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Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I am a happy person who enjoys life. I like to help others and I do volunteer work at a local food bank.
I enjoy my friends
My family is very important me and I love to spend time with them
I value my alone time
I am looking for someone who is happy with himself and feels comfortable being with someone who is independent.
I love to laugh and I do laugh a lot and sometimes I even laugh at myself but that is ok.
I want to find someone who will stand beside as i stand beside him. Friends first and then hopefully more. I would like to do a bit of travelling and I enjoy watching a sunset and a sunrise where ever it might be.
I hope that my partner would join me in my volunteering and I would like to join him where ever he volunteers.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. life is a journey come explore. I am inquisitive, and willing to try just about anything. Laughing, and being happy are most important. Quiet times, getting to know others. Keeping things simple. The road is ahead of us

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am almost 60 and am a bbw woman with blue eyes here to see if she can fine a man to date. I am looking some for someone who is caring and wants to get to know a girl first by coffee dating and then who knows.

Meet someone special from Canada. It has taken some convincing but I'm here! So as the old song goes "Match maker, match maker, make me a match, catch me a catch!"!
I am caring and giving, looking for someone to share some time with and perhaps it can turn into something more. I enjoy life and love new experiences and challenges. Keeping fit and active sports keep me young at heart. I carry my camera wherever I go so that I don't miss a perfect sunset. I'm not looking for anyone, but for ''someone special'' that shares my values, respects nature and is caring and gentle. I have an easy going personality, love an adventure and enjoy meeting new people. A little shy, but please take the time to get to know me.
I apologize for no picture as yet, but I am usually behind the camera and not in front of it. I will rectify that shortly!

Date a woman from Canada. fun to be with. I like to cook and sew. looking for someone to match the patience you need in life. Not someone with small kids or pets, outdoor person, who likes to hike and walk beaches. Table manners very important.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am an Asian (Chinese) lady from Singapore, attractive, youthful-looking, very active and adventurous. I previously worked as an admininistration manager in an investment bank. I have migrated and currently living in Vancouver, Canada. I am looking for a long term relationship leading to marriage if sparks fly with the kind of chemistry whereby words are beyond description. Enjoy reading, music (especially, slow pops, country western), movies, dining out, cooking, drives in the countryside, nature (mountains, rivers, woods), homelife, walks and travelling. Have travelled to Europe, Asia and North America. As a friend/mate I am kind, caring, loving, understanding, honest, loyal, faithful and a romantic at heart! I ll be most happy having a romantic candle-lit dinner or, holding hands and strolling along the beach or, sitting by the fireplace sipping wine with that very special someone!
Attraction is easy, but the elements of a relationship that keep it going are mutual respect and appreciation of what that person stands for. I think it is very difficult in this day of "grass is greener , prettier, richer, more powerful, sexier" to have a lifelong partner unless both are really committed to making it work.
There is an old Chinese saying which literally goes like this: the one your eyes behold you may not be the one for you... if the one from the distance is the one fated for you both shall be destined to come together... Are you the one...? Looking for a special man who is kind, caring, honest, affectionate, loving, compassionate, generous, loyal, a romantic at heart with a good sense of humour to spend the rest of my life with.

. Everyone says I'm a very sweet, caring person with alot of emphathy. I'm easy to be around and smile very easily. I'm layed back, down to earth and listen to everyone's veiws. I find it intreguing how different people are. I'm hoping to find someone alot like me lol. Someone who is fine, with who he is. Someone who treats people with respect, no matter what side of the tracks they live on. Someone who I can laugh and smile with, and who takes pride in family and friends. Someone who is not afraid to hug and hold hands infront of others. Just an all around easy going guy. Honesty is important to me. So is sharing the beautiful things that life has to offer, even without a price tag:) .. I'm very passionate and grateful for, and about my friends, family, and life in general. My attitude is you can't have the possitive without the negative of the world. In other words, I'm ok with about everything lol.
I'm very lucky that I have had the life that I've lived, or I would never know who I am, or beable to laugh and cry as easily as i do lol.

. I've been described as honest, gentle, intelligent, compassionate, and fair. I've also been told that I'm a good listener. I'm looking for some of the same qualities in a partner. He will love animals, kids and adventure.
I love different kinds of foods, such as East Indian..yummm, Italian, some Greek, Japanese
I turned 60 in May, but do not look it, nor do I feel it. I still love to have fun on swings, , play in the water. I'm a hopeless romantic, love to hold hands, walk on the beach or a trail, express my affection publically, in this area I'm not at all shy once I feel comfortable with someone.
I enjoy travel in most any,truck and camper, motorcycle, long as I'm going somewhere, I'm happy.
I enjoy intelligent conversations and have a vast array of interests. I expect the person I'm with to be intelligent but not necessarily a scholar. Funny and caring....I love to laugh, go to the movies, or movies at home....cook for family and friends, a glass of wine and a good book, sitting together quietly or out dancing, kicking up a storm.....I have so very many interests you really would have to get to know me to know them...too many to mention here.
I am looking for a "what's left of life" partner, someone I can be "real" with and who feels they can be the same. Life is definately too short for guessing games and false information...if you're ready to make a committment, I'm ready to take the step with you.
I'm currently living in Pentiction, but am trying to get transferred back to the Maple Ridge/Coquitlam area with Nurse Next Door, the company I work for here. I am a caregiver and work with the elderly and disabled in their homes. I love my work but am missing my friends and need to come back to them.

. Ultimately, it would be great to find a lover, friend/, partner to share romantic, adventurous, family and social experiences with. Fine dining or dinner at home sharing a nice bottle of red wine, healthy eating, quieter times at home reading, conversing or cooking together are special, as well as socializing with friends, being outdoors, enjoying nature, and seeking the intrique of new adventures. Walks, talks, golf... shopping?! A bit of gentle kayaking on the river here in Ladner seems interesting. But so does curling up with a nice man and enjoying some great music, conversation and maybe a bit of flirting! Theater and concerts are great, too. I have had season tickets for the BC Lions for the past couple of years - an activity I share with my son.
I would enjoy the company of an intelligent man with a postive outlook, who can find the positive and beauty in everyday life.
Relaxing, lots of smiles, and enjoying each other's company, and hopefully, having that 'sexual attraction' is something to look forward to.Looking for a man who enjoys family and friends, has his own intellectual pursuits,his own dreams and goals and is also passionate about sharing his time and passion for life with a woman. I am looking for someone with whom to enjoy the discovery of a new friendship or relationship..of course, if that special feeling of mutual attraction is strong all the better! Someone who enjoys the outdoors, enjoys the social as well as the private times - someone who has a positive drive to make the best of the next 50 years!

. im a sexy hot mamma with 8 kids and a unsteady jod i love to read and eat and most af all i love men. i like to eat by the water, in a house , in a camper reallly i eat every were but the one place i will never eat is on a table their just so gross and un clean i HATE THEM ... but i love men. i also like to feed my animals i HATE it when they dont finish ther food cause then i half to do it .

. My friends describe me as honest, funny, driven .. ?? .... forgiving .. sometimes to a fault ... my family comes 1st .... looking for an outdoors person ... a teddy bear .... animal lover ... and if he can dance ... bonus !!

. Im loving, kind, easy going,and love life. Family is very important to me,Life is short so live it to the fullest.I would like to find someone who can laugh and be happy. Someone who likes adventure weather its going camping or going across Canada. Someone who isnt afraid to say I love you, hold hands or cuddle.

. Loving, loyal, active and very committed to enjoying life, having fun and contributing, preferably with someone I love. I have a wide range of interests. I want to explore them. So I am looking for an explorer, the outside world, both far away and close, as well as the inner one.
I live near Vancouver, BC.

. I am nurturing and affectionate; supportive and a great listener.
I am a great cook, classy, well-groomed. I like to entertain and keep a beautiful home. I travel with my work but will retire soon. I workout at the gym 5 days a week and love the outdoors especially when the weather is warm.
I am looking for a financially secure man who is full of life and likes to have fun. Let's email, talk and meet ; and possibly travel the world together.

. Gold/Orange. Top 2% in the world. Can be anything I want to be. Love challenge and organization. Desire to find online great guy. Creating the profile is tough. Adventure. I am an Island girl willing to meet the challenge of distance to Match my magnetic attraction. Not just anyone.
Love all animals, the outdoors, spending time with a great person, willing to learn to ski, used to waterski, play golf, hike, bicycle, swim, dance, meditate, yoga, run, beach walk, watch soccer, go for drives, camp, barbecue, still have the interest. No dependencies, good natured, cannot stand drunks or bad language. Accepting to someone who has a career and loves it. I do like to travel. Meeting new people, trying new things, seeing new places, and just getting out and about. Comfortable with or without make-up, love to dress nicely and am comfortable with casual. I do not want to live in a downtown situation, full time, yet can be comfortable spending time there.
I do not have children, yet love them and have had quite a great deal of time with all ages with great success.When we get together, we can spend some time to see if it might work out, but, I would like to communicate by email through MATCH, to see how things go. Looking 20 yrs. younger, I am considered very pretty and take quite good care of myself. More time to exercise is needed. I am flexible, not very critical, appreciate manners, good behaviour and cleanliness. I do not react badly to seeing someone a little rough from being outdoors for whatever reason. Relatives are important, so I would like to get along with yours if things progressed between us. Mix well socially and am accustomed to a comfortable life. I am looking for a fun quality man to be proudly happy to be with for life, who is a real man, a strong man with vision.