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Date people from British Columbia, Canada. I've lived in Ontario and BC and I look forward to spending some time in a warm climate during the winter months. I'm adventurous, spontanious and seek out the unknown as I'm a curious person. When I was in Mexico this year for one month, I thoroughly enjoyed the people, their lifestyle and getting to know them better. I hiked the mountains which brought me into plantations, Indian ceremonial grounds, corn fields and vegetation that I had never seen before and I now look forward to my next adventure.
I've played many sports over the years but I'm now into hiking, cycling, working out, dancing, snowshoeing, walking and golfing. I prefer to be outdoors but I also enjoy my home as well.
I'm easy going, have a positive attitude and always have a smile on my face. My family and friends are very important to me and I feel fortunate to have them in my life. Being retired, I get to spend my time volunteering and doing the things I most enjoy. I especially like sharing the kitchen, preparing food, having fun doing it and then sharing the food. Having appetizers is one of my favourite ways of eating.
I'm a warm, passionate and friendly person who gets much enjoyment with being useful and helpful. I'm a dedicated and committed friend who is always there for you. By the way, I have a great sense of humor and can laugh at myself, just as I have been doing as I write this creative profile :-) I'm playful, affectionate and I'm looking for someone who is the same. I think being independant and respecting each others space is vital. Taking time for the "male and female bonding" is important. I want to bring out the best in you, bolster your ego, keep you on your toes and hopefully you find me fascinating.
I'm looking for someone who is like-minded, not afraid to expose your flaws, has self worth, takes care of themselves physically, mentally, likes a social atmosphere, believes in personal growth, intellectual, likes to cuddle/touch and interested in a long term relationship.

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I am a confident woman who has learned to enjoy being a widow for now, but if there is another husband in my future, I'm interested. I am a committed Christian and seeking the same.
I enjoy my adult children and grandchildren, even though they live elsewhere. I love living in Victoria but am open to other beautiful places in Canada to be in.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Can you tell by my smile that I love life? I'm easy to be around, flexible and willing to go with the flow. I am, at the same time, confident, fairly intelligent and very capable of standing on my own two feet. I have happily been on my own for the past few years, focusing on my family and career. I'm now ready and very much looking forward to meeting Mr. Right. So here I am, looking for an interesting, kind, gentle, intelligent, romantic man with old-fashion values, with whom I can share quality time and good conversation. I have spent most of my life being very much in control of all around me (not particularly by choice). Therefore, I would be most attracted to a man who is willing to take the initiative and make decisions. Having obtained a certain level of success in my life, my ideal mate would be someone who has also experienced a successful career.
What makes me tick is to love and be loved. I want to be excited about life and all the adventures of seeing new places and doing new things while also enjoying the revisiting of old familiar places. I want to make a difference in the lives of others. I need and want to be spiritual and enjoy sharing my spirituality with others.
I enjoy going for long walks, enjoying the beauty that surrounds us, while getting some exercise and fresh air. Mini-golf is fun or maybe, if you are willing to teach me how to really hit that ball, we could try a full-size course. I love dining out, especially with that special someone, in a candlelit setting, with some fine wine. I also enjoy going to a movie, particularly when a good action comedy or a top-rated suspense or drama movie is showing. Alternatively, maybe we could go dancing.
Although you will normally find me in jeans, I love getting all dressed up and going out for the night.
Hopefully there is lots of travel in my future, in particular, to warm tropical places - which, of course, would be so much more enjoyable with that special someone by my side. Perhaps you are my Mr. Right, that special someone?

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. For the benefits of this profile, this much I know: I am a capable woman, usually straightforward, reasonably attractive and wondering if putting myself out there online has any chance of success. Luck? Destiny? Will any of it work for me? I guess if you don't play, you don't win. So, I'll play.
My life has taken some really interesting turns (living in other countries) and some devastating ones (becoming a widow). At 63, with my children finally living their adult lives somewhere other than my house, I feel I am ready for my life to take a new direction. I am hoping to find a man who wants to share the excitement and pleasure of being part of that journey.
For the most part I enjoy the life Iead. I live in a remarkable part of the world (Canada's West Coast), I have the financial resources to live comfortably and I enjoy my friends and my family (I have 3 sons 23, 24 and 26).
I have come to know ( as a widow for many years) that we cannot realize our full potential alone and I want to find someone to help me be more than I am now. Quite simply, life is better with company. Thus this exercise to broaden my horizons and hopefully, make new connections.
I'm fit and active and (with the benefits of exercise) quite healthy. I enjoy the outdoors; I run to maintain a level of fitness and I cycle in the nice weather ( I feel completely justified in keeping the bike in the garage in the rain and the cold). I am playing golf on a more regular basis, and slowly improving my game; a rewarding but sometimes frustrating experience. I like hiking in the mountains or on the coast of Kauai and I have done some ocean kayaking. I enjoy spending time with my friends but I am certainly more "low key" than active socialite. I would never be described as a "party girl" (far too shy), but I enjoy social occasions in small groups.
I like living on the West Coast; I love the weather and the landscape and the colors of the ocean.
I like to travel and have done so extensively, living in Asia for 5 years and in New York for 4. I fantasize about owning (affording) waterfront property, would love to rent a house on the Pacific in Carmel for a month in the spring, perhaps spend some time enjoying the white sand and the turquoise waters of the Abocos Islands.
I have been totally involved in raising my 3 sons for many years and now that they are "launched" I'd like to change the patterns of my life. Although I have been alone for some time now, it is certainly more fun to think of traveling and planning life's next stages with someone else. What better way to keep interested and learning?
So, I am seeking a man who recognizes that life is out there to be experienced and who has the desire and the means to participate. Travel would be a part of our future, so would a contented life at home enjoying the forms our relationship takes, our families and friends. I am seeking someone whom I respect, who makes me laugh and whose company just makes everything better.
I hope we can find each other.

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. some one laid back
nothing come easily
being part of friends and family
like dothing thing together and apart
love drives and go to different spot on the island and off
lots of joke and having fun

Meet people from Victoria, Canada. I'm an enthusiastic, outgoing, and down to earth individual who is not afraid of facing a new challenge or trying something new. I have a sense of humour and enjoy laughing with family and friends. I'm looking for someone who is athletic, caring and committed.

Date men and women from Victoria, Canada. Well life is a journey and if there is chemistry between two people than things can be worked out, hopefully.
I am an optomist, fairly cute and believe life is nothing without a good sense of humour.
I want life to be enjoyable and not one big drama so that is basically what I am looking forward.
I love the forest and nature, wildlife and the clean fresh air of the Northwest.

Meet a soulmate from Victoria, Canada. I am an independent, busy person who does not have time to devote to looking for a man, mabye because I don't know where to start? and thought I'd try this method.
If you are happy, healthy, family oriented and don't know where to go to meet people our age who are interested in forming a friendship that might progress to more, I'd lke to hear from you. No point listing all sorts of interests and regulations, chemistry will tell if there is a basis to carry on from.

Date a woman from Victoria, Canada. i came to Canada in 1972, Have lived in Manitoba and moved from there in 1985. Now that children are grown up, i spends my time working in the garden. i enjoy hanging out with friends,go for dance, and hanging at the karaoke club. I am spontaneous and can get ready quickly if invited to go places. I just want o have fun, lots of laughter, take life in stride, not too serious depending on a situation..I'm best describe as hard working very meticulous, witty, intelligent and would love very much to have intelligent conversation..

Meet someone special from Victoria, Canada. I'm passionate about being a good person, having fun, lots of laughter, living today, appreciating everything around me - people, animals, nature - taking chances, having a good sense of humor and being able to laugh at myself (which happens more often every day!), being a good neighbor, really caring about those close to me and showing it; I enjoy being out & about, but also quiet times sitting on my patio with a good book & nice glass of wine or cozy in front of the fire on cooler nights - love to share more of my life with the right person!

Date people from Canada. About me...sweet, loving, fun...on a good day. Actually don't have that many bad days now that the Doc has upped my meds. Seriously, I'm fairly low key, like to keep active hiking, playing tennis and golfing (real beginner). Love to travel, Italy & France being two of my favourite spots but would love to explore other areas as well as more of the W of this great continent. Originally from the East but my home is definitely the West Coast now as I love the surrounding beauty here. I have been on my own for a while now and so am independent. Not sure that I want the whole marriage thing again but am looking for a committed relationship that develops slowly. I like open communication, humour and a glass half full kind of attitude...someone who is still young at heart, active and adventurous.