Date men from Canada / British Columbia / Whistler, 62 year old

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. My activities & interest go a long way in describing me. I've: Skied in N.& S. Am. & Europe, ditto for hang gliding inc Pres. of the HGABC & Cap't of the Grouse Mtn Flying Team; staged cycled the Alps, Pyrennes, BC, & the USA: scuba dived locally, Hawaii, Mex, Galapagos, the Red Sea, Indonesia & the Grest B. Reef.
My friends wold describe me as interested & Interesting, Loyal, Caring & Giving, Passionate, Energetic, Relaxed, INTENSE. I love my children (24 yr. boy-girl Twins), & it's demonstrative & reciprocal- my Son hugs & kisses me even in front of his friends. PDA is only an issue if my partner feels awkward about holding hands, kissing,hugging, & a slight light breezy touch.
I'd like to find someone to join me, as an Equal, stand By me, when necessary, stand Up to me- letting me know if I'm being UnReasonable, UnFair, UnKind, or just plain Wrong. This is based on deep & clear Mutual Respect & Trust.
Please find me.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. i like go out for dinner and some wine i am very funny person and i like talk to much i like play the harmonic and sing and dance and make happy the persons who is whit me i love to give flowers,and also i like cook for the peopels i love