Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Vernon, 65 year old

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. It's most interesting to read of the individual lives, and times, of people on this particular Website.
Some facts about me :
Having been raised on the shores of Okanagan Lake (...most fortunately) here in beautiful south central B.C., I continue with a lifelong love of water sports (including swimming instructor, CYA Class 2 Sailor, kayaker now too) and the Great Outdoors. That meshed with raising a family (and being at home with my 2 children in their early years), and I have 2 marvelous grandchildren now.
I developed a strong career in the financial services industry, over a productive and satisfying 30 years.
The people who know me best would likely describe my personality as positive and proactive, enjoying both challenge and responsibility. I have an insatiable sense of curiosity about our natural world , and ALL of its' inhabitants.
I am presently re-focusing career and volounteer work to carve out more personal free time . I wish to share, as a true companion, more of this Great Adventure of Life....
Some possible facts about you .
SHARING much of an abundant life....with a man who enjoys the full scope of good companionship - from adventure-planning to cozy moments of wintertime reading by the fireplace, from a night out at the symphony to gearing up for a summertime kayak trip, can be wonderful. I enjoy the company of a more traditional type of man, confident, and at ease with himself, who enjoys a relationship based on earned trust and quiet respect. Caring proactively for oneself's health and well-being, and that of his family and friends in an "entertaining" way, really appeals to me.
The "Match Factor " - will it alight ?
I can be a hopeless romantic - no -that would be HOPEFUL romantic ! I certainly enjoy the shared excitement of exploring new destinations, and seeking aerial horizons. Also, taking a point or two from across the tennis net could be better yet !
One of the many rich aspects of life and times NOW is matching a character that has had many wonderful (and .. a few not so wonderful...c'est la vie ) life experiences, with another whose perspectives and interests jive.
As much as I am obviously a good sport, I truly enjoy being with a man who brings out the lively feminine side in me.
If you sense there may be some dynamics at play here, I would be interested in receiving an E-Mail from you via this excellent Website.
"Sparkle " in Vernon , B. C.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. An active person, I spend a lot of time doing things with “the girls” and am thinking it might be fun to occasionally do something with a guy!
In spring and summer I love to work in my perennial garden. In winter I am starting to look longingly at warmer climates.
Last year I was in Spain volunteering in an elementary school and living with a Spanish family. Learned the important Spanish there…. “Vino Tinto, Vino Blanco and Cafe con Leche”
I love to dine out and have people over for dinner, but I have been known to serve the same meal and just buy new dishes so my guests wonРІР‚в„ўt notice! An evening sipping wine with friends on the back deck works very well for me!
I own a kayak, bike, skis and a snowboard, but want someone to do these activities with. Belong to a gym, so that takes care of the guilt thing...haven't been there since I broke some bones in my hand just before I left for Spain.
I am usually game to try most things (excluding sky diving etc., I'm not really a thrill seeker).
Most importantly, I love to laugh. I find it easy to laugh at myself and would enjoy meeting someone who also doesn't take themselves too seriously. I love listening to funny stories.