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Date a guy from Nunavut, Canada. I would describe me as. . . One of those people who likes playing BasketBall, likes swimming, watch Horror Movies. Loves LongBoarding. I listen to Music, constantly. I like roaming free, like a bird. I like making new friends. I went through alot of dates, but, they didn't really work out. So, I'm trying this out. I'm kind/nice. I'm a quiet guy, unless, you start asking questions. A perfect match for me, would be a girl/lady, that likes to roam free, like a bird too. Who loves to travel, like I love to travel. I like trying new things. Someone who loves to go to the movies. Someone who easily understands Me, and Me easily understanding Her.

Meet single boy from Nunavut, Canada. hi this is Joshua im looking for girl who can be trusted and i don't what to write so im from pond inlet nunavut canada i don't matter what girl you are unless if i can yrust you i wouldn't care what girl youare

Date single boy from Nunavut, Canada. Looking for girl or lady that can make me happy and smile, keeps my life goes on. And being happy with her, and I dont' wanna lose her or I don't wanna let her go or ran away from me. Fight for the love, and talk bout our cazyest, and never stop making love, sometimes I would want a baby with her.
Having a fun life or live with her, keeping her happy or smile. Sometimes talk about sad stories, and it's okay to cry, or we can cry together for our love. And if we get married...we would change our live, live freely.

Meet a soulmate from Nunavut, Canada. i don't really talk much... i'm looking for a girl that is really love to talk and do anythings that is great do things like anything i really don't wanna talk right now i just looking for girls that is good looking nice and that don't take drugs or anything...

Date a boy from Nunavut, Canada. listen to my family if i get married and getting a kid.
and makes things right, and getting a job and saving money for the house and food for the family and pay for the house bill. traviling around and makes the kids not to talk to the strangers

Meet a guy from Nunavut, Canada. not much to discribe really other then the fact I don't care about wether or not I can misspell anything or everything or even spell them properly as long as they know what I is saying or trying to type as for "her" heheheh that was a joke it doesn't really matter to me as long as she knows what's what…….

Date a soulmate from Nunavut, Canada. I like lots of stuff like going outdoors. hunting,fishing and i like listening to music,drawing,hangingout etc plus i'm looking for a girl that i could love and that wants kids and that never would cheat on me

Meet single boy from Canada. being a man of few words i could only find quotes to say things for me about love and friendship that one needs to live life with
"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it’s what you are expected to give — which is everything"
"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words"
"Thick and thin, tall and small, fast and slow. Tell me who is always there for you. I am sure you know. Your best friend, of course, don’t let him or her go"
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Date men and women from Canada. im a boy who is interested in women who is single. and if i get a match, wow i would want to marry her. only if i get match. i live in Arviat Nunavut, still living with my parents. i got 2 sisters and 4 borthers. My real parents are cecilia and willie gibbons, and my real borthers are alex and arsene, and only one real sister emily. i worked at meadowbank-Agnico-eagle, as a haul truck driver. Also i graduate last August 2010. got a diploma. also certificate from haul truck training. nothing much to say now.

Meet people from Canada. Describing myself, I could start with my eyes, I have really asian lookin eyes :) I am tall and slim. The rest could be said later. And my ideal match would be out there, somewhere... I plan to find her sooner or later, if she don't find me first, I would prefer a ladie of my age or close enough for us to live together and freely.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am sort of shy its when im comfortable i tend to be a "i know" type a guy, but mostly quite and unpredictable sometimes. I would like a girl that is very talkitive and true always, with unpredictable thoughts.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Long Haired Guitar Player...Living In The Great White North, Surviving off Caribou Meat and Seal Meat. Fighting with bears with a help of another. 80% Native 20% English...Living In The Great White North...

Date people from Canada. Hi my names Matt I work in camp often and spend time in Edmonton and Red Deer and B.C. on my time off. I enjoy cooking, weight lifting and relaxing. I like to watch all kinds of movies and listen to most types of music. Works quite important to me. I went to Sait in Calgary and plan to go back for my pipe fitting ticket in the near future.

Meet men and women from Canada. I'm an easy going laid back guy just looking to spend some quality time with someone special and enjoy alot of diferent type of things. I hope to meet someone who enjoys some of the things I enjoy. Talk to you soon.

. I'm hard working when I'm at work, funny, quiet, and shy. I like watching movies and playing video games. I'm looking for any girl that would like me for who I am and is not affraid to try new things.