Date men and women from Canada / Nova Scotia

Date people from Nova Scotia, Canada. I want someone who is fun and likes to party. Im not looking for a serious relationship. Im very sociable so talk to me! I like to meet new people. I am new to Internet dating. I love to travel. Im a very happy person

Meet men and women from Nova Scotia, Canada. honest
funny things
funny sayings
a good honest person
food water wild life people
people to have fun in the bed room if you know what i mean
people that will do things outside like camping and fishing also people that will golf

Date someone special from Nova Scotia, Canada. as i said i love the out doors its like my life i love going to the beach and meeting alot of new people i love going on four wheeling trips , my closest friend describes me as funny and out going to suceed in life.

Meet a boy from Nova Scotia, Canada. i just moved to halifax last month i just got a job and my owen place all i need is to meet more people and find a special girl, i dont really know what else to say msg me i am a nice guy and you wont regret it

Date a soulmate from Nova Scotia, Canada. I am a student in high school and graduating this year. I am active and love to run. I am looking for a Girl that is 18 and in high school and is active. I would like to run with and go to partys with and loved a lot, espcially someone how gets me for how I am. I would Like someone how likes to camp and Chill out and have fun. I would like someone that would like to get Energy drinks with me and all the cans too.

Meet a guy from Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm just a normal guy, pretty chill and laid back most of the time. but when im active im active haha ;P I am in the Canadian Armed Forces, currently as an Infantry Soldier, I plan on becoming a Weapons Technician soon. Im really into arts, music is my life, i really like to draw and I write poetry quite often. i have a very good sense of humor and i make my friends laugh. lets see... I had a really good description but it got deleted when i went to upload a photo hahaha. im very kind and respectful, yes, i know my manners too ;) common courtesy is a must. i have a small circle of friends, im not to big on large groups. when it comes to females i just want someone who can like me for me, have a nice time, make me smile, and is sweet. im also a big video game player... so sorry if you're not into that :P if there is one quote in life to live by it would have to be, "Ima be me" don't change who you are for another person, its never worth it. i also really enjoy tea :)
if you want to know more, just ask!

Date single boy from Nova Scotia, Canada. im funny out going and really nice . i love being active . im into music im a singer / guitar player but im more into skateboarding ive been skating sence ive been 7 , im not in to sports only extream sports . im looking for a girl who like me for who i am

Meet people from Canada. I am Frederick Lajoie. Im christian. I certainly cannot date on athiest caz we wouldnt get along. Im grateful that my parents taught me how to take life and use it wisely although we all make mistakes. Im hoping to attract someone who isnt fast in a date or relationship. im a pretty slow guy when it comes to dating girls. Im really careful, my friends dont understand why. things that make me laugh out loud is that when you use "LOL" are your really doing that?? and people who take stuff specifically as they r said. Ye, thats me. If someone said "say the password" id say "the password". HAHAHA. Also, in a relationship. I dont want to give my heart away to too many girls caz then ill have nothing left for the real one. I dont wanna have sex until after marriage. I dont want to ruin anything. i just wanna have fun, be random, flirt like were friends, by sympathetic when needed, take life serious but not really serious. my close friends would describe me in a fun manner as weird hahahaha caz i am. Plus id expect them to say funny, always smiling, cant really make him mad. Everytime we say something bad about him he laughs caz he knows were joking. TRUTH! ...or ill just ignore you haha. My social life is mainly on rollerblades or in subway or around my high school. Not many friends to hang with caz either they always party or lazy. I have a passion to dance when i concentrate on it and block everyone out of my mind...especially YOU :) ! Im most proud of being a virgin . Most of people my age dont have it anymore. SAD. And i hope you will except me for who i am and my personality. Not my looks and that thing in between my legs thats oh so precious. hahahaha xD i make myself laugh alot and i talk to myself a lot.

Date men and women from Canada. The best way to descride myself, i would say i have the same mind set as ted mosby from the tv show "how i met your mother" ahah, im just set on findin the right girl... so im giving this site a go to see how this works out, i'm obviously lookin for an atractive woman, it all starts with the eyes after all..but not only that, just a nice girl in general that ill enjoy talking to

Meet someone special from Canada. i dont care how far apart we will be i just want someone to love and care about i like big women and small women i dont care about size just like i dont care about age there just numbers i love livin life to the fullest!!

Date a boy from Canada. hey everyone, im a real cool guy, im told i have an amazing personality,some of my hobbies include video games, reading, writing, singing ,seeing a pretty smile makes me smile, im proud of having won the citizenship award three times and having such great friends, im grateful for every day i can live life, and i also enjoy video games :), im attracted to sweet girls with a killer smile who's into some of the things im into, im looking for a a long term relationship, no flings.

Meet single boy from Canada. I always consider other peoples opinions when I am with them, Im also kind careing and respectful. To me I find that if you do not live life to the fullest then you are not living at all. I like to just chill out and have a good time but i also like to adventure and experience new things. I will do almost anything for anyone as long as I am given respect and thanks for it but i will not be walked over. I am only nice to those who are willing to accept my kind acts so that people do not take advantage of me. As long as you are with the people that you care about then I find that you are with the right people.
I am currently going to university to become a doctor or a nuclear chemist. I love to party and meet new people because I am far from shy. Someday i plan on going to Italy because I have always dreamed of going there.

Date a boy from Canada. I like to have a good time, my friends would describe me as the nice guy. i love to make people laugh and smile. I am looking for a relationship because my girlfriend of 5 years broke up with me a couple months ago, and i am ready to start dating again.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I work offshore and so am away for a month at a time, but am then home for a month. I like metal music and would appreciate a girl who did as well. I am somewhat sporadic and a girl for me would either be the same way or wouldnt mind

. Pretty easy going guy. Give me respect, ill give it back. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, TaeKwonDo & Kenpo Karate black belt. 6"1 tall, about 220 pounds. All around athlete who puts himself before anyone else ! A proud Acadian, just looking for someone to spend my fun and exciting journey with :)