Date men and women from Canada / New Brunswick

Date people from New Brunswick, Canada. Hey! Le'ts start with the basics - I'm 18 right now, and just finished my first year of university at St. Thomas University. I'd say that I'm pretty adventurous (though cautious) - I like going into the unknown every now and then. I also like getting together with friends and filming little short films. I love scriptwriting; I'm planning on going to Toronto in the near future to study the production of film and get into the business after fine-tuning my skills.
I like people that have a good level of understanding, can have fun/go adventuring (while being smart about it), and are pretty honest.
As far as a relationship goes (if it got there), I'd like it to have trust, honesty, understanding, and sensibility.
If I've piqued your interest and want to message me, then just do! Live in the now, why not?

Meet a boy from New Brunswick, Canada. im a fun loving guy, that loves outside no matter the weather, i may have said that im a social drinker but i have no problem with a party or two, i just want to find a girl that wants that one man, that one man being me by the way. i just want her to be happy, and for me to be happy with her

Date a soulmate from New Brunswick, Canada. MY Name is Richard McRick. I have 45 dogs and a cat named mittens. One day I would like to win the lottery, or not. Sometimes I take my car to playgrounds and offer candy to children's parents. If I could describe myself in two words I would definitely say "Carbon Based" but that's up for debate. I grew up in Saint John, NB and also "grew up" in Saint John, NB. My ideal first date would have to be going to a nude beach to see if you're hot when naked but I gotta wear my shirt because I'm uncomfortable with my chest hair, I don't have any.

Meet men and women from New Brunswick, Canada. I am a VERY honest person, who likes when other people are honest as well. I am very active and love sports. I would love to find a girl who also plays sports. I like to see things from a different perspective other than my own and am very open minded. I would love to find myself an athletic girl, and maybe one who has better paragraph structure than I do.

Date single boy from New Brunswick, Canada. I'm easy to talk to always listening and trying to help out, everything that isn't said can make me smile :) I am hoping to attract some one similiar to me. jokes and just random outburst of funny stuff my friends do make me laugh. And i'm most passionate about people who are close to me, who i can trust and people i want to be with.

Meet a guy from New Brunswick, Canada. Everybody has it's potential, everybody is worth being loved, and everybody is beautiful in his own way. Im a good boy or a bad boy that doesn't get cought and very few people know that side of me. If your curious, come find out more about me becuase there is too much to say. Also, im excited about knowing more about you! ;)

Date someone special from New Brunswick, Canada. in my own words i would say im a tad bit shy but once i start talking you often have a hard time keeping me quit. im kind respectful,honest,hard-worker,and patient.
i dont use drugs or smoke at all. ive been clean for 19 months.. i will have a beer once in a while..

Meet people from Canada. Im a very open person.Up for almost anything, ill try almost anything once. I enjoy being outdoors and hate wasting a nice day inside. Im looking for some chill who does their own thing and dosnt care what people may think.

Date a boy from Canada. I'm a Country Boy, born and raised in the Country, I love country music, rock and classic rock. I like hunting, playing video games, etc. I'm really a good guy to be around with, atleast that's what I think. And I don't let anyone get on my back.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm a outgoing guy, like to try new things, loves beings outside doing things like traveling, camping, LOVES BBQ:) , I'm a easy going , fun to be around funny guy. I work construction monday - saturday , if u want to know anything else, ask:)

Date men and women from Canada. I am looking for someone who is nice and caring. Someone who for all the right reasons would love someone and do everything they can to see it happen, as would I. I want someone who is happy and not always depressed.

Meet men and women from Canada. Im an easy going guy I love outgoing , people , who arent afriad to say whats on there mind , and to just be themselves. Im on ok looking guy i dont expect to find miss perfect, Just looking for some new friends , and maybe see what happens .

Date people from Canada. I love little differences. There are so many great people who don't fit in into society's ideal that we don't truly see people for what they are, but that's what makes people beautiful.
I'm a science student in university, but I have many other interests. I love music; I play guitar, sing, and I have been known to honk on the saxophone and jam. I enjoy watching good movies (sometimes the occasional awful one), and a good book can really leave me thinking.
Because I like the different, I really enjoy trying out new things. I crave new and exciting things, but I do take comfort in the familiar.
My ideal date would be a meal, whether at a restaurant or home-cooked, whereI would be able to learn more about you; learn about your goals, your dreams, your likes and dislikes. I want to have a strong emotional connection with you.
I am looking for a woman who is independent and knows what she wants. I want somebody who is passionate, who is adventurous, and who has a great sense of humour. I want somebody who is willing to open up and to be an honest person, and will accept all my little quirks.

Meet a boy from Canada. Well these are some of the things that best describe me. My first language is french, but my english isn't to bad. I like hockey, baseball going to the gym. I like going out with friends have a few drinks and a goodtime. on first that I would perfer going to dinner and a movie.

. To describe myself i would say im a good guy, i enjoy doing fun things, i love hockey , i like to get out and have fun, either on the town or outside doing other things such as fourwheeling , walks etc.