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Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am a very youthful 64 year-old who loves meeting new people and finding new experiences. But at the same time my long-time friends and family are important to me. I'm outgoing and extroverted and have a great curiousity for what the world has to offer. In recent years my travels have given me the desire to explore more countries and experience their cultures - 3 days in Venice left me wanting to spend a couple of weeks motoring around Italy - mingling, eating the food, drinking the wine and enjoying the history - the same with the day in Paris - the Eurostar from London is great for a one day trip - and London is one of my favourite cities.
I am a warm, caring and affectionate woman and can always be counted on when I commit to something. A love of laughter, a positive (cup half-full) attitude, spontaneity and a dry and subtle sense of humour are definitely characteristics of my personality. Since I always learn from my experiences, I am ready for the best relationship of my life - could that be you?
I enjoy volunteering in the community in a variety of events. Golfing has become part of my summer activities - but I certainly will never be really good - it's the fun and comraderie that counts! Plays, art openings, music, theatre, dinners out and just socializing with my friends and meeting new people - all make life interesting. Cooking and entertaining - what a great way to spend time with my friends. I dont' buy season's tickets but I can get into attending or watching a football, hockey or baseball game if the opportunity arises - I didn't go to an athletic university for nothing!
If you are a tolerant person and are open to new experiences and cultures, you are my kind of guy. No photo - sorry, no response.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. well hear we go... i'm self employed and single. lookig for someone special to spend some significant time with. i'm white of austrian decent. like hugs andkisses. lots of time outdoors . i'm clean and tidy.

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I'm friendly, active, enjoy playing pool and dancing in the winter, camping and fishing during the rest of the year. I'm looking for an active easy going guy who is open to new adventures, one who still has some fire. I'm quite independant and will go and do things on my own but it would be so nice to share the adventure with a partner.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Very giving person with a huge heart. Have to keep my independance within a relationship. A mother and grandmother (who gets mistaken for the mother). Friendships are very important to me and I am very loyal to friends and family. I have a circle of amazing friends who are always "there" for me whenever and I cherish everyone of them. I have a very close relationship with my family and feel very strongly that without the unconditional love and support of family, one's life is less than complete. I have no time for any kind of abuse from anyone, especially a partner. Respect goes both ways...don't expect it if you don't give it. Appreciate a man who "acts" his age...meaning no temper tantrums or controlling personalities. Have a low threshold point for those that lie. Love surprises (good ones)! It's never about the gift...but the thought behind the gift. I am not a materialist person and shopping for myself is a chore! Love to get gifts for others though. Enjoy my home (and it is a home...not just a house), but love to travel and experience other cultures. I'm not a big meat eater, but not a vegan either. Love Indian, Italian, Mexican, French, Japanese, Ukranian/Polish and Greek food. The less greasy, the better! Can't drink red wine for the life of me but enjoy a glass of white wine now and then with dinner. Coffee is only now and then, but I love green tea. Love the theatre and movies and walks by the ocean. Enjoy an evening out and dressed up or just sitting and watching TV. I'm a nurturer, plain and simple. But I am not a "Wendy"! Peter Pans are not welcome! I am a giver more than a receiver in all aspects. Conflict drives me crazy but I'm always up for a positive challenge.

Date a woman from Canada. Hi,
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.
I truely believe that life would be so much nicer with a life partner but unless one magically apprears in my life magically i will take a chance with this media.
I know that most profiles one reads seem to be the same, creative soul mate wanted to wisk one away but no one says hay do you know how to get the cat hair out of the keyboard?
I have the life skills that comes from the highs and sad lows that we all experience over time that have made me what I am today. I am honest,realiable,organized,creative,adventurous,ne
ver been in jail, and seldon lie, I like white wine, micro beer, the annual Sturgis Motorcycle rally, driving back roads,photography, caring about the environment, and so much more.
I do not enjoy going to the mall but if it is an outdoor artsy anything count me in. I feel that it is important to take the time to enjoy others creativity from a giant sandcastle to a painting one can not quite understand.It would be so nice to share my hobbys with yours.
I think we should all take the time to be simply silly, there is too much overload of evil in the world. So splashing in tidel pools while laughing at nothing and everything while holding hands sounds heavenly.
I raised my married son on my own so enjoy spending time with him and his family when I can.I so enjoy having my 1st grandchild.
I have been on my own for a number of years. I do know that being in a loving committed relationship that is built on friendship first is so very important.
I belive in giving back to my community through volunterism.
I do have osteoarthrist with most of my joints replaced so I can not do sports but most certainly can cheer you and your favouite team on. I use a walker and cane to help me walk depending on what I am doing.
I enjoy reading mystery novels, writting what i call rambles,crafting,exploring new places and learning always.When out on drives I love to see what is out there to explore just around the bend in the road. You just never know what one might find from the simply beauty of a deer to an old barn that time forgot.
I enjoy tv with mystery cop shows topping my list along with HBO.I am not interested in late night talk shows.
I am an out going woman who is very active in an international organization for gals that is all about friendship and fun.
I have a number of tattoos that are mostly florals.
I am looking for a gent who is still not angry with their ex, has strong communitie ties and for them it is family 1st not their job if possible. I like mustaches.
He knows that it takes time,communication, patience and laughter to make any relationship work.
I live my life with honor,respect, positivity and try not to be too much of a negative soul/ bitch at times.
I do not like people who are negative,always critical of things, cling to past, have huge bellies,hunt for the fun of it not survival,are dirty,have low self esteme, expect someone else to "take" care of them and their belongings or are addicted to anything that damages your body.
Remember age is just a number it is your positivity and smile that attracts others..
"A good man is handy during the day. But for rock-ing my nights,I'll take a bad man every time." lol

Meet someone special from Canada. I have spent much of my life caring for others and now that my 'children' are grown with families of their own it's time for some attention to 'me'. I value time spent with family and friends. I like to be around others but also enjoy just sitting quietly enjoying the wonders of where we live.
I like to travel and see new things - whether it is an hour away or across the country. There is always something new to see and learn.
A sense of humor is important. Laughter is indeed the best medicine and one must be able to laugh at oneself as well.
I'm not very good at writing about myself so if you want to know more about me please be in touch.

. My family is at the top of my list followed by many solid friendships. I am a happy, sincere and trustworthy soul with a positive outlook on life along with a good sense of humor. Having pursued an awesome career in the world of travel, I was very fortunate to visit many parts of the globe, reside overseas and meet some beautiful people throughout my journey. I anticipate more travel via cruising in particular. I have always held a keen interest in the world of interior design. Exercise is a daily ritual and I am always receptive to learning something new.
I would like to begin a new chapter in my life with a casual relationship with someone who would share similar sentiments along with a zest for life. What a pleasure if there is a romantic connection. If not, then hopefully a meaningful friendship could be enjoyed.
Hopefully he would appreciate music, theater, the big screen, as well as dining in/out and the simple pleasures of life. I love all food (except fast food) but seafood is a big favorite! My taste buds dictate healthy food choices for the most part. I strive to maintain good health and happiness on a daily basis.
As I am not interested in a long distance relationship, I would be wasting your time.
I would particularly enjoy hearing from you if you reside in the Vancouver/Surrey, BC (Canada) area.
Rather than "winks", I would much prefer words if only a few........along with photos please.
Sorry but I am unable to be around a smoker.

. Morning is my favourite time of the day. With my freshly-brewed coffee in hand, I sit at a living room window where I can look out at the forest. I write in my journal, read poetry (Rumi, David Whyte, Wordsworth, Walt Whitman, Mary Oliver - to name a few). Sometimes listen to CBC Radio 2. Write some lines of poetry or rework a poem I am currently writing. Most days I spend time in meditation. I try to bring mindfulness into most of my day's activities. The peacefulness of the morning is carried throughout my day.
I am blessed to be retired. My days are filled with varied and rewarding activities. I walk and hike my favourite trails on the North Shore, meet with friends or family, volunteer in many organizations, meet with a great group in a poetry circle, explore new neighbourhoods, finish a Sudoku or cryptic crossword in a favourite coffee shop (preferably one with a view), take a new course at SFU continuing education, talk about great ideas with others.
I have done a great deal of personal growth work and know myself well. I strive to be authentic in the world and let go of defences that haven't served me well. I would like a partner who wants the same - to be real and to communicate and share all that he thinks and feels.
When I travel, you will find me in an art museum, a grand cathedral, walking in old ruins, strolling the local streets, meeting new people, learning about the history and culture of the area. My favourite places are in Europe - Switzerland, France, Italy, Great Britain. My next trip will likely be to Norway, a country of some of my ancestry. In addition, I love to explore this beautiful country and province on road trips.
Kindness and integrity are the ideals that I live by. My life is a constant evolution towards insight and compassion.
I would like to meet a man who is passionate about his life and lives with integrity and wonder. Are you on a spiritual journey - do you have more questions than answers? I have no ideal of physicality, only that you be attractive to me. Would love to travel, go camping,explore the world with a partner.

. My closest friends find me caring, fun and generious.
I'm a very social person active in the community. I'm retired and love to travel. I'm looking for someone that has hobbies but still has time for me.

. like talk about sport drink beer wacht tv caressing walk in the on sunny day like nusdist small gay same me ma life retire 65 in weeklike meet some body like me and can put me happy and do the same on my side

. I am outgoing and almost always wear a smile. I instruct clog dancing as a hobby and the many friends I have connected with through dancing say I am fun loving and have a great sense of humor. Dancing keeps me fit and I dance almost everyday of the week in many different styles. However I do like my down time when I will go for walks with my friends, read books, garden and visit family.
I try to eat right and prefer to be a vegetarian and would like someone with the same health interests.
Although I do not belong to any religion I feel I am spiritual by trying to be kind to others and nature. We are here to enjoy life but need to respect and appreciate that this earth belongs to all and future generations.
I love a man who is warm and romantic, with a good sense of humor and treats me with respect.
Although I respect animals and most of my donations go to animal charities, I am not fond of living with pets, especially dogs.
I am thankful for my good health and my comforts of home and especially my wonderful supportive family and friends.
Most music moves me and makes me happy so dance like no one is watching.

. Attractive, fun loving with a sense of humor. Love to be busy - hate being bored! I lead a comfortable, enjoyable life but would love to have someone to share it with who is smart, humorous, good natured and kind hearted. Enjoy yoga, skating, skiing, walking, reading and learning. Recently achieved Reike Master status and now enrolled in Shiatsu and Accupressurs courses and hope to open my own practice. Most recent vacation - Cuba last spring, next destination - hopefully Greece! I am considered by most that know me to be honest, open, down to earth and easy going although I do like dressing up and 'doing the town' once in a while!

. I think I am a caring person, I help out my family whenever needed. I am generally a happy person and do smile on a regular basis. I am proud of my career and grateful for my health and the health of my family. Without health we have nothing. I would be looking for someone who loves the outdoors. LIkes to go for walks and would think about going south for awhile in the winter. I think.
My job takes most of my time, do not have much of a social life but I hoping retirement will change that.
I go out for lunch or dinner with my co-workers once in awhile.

. I am looking for a man who loves young children as I have two. We are an active family...Love the outdoors, movies, theatre, music and we include one another in almost everything we do. If you feel you could fit in, then let's hear from you!

. Iam a very strong woman,with a very gentle warm side.
Even though life has dealt me Lemons at times , i have learned to make great Lemon-aid ang laught at myself. I am grateful for my family my job for the great health I enjoy.I want to share my life with people that are in the same mind set as I find myself to-day. meeting new people is my goal!
no mind games please , just be yourself and feel good about your skin.
I am most passionate about family friends and animals, I love music. I am so ready to explore new beginings ,are you for me???