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Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Choosing the possibility of venturing into the exclusive realm of a soulmate partnership to continue this amazing adventure in life to its most impossible and joyful conclusion.
I am a modern mix of existentialism existing in a traditional and spiritual structure.
By no means passive, but seeking someone who doesn't mind initiating contact nor initiating advancing to a higher plane within a traditional framework.
The most appealing attributes you offer will be your heart that hears without speaking, your mind that feels without fearing, and your character chiselled from a life challenged by mortal encumbrances not resisted.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Hi, please allow me to be completely candid. Neither of us wants to waste precious time on misrepresentation or desperate words to secure a positive result.
I would be so grateful to meet a nice man who is still living life, can laugh at himself, and is not looking for a caregiver or someone to support him in the manner he wants to live. A man who is intelligent but not necessarily Einstein. A man who is curious and wants to see more of this large fabulous world. A man who can be gentle and caring but who also creates an atmosphere of safety. A man with integrity and character.
I still feel! I want to do all the things a woman of 40 desires. Some may say I forgot to grow up and I agree. I have raised my children but I am not dead or waiting for the next stage.
My frown and laugh lines are a result of living. I am a forever romantic but also a realist.
I like to drive fast, sit quietly and record nature, be near the water. I am happy in stilettos or holding a fishing rod. I will not shoot an animal or bird. I love eclectic taste for most genres. I am very competent in the kitchen and value my home, family and friends.
Truth and Loyalty are paramount. No smokerРІР‚в„ўs please.
Sunday morning between the linens with a fun companion, great cup of coffee and the New York Times!
Are you out there? Can you share yourself?

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. Love the ocean,nature and nice caring people.
Love spending time with my family and grandchildren.
I enjoy boating,swimming,sports,music,dancing,
the arts,photography,gardening and love to cook.
I have been to Australia Mexico,Hawaii etc.
Also spent alot of time in Europe,where I was born.
I lived in this beautiful country since 1955. Love swimming in lakes,ocean,pools and taking trips into the country.
Love people with HUMOUR and a great SMILE
The grand essentials of happiness are:
Something to do,something to love and something to hope for.
We come to love not by finding a perfect person,but by learning to see an imperfect
person perfectly.

Meet someone special from Canada. Im very friendly . sense of humor , easy to get along , pretty, , sincere jolly , loving , jokes makes me smile , good relationship makes me Happy , being thoughtfull makes me attract and personality , not much good looking is okey . possibly Industrious , sincere, , and looking for companionship and possible committment relationship

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am loyal, honest (to a fault), forthright, assertive, confident, independent, energetic, curious.....
Love to travel, explore, be spontaneous.....have never set a goal in my life!
Interested and passionate about any number of issues....politics, international affairs, markets, economies, finance etc.
Love game I have ever played!
Love movies, books (have always belonged to a book club)

Meet a woman from Canada. I'm soft spoken, gentle of heart and affectionate. When I feel comfortable with someone, I am an open book. There are times when I like to be alone enjoying my solitude, and other times when I must be with people, watching and conversing with them, being up front and sometimes personal. I am curious about different cultures and nature, to ever be bored. Browsing unique shops, picking through flea markets searching for treasure perhaps, can be fun but something I haven't done for a while. Reading a good book, listening to music, enjoying a glass of Merlot or simply watching a good movie with a bowl of popcorn, is my way of relaxing. When I am restless,and weather permitting, I garden or take long walks. Other times I bake or cook something special. Entertaining friends and family with dinner parties or bbq's is a must. Charity work is also high on my list and I try not to miss an opportunity to be of encouragement to the less fortunate. Then there is the country air and all the many fragrances that beckon to me. I love being near or on the ocean. I live pretty close to the ocean and like to walk the beaches as much as possible. As far as exercise goes, the walking and gardening and keeping my home up to my standards is about it but realizing every day the benefits of an exercise program. I do enjoy watching sports like hockey, baseball and football whether it be on TV or live. I haven't been on a cruise which is something that I must do, but I would like to experience that with someone I trust and love, someone who will always be there, looking out for me. What could be better than that. No one gets through this life without having to deal with sorrow, or battle through stormy times. I have had my share along with the victories and failures. But I have also had many blessings and joys of which I wouldn't change - not one. ( well maybe one ) Being single (for the past 7 years) has it's perks but I know it is not for me. I've made some wise business choices, years past, which now allows me time to do what I want and when I want, within reason, enjoying every moment as it comes, and I believe I deserve it! Be it by air, ship or shore I want to do more traveling. My family, friends and pets, give me much contentment and happiness for the most part, but never the less, to laugh, to love, to cuddle, and to share pleasures with someone you care deeply for, is long overdue. This I know, love isn't only a feeling but also an action, which sometimes speaks louder than words. The following may turn you off, and so be it, and that is to say that I am a Christian and believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Savior and I purpose everyday to walk the talk and even though I am not always successful I know He loves me, beyond my understanding and is faithful to forgive, when I ask. I covet integrity, truthfulness, faithfulness, openess, humour and laughter.

. I am independent, loyal and stubborn. Easy going and compromising, I am happy and self assured. I appreciate life and all it offers. I stay busy with hobbies, crafts and friends.
I have a great group of friends who I can count on. I enjoy new friendships and challenges. Chemistry is very important to me so let's see if we have any.
Mine is not a better way, mine is but another way. (CWC)

. I am an achiever and a good leader. I'm hoping to attract a man who has great achievements and leadership so that we may share the same interest in life. I'm also looking for a man who is caring
affectionate, and a good conversationalist

. Family and trusted friends mean everything to me. I have a strong bond with my daughter. Life makes me smile. I like to take time to enjoy a coffee and conversation,smell the flowers, sit by the lake watch the sun rise and set.

. Myself; happy, like to learn, not very serious, work hard at the things I'm interested in and not so much with housework, etc
Looking for; good person who enjoys life, dependable
Grateful for; health, home, job, family, country

. Friends say I am warm, funny and loving - that's good because it is how I feel. I appreciate a sense of humour in a companion, as well as a sense od=f community.
Although I'm not a great golfer, I love the game ad am continually trying to improve, but the biggest aspiration is to have fun and enjoy being outdoors in good company!
I love to travel, have been some neat places, but would also like to learn more about the Lower Mainland, as I am relatively new here.
My family is a very important aspect in my life, with one grandchild and another on the way. Our get-togethers are very lively and very important to all of us!!
Seeking a companion, maybe more, with a good heart and soul!

. I am an honest, easy going, independent lady.I don't play golf. I like camping, hiking, swimming I would really like to find a partner, who is, adventurous and would like to travel to warm safe country's during our winter months.I like cycling, I would like a partner to try cycling. If you don't like cycling that is O,k I would like a man that is content with himself, family, work, and takes pride in himself and his family.

. Think i am an interesting person with a fair amount of intelligence...enjoy interacting in many areas, enjoy laughing and appreciating the other person in my life. Have what i think is a good sense of humourand am always ready and willing to help out my neighbour if necessary.

. My friends describe me as a positive and proactive person. I bring energy all around me. I must say that having all of my three children happily married and successful gives me so much joy. I want to attract a person who is kind, energetic, creative, ambitious and versatile and must love family life. Smiling, laughing and being myself is a part of me. The other part is learning, setting goals, adventures, and high risk taker would describe me as well. My significant other would be a good listener and communicator as well. Passion in life is what brings us alive. I love learning and sharing and adventures.

. Family, friends and my faith are very important to me and hopefully to you as well. I'm very adventurous-love to travel and experience the customs and people of a particular region. I love to dance,enjoy most sports (golf/tennis/sailing) and enjoy soaking up the sun on a secluded beach. I don't believe in wish lists but core values go without saying-honesty,integrity and faithfulness! Hopefully we enjoy some common interests and chemistry of course (on many levels)! Someone who doesn't take life too seriously-can laugh at themselves and make the most of a bad sitiation.