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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Black hair tall own bussiness wear glassses smarter then scientist dress nice clean live at home relaxe like wresling raw and smackdown ecw some ufc walk drink smoke some drive usually own a car take care of equipment sterio love pretection around dureing sex not church goer but love fred coffy

Meet people from Ontario, Canada. Most people would say, "my friends would describe me as..." but I want to express myself directly to whoever is viewing my profile. I'm a man with good morals and I believe to be a well mannered human being. I'm the person who would give up my seat to a senior if needed while riding the TTC or helping a lady with her stroller down a flight of stiars. I'm a firm believer of good and bad karma. Everyone knows that saying, "what comes around, goes around".
I would relate myself as a "smore". A graham cracker "crunch" with a "soft" marshmallow/chocolate center. I know, I know, I'm such a canadian eh! I really don't know how funny I am but when the opportunity presents itself, I would give it a shot. If I'm not funny, just fake a few giggles to make me feel better. lol

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. My ideal match would be a laid back type but who like me can take charge when it is needed. Someone who enjoy's a good night out but likes to just relax in and values just spending time with each other.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I'm very active, I like jogging, hockey, the cottage, scuba diving and playing golf. I work hard and play hard. Love to travel and just got back from spending 6 weeks in Europe on business. I enjoy reading, movies, sports, and traveling. I'm a big believer in having a good balance in life between work and living.
Family and friends are really important to me and I appreciate someone with good values and strong convictions.I'm looking for someone who is driven and has dreams, goals and achievements. I would love to meet someone who likes jogging, scuba diving, sports, and being active. Intelligent converation is really important to me as I think it helps with knowing the "real" person on the inside. You can't talk about the weather forever...
I have no problem, with winks either. In fact, I encourage it. Life is short, so cut to the chase!

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. A little about me, I have a great sense of humor and enjoy a good laugh. Get along well with others, was raised with great manners and taught proper respect etiquette, with that being said I believe I know how to treat a lady, enjoy cuddling and watching movies, have strong family values and extremely dedicated, love my job and my 3yr old son. I'm a happy man and confident with who I am. Like to have a good time and not afraid to try new things.
Looking for someone with a good sense of humor and great family values, dedicated and trustworthy, knows how to present herself and is confident, knows how to have a proper conversation and not run away from problems but faces them with an open heart, enjoys a good laugh cause god knows I can bring that to the table, and most importantly except and love me for who I am.
No BS what you see is what you get and then some, extremely sweet and understanding. Hope your out there.
All the best and good luck to everyone on their search for that special someone

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. I believe in friendship more than anything.I love to walk around downtown try new things, meet people, play video games ,gym, taking pictures, cooking.I like to meet someone who is honest and straightforward .

Date a soulmate from Canada. I'm a half portuguesehalf Canadian, only child that finished University at Carleton with a BCOM, currently wrapping up a CIA and CGA. I work full time, in the public sector. I am very career oriented however, I work to live and not live to work. I wear a suit daily at work so after dealing with all the politics I love to dress down and generally can be found at home in runners, and jogging pants.
I'm always happy, and in a good mood. I'm fairly sarcastic, and tend to poke, and prod quite a bit. I like conversing about topics that people generally shy away from - politics, religion, and anything else to stimulate a great debate.
I'm a virgo, and generally tend to fit the description well even though I don't particularly believe in that stuff. I'm very stubborn, and am told I overthink everything.
Thanks for your time.

Meet people from Canada. I dont know how to start, so I will start at the beginning. I was born in Singapore, and have been fortunate to travel the world ever since. I have had the pleasure of either living in or visiting every continent on the planet except for Australia and the Antarctic (which are both on my to do list). So if your wondering where I call home, I suppose the only intelligent answer is the planet earth. My dad is a Veterinarian of the wildlife kind. So if your wondering if I like pets, I thoroughly do, be it a cat or a cheetah (and yes we had cheetah cubs as pets for a was truly heart breaking when my dad took them away from me)
I am candid and open, pretty much a wysiwyg (and for those less geeky than myself, this means "what you see is what you get")
I love playing sports, though between my ambitions and daily routine I hardly have time to play sports anymore, but the gym is a weekly must. I love the outdoors, as you can imagine living in Africa, the cliche "its a jungle out there" has a completely new meaning.
My life has had its ups and downs as most, I started off doing my first degree in an area that I later realized I hated with a passion, and have since rectified the situation pursuing something more a kin to my true passion (Civil Engineering).
I love to dance, and have been involved in choreography and such, but for the most part I love just to go out and have fun with friends.
I am very adventurous, and love to try new things. I love to watch movies, not much of a TV guy, however there are a few shows I do watch, and being the geek that I am, they mostly fall under sci-fi. I am a man of simple tastes, but I do love to indulge myself at times, but for the most part simple and sweet would suffice to characterize it all.
For the most part I would consider myself sarcastically funny, i suppose, but i will let you be the judge of that if you are so inclined to find out.
What I am looking for? Well I suppose the usual - someone whose down to earth, sweet, compassionate, enjoys trying new things (hence adventurous) and has a passion for life.
So thats that, I have blathered on long enough, and if you have had the patience and therefore the inclination to read all this, drop me a line and I can tell you even more ;) Talk to you soon.

Date men and women from Canada. I am described by my friends as a true gentleman, a man who respect his words - who values a woman.
I am a physician who is happy, optimistic, fun to be with. independant. responsible. thoughtful.
I have big dreams for myself and my family.

Meet someone special from Canada. just looking...I'm not too sure if this online thing is for me, so I'm here just checking it out. who knows, maybe ill take the leap and update my profile and add pictures. if someone does look at this and wants to know about me, just send me a message.

Date a man from Canada. a person who likes to go out and have fun! Love live music with some drinks or head to the dance floor Looking for someone who likes the same and realizes that life is too short to sit around wasting!

Meet single man from Canada. Things I like to do:
Learning how to control and manipulate my body. From the moment I decided it was time to get on my two feet and try walking, I was on a roll…
Imagining myself chasing a gazelle while sprinting.
Walking around on my hands in my apartment, scantily dressed in underwear and t-shirt.
Drinking freshly squeezed orange juice along with sweetened and salted milk. Ray Peat on nutrition.
Practicing manly skills like blowing a whistle through my fingers, building a workbench, patching a hole in drywall, sowing on a button, or tying a bowline knot.
Closing the fridge door really slow to see at what point exactly the lights go off.
Drawing pretty faces and figures.
Cuddling with the right girl while being overcome by the accompanying sensations. It's the only way I can be tamed.
I lived in Greece for six months last year because I thought it'd be cool to grow my own fruits and vegetables, press olives, milk goats, and to have a horse and a wolf-dog. I fell in love with rock climbing and open water swimming while I was there.
I'm artistic and have been drawing ever since I could manipulate pigment on a surface. I sometimes attend open-studio life drawing. One thing I really like to do to connect with someone on a deeper level, is to have myself draw that person. It's a sure-fire way to have you fall in love with me ;)
If I piqued your interest, send me a wink or a message

. I am a honest and genuine person that doesnt like games. I like to laugh and have a good time with life. I like to be positive and I have alot of energy. I am looking for some one with the same outlook on life, enjoys being active, likes being outside camping, loves to travel and enjoys going to a dance clubs and have fun with me and my friends.

. I am a true Torontonian, its been home for the past 28 years and counting. The city and surrounding areas offer total diversity and chemistry seldom found around the rest of the world. For this I feel we as people of this great city are blessed. To describe myself, I am optimistic, spontaneous, easy going person, that enjoys the comforts of large family and abundant amount of friends.
My beliefs are centered around family and friends, they are with you through life, in good times and bad.
I have a solid career, grounded realistic beliefs, and am looking for a someone to share them with.
Some of my interests lie in sports, such as volleyball (indoor and beach), golf, basketball, baseball, tennis etc... The simple enjoyment of going out to a pub and watching competition is in my nature. Sporting events are fun and I do enjoy taking them in.
During downtime I do enjoy sitting back and watching TV, movies, or just going out for a nice dinner, if you are a sushi lover that's and added bonus!
I believe in simple chemistry between two individuals. Being able to communicate and convey simple messages without mixed signals or noise scrambling the message. We have all been through relationships that are hard and trying. Through time, patience, understanding, and attentiveness do you truly get know another person. Realization that everyone has quirks and acknowledgment of them. Acceptance of a person for who they are and what they represent is a key factor.
Id be grateful to find someone who appreciates the simple things in life, such as how fortunate we are in Canada compared to the rest of the world.
My preference in a woman, she realizes the significance of family, friends, and life itself. Hopefully she enjoys playing sports, downtime relaxing, outdoors, traveling, and has a zest for food. Ideally she takes good care of herself. Has a good head on her shoulders, understands simple fundamentals and doesn't live beyond her means.
An independent ambitious woman who has a good sense of humor. I hope she can joke around and take a joke in stride. She should be able to accept things for what they are, make decisions, be open minded. A willingness to try new stuff, conquer fears, and enjoy life.

. I love giving alms to the needy, am also hard working and sports loving guy. I believe matters of love is matters of the heart for that matter matters of love should be taken serious. I hate disappointment and lying tongs. I want a lady who is thirty one years and above. I am mostly happy when i accomplish uneasy business. I would be grateful if my partner is a also business minded.