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Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. looking to attract person with same qualities, single or widower,respect for animals and other people.Non smoker, non drinker.Prefer someone with nature based faith but not necessary.
Must have own car as I have mine and an income.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. "There are many things in life that will catch your eye... but ONLY a few will catch your HEART". There are 5 languages of love... do you know what they are? Yes two is better then one!! Looking to Network and possibly finding my best friend or the best thing that ever happened to me. Follow Your Heart and Dreams!!
I do not live by the Sun Signs although I am a Libra! I'm affectionate, genuine, honest and have a very health conscious life style! Also very outgoing, spontaneous, enjoy my own company, although time shared together would be a bonus. I'm very young at heart, selective, passionate with a great sense of humour... positive attitudes are very important, with communication & honesty being the key! I believe that sharing special moments together, creating lasting memories, and keeping the passion alive are important with lots of smiles and laughter! I am funny, vibrant, fun to be with, intelligent, strong enough to be supportive and a good communicator. I am whole in who I am. I don't need a man to complete me, looking for someone to enhance what I already have. Not into drama or lies and there can only be ONE... meaning, I am a one-man woman!
*Think sometimes we attract the wrong men/woman not really we only accept them!!* Abuse comes in many forms and in different ways. Then the honeymoon stage happens dont ever settle for less than what you deserve. Don't mean to preach just saying!!
I love dancing and listening to; The Blues, Rock, Jazz, Motown, some Country and relaxing to Solitudes of Nature are among some of my favorites. As for movies when I get the chance I do enjoy Comedies, Thrillers, Documentaries and the list goes on. My hobbies include Photography & Computer Graphics... creating in Photo Shop...

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. Fun, Love & Laughter, that's seems to be me these days.
I like walking, talking, sharing. Movies, easy cycling, music, & dancing. Kayaking, have only been out in a double. Loved it.
Family & friends are very much important to me.
Oh, I do love to travel.
Love sharing a kitchen w/a special man.
Love people & things that make me laugh.
Looking for a happy, healthy, fun, committed relationship, full of love, passion & compassion.

Meet someone special from Canada. Recently retired and starting a new chapter.
Family and friends are my anchor. Books, classic movies, theatre, music, travel - my simple pleasures (Follett's epics; and any Spielberg movie).
I have energy for two but you have to bring your own! I enjoy hiking, skating, xc skiing, curling and strength training (yes, nice girls can kick a little butt). My adventurous streak includes spending Oktoberfest in Munich (yummy); hiking Machu Picchu; wine tasting in Paris and snorkelling around the Galapagos Islands accompanied by one big amorous sea lion ... if you are looking for adventure I'm a vacation planner extraordinaire and 'fun' is the itinerary.
The things I know for sure is that laughter is a pre-requisite in any relationship; honesty is a must; small acts of kindness are essential; perfection is a personal opinion - sometimes just being OK is perfect; and when you find someone who connects you to the world you become someone different.
I look forward to taking some chances and seeing who's out there. I'm a firm believer in chemistry. Friends first.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I'm not a social butterfly. play life straight from the hip. like being outdoors as much as possible. want my man to hold me & be there for me as I will be for him. faith will lead me to my soulmate.

Meet a woman from Canada. I am happy go lucky and very happy to wake up in the morning and my fee touch the floor. I am very appreciative with what I have and what I have earned. I love a good sense of humour , people who like people.

. I love to laugh and tell jokes but am also realistic, love to go out and socialize and do many different things even though I may not be great at them. Feel compassion for those less fortunate and have joined a club to help people.
Mainly love to have a good time, not take our woes too seriously but do talk through the serious issues if they impact on either currently. Love to talk and am interested in most people.
Am proud of my teaching at the college and my on line courses and always in everyone's high regard but always having fun. I am still trying to figure how to do this on line Matching and have never done anything like it before. Have to be patient with me until I can do so.

. I'm a widow, the mother of a young adult, self employed, & close to retirement. I'm emotionally & spiritually spunky, delight in a good debate, & am inspired by Stephen Lewis, Muhamed Yunis, The Dalai Lama & Yo Yo Ma.
I enjoy clarinet quartets, hummingbirds, desert sunrises & linguistically satisfying humour.
I value the practice of love & the creation of bridges. e.g. between children & adults, men & women, & nations in conflict.
When I retire I hope to rest, play, travel, spend time with family & friends & contribute in a small way to peace-building & sustaining the planet.
I'm looking for someone who shares my interests, values and pleasures...someone who, given the state of the world, is up for sharing the skills, knowledge and wisdom he's acquired to contribute to society in some small way. (Given there's so much need,there's lots to choose from and it might as well be satisfying) He would want to balance that with rest, play, travel and fun .
I hope to find some one with whom I can laugh lots, cry occasionally and weather well the ups and downs of life.

. I'm 15 years old and absolutely love my aunt. I really want her to find a man who will treat her well and put a smile upon her face. I'm hoping to find her someone who has good taste, a warm heart and good morals. In life, she is most passionate about her friends, family and helping anyone she can. I've spoken to her about what she's looking for in a relationship and she is seeking a long term man in her life who will share her zest for life. She has a great sense of humour and loves a man with a funny bone. Myself, her family and all her friends would describe her as a passionate women who loves to live life to the fullest making everyone around her a little bit brighter. I think it's about time someone did something nice for her which is why we've discussed this site. A great man in her life is what she deserves.

. For me this is the hardest part of completing this profile. I am confident in my abilities and in general have a very positive outlook on life but I rarely put pen to paper and describe what my feelings are or what I am really like.
The friends I have are very dear to me and have been in my life for many years. If they had to describe me they would probably say I was very independent, totally comfortable with where I am at but open to new adventures. I have a quick smile, laugh easily but cry at sad movies. In my younger years I was an avid world traveller and I have now reached a stage in my life where once again the travel bug is luring me to explore new places.
I do not need a whirl wind of activity to keep me happy and content. Just enjoying the simple things in life with the right person is always high on my list of things I love to do. Good food, great wine, dancing, music, the outdoors, sailing and sitting cuddled up by the fire are also high on the list.
What am I looking for in a friend or companion? Honesty, openess and confidence in ones self. You should be comfortable in old ratty blue jeans riding your motorcycle or attending a ball in a tuxedo. To build any kind of a relationship it takes physical attraction, mental compatability and lots of communication. In my world romance is not dead and it is a two way street.
If you are still reading this profile perhaps you fit the bill?

. I currently live in the country and for the time being am happy here. I was blessed with a long and happy marriage so I know what it is like to just enjoy being in the company of your best friend. Life can be a roller coaster but my philosophy is to put your hands in the air, lean into the curves and hang on for the ride. I am a hard worker, do not like day time TV & am a glass is 1/2 full type. Turn offs for me include negativity, shopping, arrogance, couch potatoes and smoking.
I just turned 62, but am young in both body and mind. I love laughing (I am the first to laugh at myself) and having a good time. Exploring the country side in a vehicle or on horseback is one of my favourite things to do. I prefer taking back roads and riding new trails always wondering what is around the next corner. I love being a couple, having your heart skip a beat when you see him in a crowded room even though you have been together for years. Enjoying each other's company whether you are traveling the world, sitting in a cabin in the wilderness, sipping a glass of wine and watching the sun set over a lake or just being quiet but together. I also enjoy my own time, I do not expect my partner to share all my interests and vice versa. I am happiest in jeans but like to dress up and head out on the town every now and then. Although I consider myself an outdoor type I am also a homebody. My bucket list is long and seems to be getting longer, I want to enjoy and experience all that life has to offer. I am financially secure. I am a one man woman.
You are independent, fit, active, easy going, secure and allot of fun. You are also motivated, do not have a quick temper and are a man without the burden of a large ego. You consider your partner your equal and are monogamous.. A love of the outdoors is very important. You enjoy socializing but are also happy to just stay home. IYou are tall, dark and handsome. Just kidding, but you take pride in your appearance.
Do I think its possible to find one's soul mate twice in one's life, yes I do but I think it will happen when I least expect it.

. I am an honest, trustworthy, generous and very loyal partner and I would like him to be the same.
He should also have a good sense of humour, lots of patience for me my family and my grand kids.
I love children. I certainly do not want more kids of my own, considering my age it's impossible anyways and will leave that task to my kids and enjoy the grand kids instead.
Everything has a price, if you want something badly enough, work at it.

. janitor self employed works nights love horses grandkids and dogs camping . looking for just quiet times some one who will take me as I am not judge me or my family. some one who has a good sense of humor enjoys the simple things in life.

. I am an honest, respectful and fun-loving person.
I am there for friends & family, whether it be for a good time or a crisis. Going out for dinner and socializing with friends is something that I enjoy. I also love to garden.
My ideal vacation would be to travel across Canada and see it all!
I am grateful for my children & grandchildren.
I am new to this so just looking to meet someone who has similar interests.

. Hi! Now that I am retired from formal working life, I'm enjoying life in a new way! Life is full and rewarding, and wouild be complete with the addition of someone to share some time, laughs, conversation, mutual interests and who-knows-what, with.
I am a "kid" at heart and love to play, have fun and laugh. Also have a serious and thoughtful side. Like everyone, I have been through some interesting life experiences and have come out having learned a lot and with a positive attitude in the present and looking very forward to the future.
The man I hope to connect with will be someone who sees "the glass half full" and also enhanced by thier own life experiences versus bogged down by them. I am interested in those who are independent, have strong interpersonal skills, are comfortable in a variety of settings, are kind, genuine and have a good sense of humour. A sense of fun and adventure is also appreciated as well as attention to living a healthy lifestyle, and being active in a variety of ways.
I think I bring those qualities to a relationship and a few more. Hopefully you might find out what those are and like what you discover.