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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Most of my friends describe me as a real go getter who doesnt know how to sit still. I am always on the move and trying out something new. I find some guys find my busy schedule too much. Between horse back riding, camping and work and studying I am a busy girl with lots of drive.
I am looking for the same in a man. One who wants to get of the houser for the day on our days off and do something. Even if its in the rain. I love to travel to different countries on the spure of a moment.

Meet people from Ontario, Canada. honest & responsible man who will care about me.
i am a happy person and like to spend time with her family and friends. i would like some one who likes traveling.i am looking for a spritual and happy man who respects and knows the value of others.

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. I am straight forward, reliable and compassionate. I mean what I say and I say what I mean. I wear my heart on my sleeve in relationships. I am a romantic at heart, although as many of us are, can be cynical as well.
I am looking for someone who is honest, family oriented, reliable, straight-forward, confident, funny and smart. Someone who is not only my partner in crime, but my best friend. Someone who likes to go out and be adventurous as much as they like staying in and watch movie marathons curled up on the couch under a pile of blankets. I am looking for someone who is open to commitment and to love. Someone who I feel comfortable letting go and being myself around; which can include bursting out into song, dancing in a store, or laughing for no particular reason. I am hoping to meet someone that I can grow with, someone I can experience adventures with, act silly around, and become a better person with. Chemistry is obviously important - however I think that requires actually getting together.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. I am a fun loving woman, who knows what she wants, and will not settle for anything else, I am generous, kind, trusting untill given a reason not to. I am looking for a man who will make me laugh and smile everyday, someone who will share my interest even if its not really one of theirs, make me feel like im the only woman in the room. will treat me with respect. A man who likes hanging out with his family and friends, as this is very important to me that I get to hang out with mine.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm a happy person. I like my job, my hobbbies, my friends. It takes a lot to ruffle my feathers. One thing I'm big on is travelling. My job has a lot of freedom and when I get money in my pocket, I like to go somewhere new. I try and take a couple of big trips every year. This year (2011) I went to Thailand and South Africa and next year, I'm hoping to do a trek in Nepal.
I'm looking for someone who is interested in trying new things, has a sense of humour, and is solid.
When it comes to online dating, I don't put a lot of stock in long-winded profiles. The sooner you meet someone, the better. So if you're reading this and you're up for grabbing a coffee and getting to know each other then fire me an email.

Meet someone special from Canada. I am an energetic and outgoing girl who loves the outdoors. Hiking, camping, bbq's, and road trips are my favourite things to do on a day off.
I am looking for someone who enjoys the same but can cuddle up for some down time to enjoy a movie or watch some TV.

Date people from Canada. I am a practical optimist!. I enjoy travelling, laughing often, and spending time with friends and family.
I like trying new restaurants and catching new movies. I do try to get out and enjoy outdoor activities-except maybe sometimes in the winter when hibernating is more appealing :)
I have spent a few years and a lot of effort pursuing my education and career and am ready to meet someone fun, kind, and caring!

Meet men and women from Canada. It’s hard to write out a detailed description of my best qualities, but here goes… I am an outgoing, affectionate and caring person. I love to laugh (until I’m breathless sometimes) and really value a good sense of humour. I tend to be very engaged when I meet new people because I am genuinely interested in who they are. Meanwhile, I’m really myself when I’m with my friends, when we may get pretty silly. My family is also very important to me. I will go out of my way for those closest to me.
I love books and movies (anything but horror) and also enjoy the theatre and concerts. Overall, I have eclectic taste in music. My favourite activities include traveling and experiencing new cultures, trying new restaurants, checking out new areas of the city and being physically active. I am currently training for my first 5K and I love to downhill ski. I like being social (pubs – no clubs) but also really like getting cozy at home with some wine and good conversation.
IРІР‚в„ўm looking for someone honest and thoughtful, whose actions really complement their words. IРІР‚в„ўm pretty independent and would like to find someone with that same quality. I definitely have my own opinions, but am open-minded enough to have my mind changed. I would like to meet someone who excites and challenges me, but also someone who really just gets me :)

Date a woman from Canada. I am really a mix of everything. Laidback, emotional, sarcastic, am acutely aware that I can relapse into third child syndrome. I love romance. I just found out I was goal-oriented with a recent obsession I have had to beat my running time. I'm pretty easygoing and don't take myself too seriously, pride myself on making my nephew fall to the floor laughing. Apparently, I'm "quirky", but I've never really understood why. I have a hard time hiding my feelings and usually my face expressions give away what I'm thinking. So, that's me. Or my own perceptions of myself!
I'm definitely active. I ran my first half marathon, and I tried biking from Prague to Vienna this summer. I turned around after 3 hours because I didn't realize what I was in for. But, I also love to just hang... relax, procrastinate, watch movies, drink wine, go for coffee, people-watch, play Scrabble or cards.
I'm looking for someone who's genuinely really nice, has a sense of humour, and wants the same out of life as I do. I tend to get matched with a lot of the "corporate" Bay-street types. I prefer someone with an artistic side, but would be nice if you made a living.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Ok so here we go. This is certainly not something that I would typically see myself doing, but the world has a funny way of letting you know that you should never say never... and how natural can it feel to be going on about yourself in such an impersonal way? But I digress.
I am a laid back, fun person who appreciates an honest, fun-loving dependable guy. And let's not underestimate the appreciation of opening a woman's door! I'm not up for the head games, and would expect a man I'm interested in to feel the same way. : ) I love to cook (have a background in culinary), being outdoors (by the lake or ocean preferably). Take time to be active, whether it be yoga and pilates, or skiing down an amazing mountain in some remote place. My family plays an important role in my life, as do my friends. I would hope to meet a man who feels the same way-especially about their family. There's much more to me but I honestly feel silly putting it out there like this!
If you would like to get to know me further, you know what to do.
Take care.

. Can I just ask if there is anymore SWAGGER and class out there? I am a honest, hard working single mom. I have an awesome son whom I have devoted my life to for the last 8 years. He means the world to me. I am all about family. I love to sing. I am NOT looking for any freaks, I have no fetishes, I do not like to play games nor do I want someone that is into playing games. I would like to have someone that can show me what life is really about. I have waited this long to find him and I will wait until forever. I have no particular type of man, I just know who he is by how he talks to me and treats me. I will know when I find him. I am looking for someone to sweep me off my feet. He must have a great sense of humor to fit in with my family. I am a music junkie, I love all music from country to hip hop, blues and even classical. It doesn't have to be fancy, but he must work, I work for what I want and I hope you do to. I am a confident plus size woman. If your looking for petite, you'll have to shop elsewhere. Thanks for checking out my profile.

. I am an upbeat, vivacious person who enjoys the wee as well as big things life has to offer. As you can tell from my photos, I am very outgoing and like to try new things especially active stuff, like paintball....I can't believe I've never done it and really just want to get into nark mode and blast a few people. I'm very active and although we don't have to do everything together because really, we'd have nothing to talk about otherwise. It is nice to know that someone motivates you to be active as I would them.I do have a serious job as a teacher and crave structure as well. I always put my keys in the same place and make a healthy lunch with tonnes of variety. I won't buy super processed crap. Dorritos don't grow on trees guys! lol Yes, a good 5 guys burger and friers now and then hit the spot, but I cook like a champ, so no need to load up on junk. If you consider yourself to be rigid or boring, we are sooo not a match. I crack jokes a lot and even laugh at myself sometimes. I'm the type of person to get down a little bit at the gym in between sets because i just friggin love that song! I do believe music far outweighs tv FYI. There's too much B.S. on there nowadays. I haven't had cable for a year and could care less.The main channels I watched were the cooking shows and DIY. I believe you have to have balance in your life. I work hard, but I love to have a roster of people in my life that are positive and relaxing to spend time with. I don't do drama! We have an issue, talk about it and it's done! Stampees no take backs!The right people better each other. Travelling is a must and I hate living by a strict schedule. Yes, there are things to see, but put away the itinerary and lets just check it out and take it all in. Sushi and most Asian cultured food seems to be what I cook and go to for most. Arabic food is great too, but I make sure I have gum handy for obvious reasons! I like a good debate and have a quick wit. If you can't dish it or take it, beat it! Sometimes I use BIG WORDS sometimes, lol, vocabulary shouldn't scare you. I am hoping there are a few vibrant and educated people out there? I really am a sweet person who likes to do nice things for someone who appreciates it. Its so important to feel like you can be your true self in a relationship. I realize that different is good. Wondering if I will find the yin to my yang...
I can say any number of things on here, but the real judgment is if we mesh. Let's talk and see if there is a spark.
ps-please do not e-mail me if you haven't read this or are stuck in your past. The futures bright, wear some shades and buck up buttercup!

. I am looking for someone who loves the outdoors (hiking, camping,...) and dogs. I have a puppy and everyone in my family owns a dog and they receive xmas gifts! :) So, if you don't like dogs, you will be miserable with me and my family!
I am a down to earth, dependable, adventurous and very ambitious person. I believe that we are meant to continuously learn and grow during our life.

. hi there! thankz for checkin' me out. im just a simple woman with simple thoughts and dreams. i appreciate simple delights of life as i dont like complicated life but i handle challenges with care ;) im easygoing as i live my life accordingly. i love photography. im a music lover and loves to sing. i am fun to be with. i love surprises and making surprises (tricks to name lol) especially to someone sepcial. loves to travel and try new things :)
im a great family believer, and been grateful for having the greatest family. i enjoy, value and nurture the beauty of friendship that im blessed to have. im happy in every areas of my life, my family, my friends, my work and my faith.
i would like to meet someone who is NOT PERFECT, someone who strive progress not perfection. someone who has quality lifestyle.

. IРІР‚в„ўll try to keep this short and sweet and tell you a bit about myself and what I'm looking for.
Ok so about me…. I'm a super cool girl who loves life, loves to try new things, and is independant. I am very loyal, reliable, and a happy person. I have a tight group of friends and I love to laugh and have fun but I can be serious when needed. I'm close with my family, and having a healthy stable family relationship is very important to me.
IРІР‚в„ўm down to earth, and very easy to get along with, I can be a girly-girl,get dolled-up but can also chill and hang with the guys.
I love to travel and try new adventures and I am always up for a challenge. I like to be active, go for jogs and walks and go to the gym. Interest in these activities is very important to me in a partner.
Ok, now about you...I am looking for someone who can be good company and by that I mean someone that can carry a conversation, is intelligent, witty, funny and isn't afraid to laugh at himself.
So if youРІР‚в„ўre someone that most people consider to be funny, kind, smart, witty, humble, loyal, independent, and trustworthy message me :).