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Date someone special from Victoria, Canada. More to follow, Will complete in due time
Active, good sense of humour, recreational hockey and golf, running, cycling, enjoy good mystery stories, enjoy life to the fullest, many enjoyable life experiences, enjoyed some international travel, seen most of Canada (not Nfld-LB yet), worked in all western provinces and NWT during career,

Meet men and women from Victoria, Canada. Life is an adventure! Sure it has its ups and downs but I never stay down for too long. I love learning and exploring new ideas, developing skills, and helping others. I find humour in everyday situations. Getting older is not necessarily fun but it provides a lot of good joke material.
Opposites often attract. I am a natural blonde, blue-eyed gal who is most attracted to dark eyed men (with Roman noses). You would be sociable, well-mannered, and romantic. You are also easy-going, and a bit adventurous. Like me, you enjoy being healthy and fit.
By nature, I am affectionate, caring and honest. Colleagues have said that I am hard working and idealistic, too. Sometimes I can be quiet (content to be working in my garden, or in a corner reading an exciting historical novel), sometimes funny or theatrical, and sometimes adventurous (backpacking by myself in Nicaragua).
I enjoy being with people from different cultures, and currently volunteer teaching English to adult immigrants. I am also learning Spanish, which I will use on a trip to Spain next year to see Gaudi's creations.
At this time of my life, while I still am interested in environmental and societal issues, I want to focus more on developing my talents, and creating a simpler, more joyous life. I know that my life would feel richer sharing it with a loving "forever" partner. Whether we were attending a balloon festival in New Mexico, or dancing at the Blues Bash in Victoria, we would have fun together.

Date a woman from Victoria, Canada. I don't play mind games, I'm happy, optimistic and practical. I want someone to share my life with, to do the ordinary things and the extraordinary. I am a giving person and would like to meet someone who is the same. I like wood working singing, walking, movies and lots of other stuff that we can talk about. I have a good sense of humour, although it has a British slant. I like holding hands and touching and being held. I am trusting and trustworthy.

Meet a soulmate from Victoria, Canada. My closest friends describe me as sociable, honest, a kind person who enjoys life.
Watching nature, being outdoors, taking on new adventures, volunteering, playing tennis, traveling to different cultures, being in touch with friends, reading a book by the ocean, sociable conversations all contribute to being healthy and enjoying life for me. Having a compatible loving man in my life would be very sweet. One that is also true blue, interested in some similar interests, one who also likes to have his own space, do things on separately with his friends or self. Shows sensitivity, empathetic, has integrity and credibility, confident in himself, knows what he wants....many more things that we can me, if this begins to interest you.

Date people from Victoria, Canada. I enjoy the moment, friends, family and laughter.
I like to share good food, good wine, activities like walking, going to the theatre and travel. I appreciate being treated like a lady.
I am looking for someone who is trustworthy, thoughtful and interested in life.
What about you?

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Life is an experience and I consider life something to share. To me there isn't anything to compare to a relationship between a couple. I would hate to think that anyone has to be without someone to share it with.
I pride myself on being a loving mother and grandmother. Family is a gift to us all.
I am creative. I enjoy all kinds of music, the arts, being with people or sometimes just having a quite time at home. My favorite place would be anywhere outdoors. Just going to the ocean or taking a road trip. I've spent most of my life in the country but I've also lived in many major cities. Living in the city now and love it but would also love living in the country again. I've worked hard running my own business and raising a family and I'm very grateful for the time to spend freely in my retirement.
I would like to be a part of a couple that rely on each other. Be with someone who has your hand and your back, feel free with and have fun with. I want to enjoy whatever is on the menu for that day together or that each of you can go and enjoy themselves knowing you are tight.

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. Would love to be in love again, once more in this lifetime. My five brothers describe me as funny, bright and beautiful. I know myself to be adventuresome and brave...I've traveled the world either alone, with my daughter or a man friend usually without an itinerary. In 2006 I went to Costa Rica alone and just bummed around, stayed in places that interested me then moved on. Very relaxing that way. I am grateful for my wonderful upbringing, my values, my loving family, my two little chickens (grandkids 5 & 3), and my wonderfully supportive friends. Oh, and my health - I certainly do not feel 62...I feel about 40 and ready to go on another adventure.
My 'ideal' mate would be someone of good values and ideals, generous, humerous, financially secure, and interesting - not asking much, am I? He should be a man of good character, have made a good life for himself, be generous of his time, and be seriously willing to do anything to create a solid relationship for the rest of his life. My man should have an adventuresome soul - a timid fearful man would not be a good fit for me. He should be of good humour and have passions and interests of his own. I am passionate about traveling, sailing and my good friends and family. I like to be intimate with my man, to cuddle and laugh together under the covers....and hope to meet someone similarly interested. Just to share everyday tasks would be fun for me. That's about the extent of it...if this peaks your interest at all, send me a message and 'we'll talk'
p.s. After establishing a mutual interest, my choice would be to meet for coffee. If there is no 'spark' between us, we could be friends but there is no use in wasting each other's time if we are truly looking for a long term serious relationship.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I am simple but beautiful in and outside. Petite but with big heart, outgoing an friendly lady(people person) like meeting people from all walks of life. likes traveling. With lots of sense of humor( can make a lonely person happy.)Am faithful, thoughtful and loyal friend and lover,a good listener(supportive)Appreciate outdoor and nature but also enjoys quiet times at home. I like to meet a man who have the same interest or who appreciate for who I am. A gentle christian who have a lot of respect for women and who is easy to get along like me.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Engaging woman with goals looking for man with values and goals wishing to establish a serious relationship with someone with similar goals/intentions; details can be determined later; humour required for a successful meeting.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. Lively? Perky? Energetic? Fit?..Sixty ? YES!
Semi retired but not retiring? YES!
I love to learn new things like spanish, dancing, jewelry-making, new ideas. What could I teach you? What could you teach me? "Life-long learner" could describe me quite nicely, thank you!
Who are you?? A man who enjoys laughing, meeting new friends (I have lots to share), travel, being loved, showing me he loves me and real conversation...a ping pong game not a monologue please.
A Saturday night at home in front of a fire with popcorn, a sweet partner and a movie are appealing but so are going out to hear music, dancing, or being with friends.
Don't have my own kids but have some young family members who I adore and am very willing to adore yours. As a teacher (semi retired) I get a real kick out of kids and their fresh approach to life.
I laugh at the unexpected, the outrageous and "bon mots", even puns if well placed. Tell me what makes you laugh?

Date someone special from Canada. I am looking for a good man. Someone to share time with.
If he is a good dancer that would be great
If he likes to golf or play pool, that would be good
If he has a great sense of humor and sees the world through tolerant eyes even better
There is so much to see and do in this world, and it would be much more fun to share the experience

Meet men and women from Canada. I am looking for a friend first, who is trustworthy and honest. Many, many things make me smile, anything from a nice dog, or a hummingbird, or a friendly face. My friends probably would describe me as a good friend, willing to help at anytime, great at baking, funny, willing to learn new things. I am most grateful for where I am now in my life.

Date a woman from Canada. I am a romantic and miss having that special someone in my life. I enjoy quiet evenings and a glass of wine in front of the fireplace. I love to cook and entertain, but itРІР‚в„ўs much more fun to cook and entertain when you share it with a special someone. Although I am content with my life and my close circle of friends and family, I know there is more adventure out there for me, I just need to seek it. I have a great sense of humour, but can sometimes be shy in new situations. I live a healthy, secure, comfortable lifestyle and would love to meet someone with similar values and a similarly secure lifestyle.
I have lived in Victoria all my life. I am divorced, have two married daughters and grandchildren. I work in the accounting profession, but enjoy art, music and currently am designing and creating my own line of jewellery. I love to walk on the beach, and very much enjoy being out in nature. I love music and have recently picked up my guitar again to accompany a quiet song. I am well travelled, but very much enjoy the amenities of Vancouver Island and surrounding areas. I love boating, exploring quaint places, walks on the beach, camping, sharing life, sharing thoughts.
Although my life is full, a special partner would complete it. If you think that we may enjoy knowing one another, let's talk and see where life takes us.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am an independent, kind, giving, honest and very romantic person who can find happiness in the simple things... My ideas, beliefs and principles connect to positiveness in my life and in those around me. I like to laugh and share my excitement. The most crucial values for me are loyalty and trust. At my age I feel young at heart, full of life, energetic, selfmotivated and with a passion for travel and exploration of different places in the world.
I am originally from Europe, now long time well converted to Canadian. I am well educated and easygoing, in excellent health, active, average in height and size. I live in my own condo and I am financially independent. I am looking for someone to share my life with, to retire with and enjoy good times to world destinations for the next couple of decades... I definitely would appreciate a partner who is considerate, warm, gentle, kind, affectionate, caring and loving. My partner also must be emotionally and financially stable. A passion for travel would be a bonus as well as outdoor and indoor activities.
If , so far, what I wrote resonates with you and I sound like someone you would like to get to know, please contact me. More photos will be available on your request.
Looking forward to meeting you!

Date people from Canada. I am a petite, professional woman who is passionate about life and love; people say that I am good-natured, considerate, mature, thoughtful and intelligent. I have placed my health as a high priority throughout life, and routinely hear from others that I look much younger than my chronological age. For example, when I am out with my grandchildren, people often assume that I am their mother. So, I am looking for someone who is healthy and fairly fit. I am drawn to intelligence and stability. If you have been married before and raised a family, then we can speak a similar language, but that experience is not necessary for us to communicate well.
There are special circumstances regarding my current situation that you need to know. If you are looking for a long-term, lasting relationship anytime soon, then I am not for you. I am looking for my number one man, but within an unusual framework. It's complicated.