Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Vancouver, 65 year old

Date someone special from Vancouver, Canada. My friends describe me as a friend who they can trust fully.... I love to make fun of myself ...I am a writer and a painter too ....I become proud of myself as soon as I do or learn something new in my life ...I am so grateful for every single thing that I do it myself and independently ....I love to experience life the way I haven't experienced it yet... so i love to attract a person who shows me how to live my life differently ...I love going to movies, walking, dinning ,reading books sharing my thoughts with and listening to his too relationship I am looking for honestly .. I am so passionate about living the life fully!

Meet a soulmate from Vancouver, Canada. I'm 65, in good health. I figure I've got 10-15 really good years left before I'm tottering. I spent years raising my family, and that was just fine. But now it's time for fun, for some more growth & exploration & some travel. And it would be nice to have a companion for some of that. Or someone(s) to hang out with on compatible, congenial activities, outings: walks, dinner, maybe kayaking or canoeing. It's great to laugh and en*joy this day, this time. I also like time to myself.

Date a woman from Vancouver, Canada. A little bit of heaven looking to meet a strong and good man. Together, we would enjoy a fun, healthy, intelligent and sensuous relationship. This slender woman (two of the photos were taken in the last year) offers a warm heart, thoughtfulness and an appreciation of adventure. My passionate interests include a wide variety of music, discussion of thoughts, original art, reading, live theatre, real and excellent food, sharing, warm touches, domestic as well as international travel. I enjoy hours of walking in an interesting city as well as in remote rural areas. Liking variety I am drawn to many locales, people, foods and activities. I sense a connection to original cultures and tend to shun the total-tourist path. I think I'd rather try to walk across a body of water than take a massive cruise ship. A small ship or river barge appeals to me. I have a tactile nature, love to be close, am a morning person, and like healthy connection with my partner. My comfort is to be with a warm, thoughtful and creative man, with a smile in his heart. Although fitting well into society he is not known for following the crowd. Over his lifetime he has decided to grow, and by exercising his curiosity and sense of responsibility he will contine to'evolve. He is independent, intelligent, friendly, fun, understands love, needs nature, and is creative as he explores new places and new ideas. He is a positive person looking for a meaningful and pleasurable relationship. He seeks a woman with a smiling face, a good mind and a warm heart. He will honour in her that which is within himself. He is comfortable with ongoing connection and intimacy, welcoming and enjoying a woman with spirit. This man knows the value of the moment, recognizing that it is, indeed, the sum of all moments that defines the relationship.
If you would like to contact me please know that a 'wink' does not feel like meaningful contact, nor does a profile without a photo. I am not likely to respond to either.
Wishing you well.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I have a very active social life. My friends descirbe me as fun to be with. I am looking for that special spark of electricity with someone.
I love all types of humour, especially black comedy.
I love travelling and meeting new people and seeing new places. I love going to museums and art galleries in other countries as well as sightseeing and tasting new foods in foreign lands.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Life is about supporting each other when times are difficult. Taking the time to see the beauty around you. Getting out in the fresh air. Sailing fast is my sport. Friends and family are what it all comes down to.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I love to have fun, good dancer, painting, scenery. I love to travel; if you love to travel, that would be fantastic. I am looking for a companion with a sense of humour, someone to share smiles, laughs, and good stories with.

Date someone special from Canada. hopeful, committed, energetic, generous, political (completely opposed to Stephen Harper and his minions), feminist, loyal, family-centred, love dogs, less activist than I would like; looking for some one w/ similar qualities.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I have had a great life, lived in 3 continents so far.... born in france, I also lived in Africa for almost 20 years, now in Vancouver, Canada.
I have been an artist for most of my adult life, first an actress in france, then a collector/jeweller in the Sudan, and a lapidary in Vancouver, BC.
I am now retired, free to enjoy my friends, my life, my time, new people.
I love going to nude beaches by the ocean, I read a lot, scientific books or novels.
I go to yard sales and auctions, I always bought and sold things I like for a while and then resell.
I love laughing with friends, or even by myself!
I enjoy watching HDTV like Oasis, don't really like going out to movies, I like watching movies at home.
For the moment, I don't have much social life as I am waiting for knee replacement surgery.
I have friends though, and love to see them and talk, eat together. I am thoughtful and considerate, I love that in my friends too.
my friends think I am quite funny, and beautiful, creative and interesting. They say I am getting better with age, like some good wines.
I love watching animals in nature, I am a contemplative, I love silence, and being alone.
Babies, flowers make me smile.
I am very happy and proud I lived in the Sudan for so many dusty- hot years, I learned a lot about myself and other cultures. I appreciated peoples' visions of islam, and its ramifications in all aspects of life.
I am so grateful for being alive, and almost healthy. I am grateful for my friends, they are my family here.
I would really love to meet a kind, funny, heart- intelligent man who has made lots of introspective trips and who is man enough to admit he has made a mistake, a man who has reflected on the differences between men and women, who loves and respect the woman he is with.
He is not promiscuous, he loves dancing and books, like the last one I read, 'The Biology of Belief'.
I would love to have a gentle/ kind relationship. sweet and loving, generous, forgiving, creative, lots of laughs and fun. Morose not wanted.
We all have been hurt, I would prefer someone who has moved on from the pain in his life, childhood and adult, and who is able to accept someone with sometimes challenging ideas or opinions, and is not afraid of a strong woman.
I love astrology as a way to introspect and reflect on how to grow up to be a better person.
I love humour, Chris Rock, George Carlin in america, Wanda Sykes, I love a man who always sees the funny side of a serious situation! who can laugh at himself/his partner in the middle of an argument.
Egyptians laugh a lot, they have a lot to cry about!!!!
I am passionate about generosity in political ideas/actions, I am rather liberal in my opinions/beliefs, and don't mind other people's radical ideas sometimes too!
One love! we are all on this planet to enjoy it with all it has to offer.
I would really prefer someone who has some knowledge of NVC (non-violent communication - or would like to explore/study this ), someone thoughtful and insightful, who can talk, listen or stay silent, a man's man, who is as easy with an axe as he is with a great book.
I like target practice up high in the mountains, hunting too for food (game is my prefered meat).
I also love tools, having been a jeweller for a long time, love handy men who know things and like to share their knowledge with a woman.

Date a woman from Canada. I am a very youthful 64 year-old who loves meeting new people and finding new experiences. But at the same time my long-time friends and family are important to me. I'm outgoing and extroverted and have a great curiousity for what the world has to offer. In recent years my travels have given me the desire to explore more countries and experience their cultures - 3 days in Venice left me wanting to spend a couple of weeks motoring around Italy - mingling, eating the food, drinking the wine and enjoying the history - the same with the day in Paris - the Eurostar from London is great for a one day trip - and London is one of my favourite cities.
I am a warm, caring and affectionate woman and can always be counted on when I commit to something. A love of laughter, a positive (cup half-full) attitude, spontaneity and a dry and subtle sense of humour are definitely characteristics of my personality. Since I always learn from my experiences, I am ready for the best relationship of my life - could that be you?
I enjoy volunteering in the community in a variety of events. Golfing has become part of my summer activities - but I certainly will never be really good - it's the fun and comraderie that counts! Plays, art openings, music, theatre, dinners out and just socializing with my friends and meeting new people - all make life interesting. Cooking and entertaining - what a great way to spend time with my friends. I dont' buy season's tickets but I can get into attending or watching a football, hockey or baseball game if the opportunity arises - I didn't go to an athletic university for nothing!
If you are a tolerant person and are open to new experiences and cultures, you are my kind of guy. No photo - sorry, no response.

. like talk about sport drink beer wacht tv caressing walk in the on sunny day like nusdist small gay same me ma life retire 65 in weeklike meet some body like me and can put me happy and do the same on my side

. Hi, please allow me to be completely candid. Neither of us wants to waste precious time on misrepresentation or desperate words to secure a positive result.
I would be so grateful to meet a nice man who is still living life, can laugh at himself, and is not looking for a caregiver or someone to support him in the manner he wants to live. A man who is intelligent but not necessarily Einstein. A man who is curious and wants to see more of this large fabulous world. A man who can be gentle and caring but who also creates an atmosphere of safety. A man with integrity and character.
I still feel! I want to do all the things a woman of 40 desires. Some may say I forgot to grow up and I agree. I have raised my children but I am not dead or waiting for the next stage.
My frown and laugh lines are a result of living. I am a forever romantic but also a realist.
I like to drive fast, sit quietly and record nature, be near the water. I am happy in stilettos or holding a fishing rod. I will not shoot an animal or bird. I love eclectic taste for most genres. I am very competent in the kitchen and value my home, family and friends.
Truth and Loyalty are paramount. No smokerРІР‚в„ўs please.
Sunday morning between the linens with a fun companion, great cup of coffee and the New York Times!
Are you out there? Can you share yourself?

. I am loyal, honest (to a fault), forthright, assertive, confident, independent, energetic, curious.....
Love to travel, explore, be spontaneous.....have never set a goal in my life!
Interested and passionate about any number of issues....politics, international affairs, markets, economies, finance etc.
Love game I have ever played!
Love movies, books (have always belonged to a book club)

. I am an achiever and a good leader. I'm hoping to attract a man who has great achievements and leadership so that we may share the same interest in life. I'm also looking for a man who is caring
affectionate, and a good conversationalist

. Our being is subject to all the chances of life. There are so many things we are capable of, that we could be or do. The possibilities are so great that we never, any of us, are more than one-fourth fulfilled.

. My partner loves life and is emotionally available to love me.A rich bond of chemistry ignites our desire to passionately express our deep love for each other.I am feeling desired and cherished knowing that my partner is honest,loyal,kind and compassionate and he feels safe and enveloped in my love.
We are committed to a conscious evolutionary partnership and we freely share the gifts,experiences and wisdom we have accumulated throughout life as an offering of light and guidance for future generations.-- quote by Jean Houston.
In our warm and welcoming home,we create an experience of feeling deeply rooted and bonded as we laugh, play and dance surrounded by beautiful art, good friends and family.
Ahhh-the comfortable silent space for reading or meditating.
And the excitement of travelling to warm,colourful friendly cultures where music pulses through the veins of the people!