Date men from Canada / British Columbia / Whistler, 64 year old

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I live in the mountains in Whistler, BC. During the winter , skiing is my life. During the summer I work to travel and motor race. I am a mellow man with a passion for life and a love for my three daughters.
My life has been adventurous with extensive world travel, over land, deserts, mountains and continents . I have sailed oceans in small yachts. Lived on small islands in 'man friday' scenarios.
I have always made a point of 'doing it now' because who knows about tomorrow.
I am retired early in life from an independent income career as a builder, of homes, high rises and bridges.
I enjoy spending time with a fun lady, with a sparkle, shining eyes, a joyful personality and smile. To share a free laugh and a love of adventure.
I like to cook, although I am no expert.
I read, do not watch cable TV, but enjoy a good movie and a log fire.
I like to draw, take photographs play with artwork, I like the outdoors, fresh air and a free lifestyle.
I am content as a single and happy with my own companionship, but love to share and care.