Date men and women from Canada / Northwest Territories

Date a guy from Northwest Territories, Canada. i love to play sports, watch the comedy, and work, then relax, i love to play video games whenever i can, i like to go on dates, i loove them asian womans that are very sexy and curvy, i would love to go on a date with anyone that are intredted

Meet a soulmate from Northwest Territories, Canada. In creating any on-line profile, there is always this phrase that I can't seem to really answer. "Describe Yourself." Many of my friends have multiple on-line profiles. In turn, I have to have a membership to a zillion "friendship" sites. A zillion because I have to "accept" it if I what to keep in touch. You would think that by now I should be an expert in writing a description about myself. This is the part where I am supposed to tell you how fabulous I am, right?
At first, to be on the safe side with the notion of wanting it to be brief, concise and straight to the point, I wrote; "I am a walking and breathing definition of sanguine-choleric but at times a choleric-melancholic with a touch of phlegm but never a melancholic- phlegmatic." Then after reading it, I laughed so hard that my belly had a work out! An average person who does not have a clue what I am talking about would probably think I am a weirdo and I better explain each of those temperaments or they would no longer read anything that I write. But those who know what I am talking about, especially those who took the tests, will say that it doesn't really mean anything. While psychologists and psychiatrist will probably think that I have the tendency to be technical yet lazy and assume that people should understand that I am a very easy subject to understand. But in all honesty, I am more scared of the fact that some might think that I have snot here and there. I am not "ok" with that.

Date people from Northwest Territories, Canada. Hey I'm Kelly King, Really easy going is me in a nutshell I Would rather be out doing something useful, but relaxing is good every now and then! I ride a Harley, dirtbiking/4X4in shooting/hunting Horse riding anything active I'm IN! I'm really big on motorsports and I'm a collector of old vehicles a good lookin woman in an old truck gets me going! She should be affectionit! Outgoing, responsible, love to luagh all around happy go lucky will sum it up! I like to have fun and always do! Really i am open to anything, if we get along that's what matters most and jealousy is not in the vocabulary! I started working when I was ten and never quit I actually still work for the same company I'm very determined and play just as hard as I work! Work is a big part of my life but work stays at work for me! Life is to short not to live it I travel lots just to see different parts of the world! I'm very honest and faithful if you can deal with that then it's up to us to have the fun that goes along with it! And I'm not stuck anywhere I like to travel so distance is never a factor!
"the happiest people in the world don't have the best of everything, they make the best of everything they have"

Meet someone special from Northwest Territories, Canada. i'm lookin for girlfriend yeah
i'm from whati,nt
small community less then 600 people there
how yu doin
meet some one ask my age yeah i can be there for them everyday
just care about u .........

Date men and women from Northwest Territories, Canada. Hey im Ashley. Im single and im looking for someone sspecial.
I was born in Yellowknife, NorthWest Territories. Iv lived in Victoria and Snow lake. I am currently living in Fort Smith, Northwest territories.
I love to have a good time and laugh. I like to go out and party, but I also like to hangout and relax.
I would love to find someone who also loves to have a good time

Meet single boy from Northwest Territories, Canada. Like to fine someone in that like to do anything and travel to places. And loves kids like to watch a lot of movies and like to drive around and take road trips to places. A women that's easy on the eyes and has a great seens of humor.

Date a boy from Northwest Territories, Canada. I believe in setting goals and working hard to achieve them and looking on the bright side when something goes wrong. I believe that life is all about the experiences and whoever dies with the most t-shirts wins.
I would like to find someone who is outgoing and spontaneous and always up for trying something new.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. funny chill relaxed likes workin on stuff likes to kick it back drink a few beer on time off from work dont care for traviling all the time dislikes bars like girls who are down for sleds D bikes all around toys

Date a guy from Canada. I was born and raised in Nova Scotia and moved to Yellowknife NWT in Sept, i'm currently doing my automotive apprenticeship. For now Id like to make friends but "any thing can happen" (words to live by) and i'm all to familiar with this scenario. I can be a bit shy at first but once I get to know people I open up. If you need to know more just ask.

Meet people from Canada. I like a lady that is a little shy type nice to get along with and understand. Someone that can teach me how to be a better person and make right choices in life. Need a girl that can keep me happy and a smile on my face everyday.

Date someone special from Canada. I recently accepted a position with a company in Yellowknife. So far I'm enjoying life up here despite being far from my family and friends.
I was born in Europe and moved to Canada when I was twelve. I speak English and German and still hold dual citizenship.
I don't plan to live in the EU again but do hope to visit in the future.
My future goal is to fly for a major airline but for now I am happy where I'm at.
I love my career - I'm a life-long student and focussed on accomplishing goals I set.
On free time - family comes first. I have also committed my life to God.
I really enjoy the outdoors and various adventure sports. Photography and music are also a big part of my life.
Lots more to share but not here - Please write if you're interested.

Meet a guy from Canada. Im looking for a lovley lady who will travel and spend time with me alot.
Im pretty gratefull to be in such a large family.
I like to ravel i like to explore and camp i have a wierd thing about hotels i just love them i dont know why i love them but i do

Date a boy from Canada. I like to joke around a lot. I don't like when people are too serious. I like a girl who can at herself,and is down to earth. Likes to keep in shape,not too cool for I just wish you can keep up to my craziness. I would like to meet someone with a similar personality,and a sense of humor like mine. I tend to be a little tough...Its just cause I jk Well smile,and I hope to get an acknowledge.

Meet someone special from Canada. I am a social person that is a little shy and uneasy, but also sweet and romantic. I am serious about relationships and seek a girl who is loving and caring, but that will also like to have fun and enjoy life.
I'm looking for a girl that likes me for who I am. I'm someone serious that is very attracted to reciprocity of feelings. So I am looking for a girl that is just the same, that gets attracted to me because she has feelings for me and that actually want me to have a meaning for her. I garantee you that you will have a meaning for me if you catch my eye.

. I have lived in the north over half my life I have a real good group of friends. I love to spend time in the outdoors hunting, fishing, quading, skidooing and boating. I spend lots of time out at the cabin having good times with friends around the camp fire.