and heavy metal and not keen on rap.
I like to take holidays in and out of the country and would like to visit each continent eventually.
I am adventurous and willing to try most things at least once.
I have a wide circle of friends but would like to have some one on one times with a single man. Family is very important to me.
A man I would find interesting would be quietly confident and comfortable with who he is. He would be honest, intelligent and have a good sense of humour. He is self sufficient, easygoing and tolerant, he would be healthy,have some hobbies or interests and love to laugh.

. meet A LOVING MANWHO WE CAN ENJOY LIFE. somone to laugh with. someone to be proud of. I am gratefullo laurull for life and my children and grandchildren. I want to be attrated to my man. I wANT TO BE HAPPY WITH MY MAN AND LAUGH.

. I'm a very open minded, likeable and caring person who enjoyss the same in my many friendships (both female and male - including former boyfriends and men I've lived with). I would like to share my life with someone, but am not in any hurry. I'm just me.

. I enjoy laughter with My friends. I am very loyal with family and friends. I am looking for someone with whom I am comfortable and always sees the brighter side of life.. Walks along the seawall any time of the year is a bonus.

. I am a fun loving person who wants to share my life with a special person. I am spontanious and love to laugh and have fun doing what ever...Walking,travelling,entertaining and just being with someone. I want someone who is easy to be with and wants to be in a relationship. I have a family and grandchildren who I adore.My friends and family are very important to me as they have been great supporters of mine through the years. This special person I am looking for has to be healthy,happy and wanting to have fun in his life.

. I am looking for someone to travel around the world, and maybe visit religious shrines. I would also like to spend quiet time with a companion enjoying dinners out at finer restaurants with a nice view of the ocean. I like nice romantic movies, and sometimes a walk along the beach in the warm sun.