Date women from Canada / British Columbia, 64 year old

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Subjective questions are always the toughest for me. Basically I'm tired of doing everything alone. I believe an appropriate partner would make live richer. Shared sorrow is mollified, shared joy is enhanced. Please be smart, innovative, funny, motivated, and HAPPY.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am very difficult and demanding, I need to be saved by a heroic man who is also willing to financially support me. I hope you like kids because I have lots. I also have about 20 cats and 3 pet ferrets. They don't smell as bad as you think.

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I've been told that I'm warm hearted, kind (almost to a fault) and have a great sense of humor.
I love rock and roll, country rock, and some of the older music (like the Rat Pack era).
I enjoy travelling, and it would be great to do it with someone who enjoys meeting people of different cultures.
It's sometimes to just drive somewhere to just see the sights in your own back yard.
Sometimes I like to just stay home, cook, watch a movie and just veggie out. I do enjoy going out for dinner at times.
I like playing card games
If you have any other question just let me know.
I would like to meet someone who is financially sound, kind, good sense of humor and warm hearted with patience.

Meet someone special from Canada. I love life and am always looking for different ways to experience it fully. I enjoy music, dancing, cooking, reading, working out, yoga, walking, hiking, live theatre, movies, hanging out wtih friends, travelling, helping others, being with family and friends.
I am proud of my children, and of what I did in my profession in the past.
I am looking for someone to be my passion, and me theirs. I want to laugh with you, share the simple joys of life with you, be friends, get to know your friends and family and you mine. I am a compassionate, kind, loving and passionate person and I hope I can find that in you. I know and appreciate that there is " a crack in everything and that's how the light gets in".
UPDATED: What is it with some men in their 60's, do they all think that all women in their age group are old and decrepid? I have seen so many men now in their 60's requesting women in their 40's and 50's, or up to 60 but not beyond. Do you know men that there are lots of women out there, like me, who are healthy, in good shape, fun to be with, and sexy?

Date a soulmate from Canada. My outgoing, friendly, smiling personality gets me into interesting situations. With my recent move to Penticton, I am serious about sharing the next adventure wine tasting, touring, exploring, creating a garden, laughing, cooking together, renovating or designing a home project. I am very creative and enjoy trying new things, foods, places and people. I am passionate and also compassionate. Honesty and respect are important to me. I am grateful to have a wonderful daughter who makes me proud to be a mother and best friend. My friends and co-workers would say my positive energy makes a difference in their lives.

Meet a woman from Canada. I have a gypsy soul and am at home wherever I land. My friends would say I am determined, generous, loyal, strong, funny. I love sand, sea and palm trees. I am passionate about animal welfare. I am non-judgmental. I am fortunate to have some very good friends and am very easy to be around. I don't make demands and am grateful for whatever comes my way. I try to live every day as if it were my last. I see humour everywhere - some things are just funnier than others. I am looking for someone who might appreciate these traits.

. i love to travel whether overseas or within canada,
its all good! i have always worked in the public so
i enjoy talking to people. I would like to meet a fellow who is lots of fun. My social life is going for coffee with girlfriends, going to movies. a good joke makes me laugh. keeping the environment green and clean i am most passionate about.

. I am grateful for everyday and what it holds! Even a bad golf game is better than no golf game! I enjoy time with family and friends! I am looking for someone to share short road trips, extended winters in a sunny place!

. I am a lively, active, bright, emotionally balanced, young at heart and young looking person. I work full time, exercise regularly, eat sensibly, and take good care of myself. My friends consider me warm, compassionate, honest, loyal, and witty.
I was married for 34 years until my husband succumbed to cancer a few years ago.
I have a son, a daughter-in-law, and a little grandson who I love and am very proud of.
I hope to meet a gentleman who i will always be looking forward to spend time, share thoughts and affection with, and to laugh together. I believe that the wisdom acquired throughout my life experiences and my natural kindness will guide me in the process of building a mutually beneficial relationship with the like-minded person. I hope, one of you is that person...
All of the pictures posted here are recent, and I do look in real life very much like in those pictures

. First off- I live very close to downtown Victoria (Fairfield) so, I really don't know where Metchosin comes from.
I have been out of the dating scene for many years- having focused on my family and career. Now it's time for love. I'm looking for friendship and romance - someone who will become the love of my life. Honesty, integrity and a sense of humour are important. Family should be a high priority- yours and mine. I'm interested in your interests if they are different than mine, but know as well that it's OK to have some of our own. I'm looking for someone who lives close to Victoria.
I'm not as slim as I was in my gorgeous youth - but I'm sure that' s true for most of us. I am in excellent health. I am still working and very much looking forward to retirement. I am active in all areas- within my profession, practicing tai chi, walking, playing bridge and enjoying my kids and grandkids whenever I can. I've lived in Victoria for 11 years now and still have much exploring to do- it would be nice to do it with the right person. I love music- live or the alternative- I am a devoted Leonard Cohen fan and new fan of the opera. I enjoy food- especially shared and a glass of wine or single malt. I love reading as well-especially mysteries. That being said, I love the outdoors and feel privileged to live in such a special area. I have travelled although not nearly as much as I would like. Where next?

. My friends say that I am a great friend, loyal, honest, a giver, there for them. I have two adult daughters who I am very proud of and close to. I have a wide circle of wonderful friends with a variety of interests. Life makes me smile ~ I think I am also dedicated, caring and compassionate. Always willing to learn something new and never to old to change. I am young at heart and have a good amount of energy.
Happy with my life as it is however I know how nice it is to share certain things with someone special. It would be lovely to have someone to go for a drive with ending at a beach for a picnic and some relaxation; how about a trip someplace, or just sitting watching a movie together sharing popcorn, or cooking together ~ so many things that are nice to share.
I have been back at the gym regularly this year so it would be fun to have someone to work out with ~ maybe even attend a yoga class together ~ it is an all around good exercise and more men are seeing the benefits of it.

. I am a warm-hearted, caring woman, looking for a kind, health-conscious man who is a great listener, and fun to be with. I am a wonderful friend, enthusiastic, love learning and meeting new people. I am well- educated and appreciate the opportunities life has given to me. I appreciate family and love being a mother. My daughter is in her 20's and is at university in another province.
These values are important for me to live by: honesty, respect, acceptance, kindness and communication. I like to see the good and the strengths in each person.
You will find me to be a good listener and great company. I have been committed to personal growth work for many years and have taken many workshops and programs, hopefully to my benefit!
I view life as full of opportunities and sense it is important to be open to what life calls us to. Follow your heart!
I am very youthful and fit for my years and have tended to be quite independent. While I enjoy the quiet of my home and the freedom to do things by myself, I am ready to meet a special man to spend time with, have shared interests and have a more balanced life.
I am ready to have some fun and will be happy to meet for coffee or a walk along a beach.

. I am a peaceful, grounded, humorous, caring, honest, loving and an independent black woman, who loves to smile at children, my own and others' silliness, birds singing outside my window and the first day of spring. My dream is to be an inspirational speaker. I am currently writing a book with multiple writers who align with my dream. I am grateful for my health and that I am blessed. I honor the person I am being. I communicate well and can always see the funny side of things. I am passionate about life and I live it to the fullest. I believe that it is never too late to pursue your dream and I am always open to new and wonderful experiences. My intention is never to get between a man and his hockey, boat, car and other toys. I, too, love to play.
I am hoping to attract a man who does not need anyone to complete him. He is at peace with himself and he likes who he is . He is honest, caring, loving, generous and he communicates well. He loves to travel, dance, walk, the Arts, sports etc. and wants to share life's journey with someone who is equally complete. He can allow his woman to be in her stuff without having to fix her. He lives his dream and wants a woman to hold his dreams in her heart, while he hold hers. I know you are out there, so take a huge leap of faith and lets have coffee/tea.

. I am most passionate about learning - and my areas of interest are boundless. I'm a great reader and writer, love to home make and cook, and to walk by the ocean, or anywhere there is beauty. I believe in supporting young people to achieve their goals, in mentoring and sharing the wealth. Over the years, I've also learned the beauty of relaxation too, and I do more of that now. I love to visit my family, and I love my work too. I always have a goal I'm munching away on, and so far, I have achieved each one. I've always admired risk takers. I respect those who are awake and interested and willing to consider new ideas. I've often thought I'd be happy with a retired journalist or researcher who loved to chat about his work, someone who is still actively contributing to the world and who is proud of his life and I am of mine. A few years ago I took a swing dance course as an alternative to feeling like a gerbil on a treadmill, and it was a lot of fun. I also volunteered on a help line for years, as an alternative to going to church. I believe in love and in personal responsibility, and I am amazed at the mystery of life, synchronistic organization I do not claim to understand. I'm looking for someone who also has a life he is proud of.

. My friends describe me as a warm, compassionate and a loving person. I like long walks and long talks over coffee or on picnic grounds. I would like to meet someone, who would hold my hand in assurance that all's fine and one who would be as gentle as a guy could be. And most of all, an intelligent person.