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Date someone special from Vancouver, Canada. I don't have any single friends, their all hitched. So I don't tend to get out much to mingle. That is why I am trying this site. My daughter and son both found their mates on a dating site, so I know it works.
I am a happy self fullfilled person. I love to laugh! I deal with the public (part time now) so am not completley cut off from the world. I have so many things to be grateful for, nothing I want to list here though.
I'm looking for a man with a sense of humour, someone to share my life with. Must have something for all his years of toil. Not looking to support anyone! Been there did that raising my 3 children on my own.
I have just lost 2 family members in the last 2 years, so I more than anyone know life is short, so lets make the most of it while we can.
You have sent me a message and no response? It is because I have never signed up/$

Meet a woman from Vancouver, Canada. I enjoy discussing ideas on many levels. I am interested in all the sweet spots in life. Honesty and consideration are the qualities I seek most in a relationship. A sense of humor is important as well as intelligence and sensuality. I love my work and the more I learn, the more there is to learn. Natural health has been my focus for twenty years so, bonus, if you are a man who is concerned about his health (and the health of the planet)--the more mutuality, the better.
Some of my interests include: family, natural health, art, design, nature, uphill sprints, human development, environmental issues, dark chocolate, justice, perspectives, learning, laughing Pink Floyd, simple pleasures, Pete Seeger, consciousness, flying in a small aircraft, history, sociology, string theory of the universe, freedom, the Blues and thinking outside the box.

Date a soulmate from Vancouver, Canada. I am a happy self fullfilled person. I surround myself with family and good friends. I work hard and enjoy a night out now and then. I love to dance, not really a drinker, might have one or two occasionally. Like to play 8 ball/garage sailing/go fishing. Born and raised in Vancouver.
I am looking for a man with a great sense of humour, positive thinker, likes to go for walks, maybe cooks?
Must want to enjoy life and travel.

Meet someone special from Canada. Wit and wisdom, lights me up. Have a creative soul and think outside the box. My emotional stability is steady and responsive. I am open, reachable, candid, unguarded and sometimes too sensitive. I am a conscientious, spontaneous, intuitive and perceptive individual who is well organized. I am sometimes outgoing and sometimes reserved.
I can maintain poise and be relaxed and pleasant at the same time. I believe in working through problems by discussion. If no compromise can be reached, then we are mature enough to agree to disagree.
I enjoy the outdoors and travel. Meeting new people is always fun for me. I am dependable, reliable and someone you can count on. I am Honest to a fault. I believe in respecting others and that they respect me.
Have had a rich full life and wish to share the future with someone buy exploring the world. The world is our oyster, and there is so much to see and do.
I have raised two daughters and they both live in Calgary. I have 6 grandchildren and we visit/get together on the holidays.
Much of my time is spent exploring Ottawa and surrounding area or reading. I share an apartment with a friend (women) and we have a beautiful view of the Ottawa River, Parliament Hill and the Airport. Our balcony is filled with flowers (in the summer), and we may try growing a variety of herbs this year. In the past I have had beautiful gardens which I maintained.
I have worked since I was 17, and have had experiences working at banks, Board of Education's (brought their payroll system in house), for Social Service Non-profit organizations, have owned and operted a restuarant, as well as run my own business doing the books for businesses. I do plan on working for several more years unless something else comes up (like winning the 649) Ya right you say!
I enjoy all types of music other than hard rock. Will be going to see "The Flying Dutchman" at Scotiabank Place on May 11th, which I am totally looking forward to.
If your interested, please let me know, by forwarding a wink.