Date men and women from Canada / Manitoba

Date single boy from Manitoba, Canada. I'm a loyal faithful asian guy, i want to find a very simple hot girl in the area, cause i'm new in this area, I wanna make friends with others. I'm funny, kind, loyal, and stuffs. And i'm hoping to find some serious mature relationship right now. That's all.

Meet a soulmate from Manitoba, Canada. im looking for a relationship with someone im hoping for it to be a serious relationship to, hanging out with friends always brings me a smile even if im having a horrible day. i love to just go for walksor a run and stuff like that just makes me happy. if i was to ask my closest friend to describe me they would say that im crazy but thats only because im really hyper and have lots of energy, im very sporty and i love music, i play drums and alitle guitar and piano.

Date men and women from Manitoba, Canada. My friends say im fun to be around. I like to excercise daily and alwyas be in shape.
Travelling is what i always want to do. I dont force my plans on people and i try to accomodate other.
I would want some girl to date, etc.. who is funny and beautiful. The first time i look at her, she strikes a cord in my heart with all that beauty of hers.

Meet a guy from Manitoba, Canada. I skateboard and would love to meet someone who likes skateboarding. Someone who's not afraid to have fun. Someone who likes trying something new. Has an interest in music and movies, and someone who's romantic

Date a boy from Manitoba, Canada. My dream girl is the one that makes me want to wake up every morning beside her and makes me feel things that no body could, I want this to be a fun relationship, i want someone to have fun with and to spend alot of time with. I hope to find you...

Meet someone special from Manitoba, Canada. Some people call me crazy or stupid but I do what I think is fun or the right thing to do in my eyes. My friends like to sit around and do nothing and I want more.. I want to have fun and party:) I love to drive snowboard and party

Date people from Manitoba, Canada. I am a funny guy, very sarcastic. My friends tell me I am bright, but I am a simple man. I am not very picky, and I like to meet new people, and I enjoy many things in life :) I am looking for someone who can understand me, and I can have a good talk with, be it a laugh or serious

Meet single boy from Canada. i am honest, helpful and trustworthy person and looking for a nice non-smoker girl. i think my close friends can describe me better than me . thats all i would say about me :)..........................

Date a soulmate from Canada. what makes me smile is a girl with a good sense of humor and that can joke around, and im shy at first but i aint shy for long, im looking for a long lasting relationship with a true a loyal girl, and i would love the women to be nice to my family and would love to meet my mother :)

Meet men and women from Canada. I'm nice,caring,sweet,Flirty,looking for the right girl,I had a lot of bad experience with love and relationships so yeah, I hate liars&cheaters &players if you're one then don't talk to me, I'm a nervous guy, I love hanging out,playing soccer and basketball and biking.
I'd love to date a girl that is serious as am I, sweet, caring, loving, that'd love me for me, that will always stand by my side even if I'm wrong, that'd tell me if I did something wrong but not freaking out at me, that would remember me how I'm for her when I'm mad or sad, that'd shut down her phone when she's with me just to focus on me, that'd be proud she's mine and that'd say to ppl here's my bf or my love not he's just my friend, that'd worry about me when I'm sick, that'd show me her love all the time,that'd not give me less than what I give her anyways have a good day and if you have this personality and you're from Winnipeg then message me or Kik me

Well I'm 18 and in university at University of Manitoba and am going to be applying to kenesiology, and my long term career goal is to obtain my csep-cpt or csep-cep, and then apply to a chiropractor or physio graduate school.
Most important things to me are friends, family, laughing, smiling, being healthy, and enjoying life as it comes. I would love to do more travelling in the future as well.
I like hanging with friends, trying newthings, watching sports, working out. I like a lot of diff things, anything really.
I have a house now just off Pembina Hwy and Bishop Granden. Im back in Wpg July 1st.
I grew up an hour north of winnipeg in rural manitobaup Hwy 6, and I like being in the city now, but I still love my hunting, fishing, shooting guns, off roading, and everything country.
I am also with the Canadian Forces Army Reserves in a medical unit, but I'm not to sure where that is goin yet. I also am working with special needs and vulnerable people for work, sounds like its a long term job. I also currently work at a daycare with pre-schoolers. I will also be doing some volunteering over the next year. But that pretty much sums up who I am for now.
Relationship wise: For hanging out and stuff like that I dont care the age, but for dating I want from 18-20 years old preferably. But I'm pretty open to anything at all, but lookin for someone respectful, and open to new things. Also, someone who likes to talk and listen but still can have a good laugh (good sense of humour is HUGE) and some fun. I'm not going to break down what I am looking for anymore because if we all had a huge list of exactley our dream person, most of us would still be looking right?
But if hanging out or talking leads to just friendship or to a relationship its all cool to me. Just wherever it ends up is where it ends up :)

Meet a boy from Canada. Am looking for some that does n `t like being alone all of the time. I want some that will make me smile and some that will all be interested in my life and to hear more about me and my friends. I like some that like traveling to go visit other cites. Like a person that kinda like being around people and loves watching sports

Date someone special from Canada. I'm my own person. And while not easily influenced by others, I am willing to try almost anything at least once. I enjoy not only my personal successes, but those of people closes to me. I often express myself through music, though not through playing, but rather listening.

Meet people from Canada. I like fast cars big trucks, camping, wakeboarding,fishing, .I'm going to school to become a automotive technician. Favorite car company is Ford. I love to just sit back and watch a movie. And I feel like 200 words is a lot to type

. I'm 18 years old and am a very hard working guy. I love my family and friends, and enjoy spending time with them. My mother is a wonderful person and everyone loves her, and I do take after her! :) I just want to meet people I can hang out and relax with, but go out and be adventurous at the same time.