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Date people from Ontario, Canada. A bit about me.....
I have an MD but I'm still deciding on my dream career :)
I like to scuba dive occassionally. I have an electric guitar but still learning to play.
I'd like to write a novel, travel the world and learn a new language.
I enjoy skiing and snowboarding and yoga.
I'm looking for someone who is educated and who might like to work out at the gym with me.
I enjoy Asian cuisine: Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese. Maybe you know how to cook?
I love to learn new things. Hopefully you do too! Contact me today :)

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. I'm a fairly chilled, laid-back gall. I'm pretty much looking for someone who likes to have fun, is interesting, easy to talk to, easy to be around, and likeРІР‚в„ўs to travel. Someone who is ambitious, caring and loyal. Who would be just as happy cozied up on the couch in sweats with a movie and a bottle of wine, as they would grabbing a bite at a new restaurant or going out dancing or going out to a hockey game.

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. I am a mother of two just browsing through this site to see what's out here. I am funny, kind and down to earth. I like most varieties of music and movies. If you want to know more then feel free to ask.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. IРІР‚в„ўm a down-to-earth gal who loves to make my friends and family laugh and enjoy a fun night out as much as I ADORE a cozy night in. I value nature and lifeРІР‚в„ўs quieter, simpler moments. I grew up with great music in my house, so music is a huge part of my soul (decent-sized collection.) And MOVIES!! I'm a MOVIE-GIRL!!! Hoping to meet a MOVIE-GUY. To name a few from my preeeetty big collection: The Graduate, The Great Escape, Ghostbusters, Breakfast Club, Swingers, Gosford Park, The Hangover, Out of Africa. But youРІР‚в„ўll have to wait to learn my absolute favourite movie of all time. All in good time.
I’m looking for that special “CLICK” with a special guy. A true partner. That blend of great laughs and easy banter along with amazing passion. I look for a KIND heart. And I’m looking for lots of laughter . But I’m also looking for someone to share my quieter, deeper side with and someone who is able to brave sharing those deeper thoughts of his own.
I really enjoy my career (writer/editor) and work hard at it. But work-life balance is very important to me (evenings and wknds are sacred.) So I find it very attractive when a guy feels the same way and can truly leave the office or whatever his work is behind at dayРІР‚в„ўs end. (I am so uninterested in my cell-phone, and choose to believe that there is many one guy left out there who feels the same way about his?)
I believe in everything in moderation. So exercise and health are important to me, but I don’t “live at the gym” and hope you don’t either. I mean, some days you just need a Big Mac. Am I right or am I right?
Life is short so letРІР‚в„ўs enjoy it. LetРІР‚в„ўs share something real and wonderful.
* Please note that I only check my online profile about once every 10 days.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am a single mother of one child, who is the apple of my eye! So i am looking for someone who can be my bestfriend as well as my lover, and they have to be accepting of my first love(my son). He will have to be not-lazy, make me laugh, honest, caring, and has GREAT family ties and vaules! Has to have a great smile and awsome outlook on life!
I am fun-loving, hardworking, very close to my whole family. Just looking for Mr.Right

Meet people from Canada. I have to admit that I am a little skeptical of the on-line dating scene, but I figure I have nothing to lose.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Right?!?
I am an independent and self-sufficient woman who has worked hard for everything that I have. I own my own place and have a career that I am proud to say I enjoy. I like to think that I am kind hearted and fun loving, often doing things "just because" ... I may be tiny, but powerful and should not be underestimated ;)
Overall, I am content with my life and the experiences that I've had, but am now looking for someone to share it all with. I'd like someone who can challenge me in new ways and help me to expand my horizons. I want someone who can make me laugh and someone who can let loose and be silly. Someone active but also someone who is happy to curl up on the couch with a good movie and a glass of wine.
If you want to know more, just ask. Good luck on your search.

Date a woman from Canada. Life is all what you make of it and having someone to enjoy it with it what it's all about. I dont want the world, just to be happy. I don't have a specific person that Im looking for. I think if it as meant to be with someone then it will happen. Im a sucker for a nice smile and someone who can listen and communicate.
People often overlook the little things which I think could make or break a relationship. I have 2 boys, 3 1/2 and 8 that live with me and are my world. My dogs mean a lot to me to as we are always out in the community volunteering with them. I love cuddling up watching a movie at home or just going for a walk. Im far from perfect and am just an average person really.

Meet men and women from Canada. Most importantly in a relationship with my significant other I am looking for friendship. My parents have been married for over 35 years and have what I can only describe as a very successful marriage. They obviously love each other very much, but it is also obvious that they are each others best friend. With this friendship comes respect, loyalty, good humor and a overwhelming need to care for one another. Friendship doesn't come easily -- it takes hard work and a willingness to listen and compromise. But the benefits are enormous -- lasting love, a life partner and the stability and support to face life's many challenges.
In my life there have been plenty of things to be proud of. My most recent accomplishment is completing a Share the Rode Ride which is for a biking coaliation to raise awareness about bike safety completed this fall. I am currently training for a swim/bike competition that will be held next summer. I am also very proud of my horseback riding accomplishments. I have been successful in many Hunter and Jumper competitions in the past.
My family makes me the most grateful person that I could possibly be. They do this by providing me with a loving, caring, safe home with so many opportunities to learn and grow. They set an excellent example of how a healthy real relationship should be, and how I want to raise a family.
To make me laugh out loud you better be have a wicked sense of humour!!! I usually need a really awesome joke in order to make me laugh out loud! And when I do, I usually turn red and keel over in laughter!

Date someone special from Canada. hello. I am looking to meet that special someone to share some fun time with. I enjoy going for a walk or just stay home and watch movies (Scifi or action). I'm honest, charming, easy to get along with and very postive towards life. I really hope to meet someone amd get o know that person. If you are interested to know more about me just sende a message and maybea great friendship will come out of it..

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm a happy, fun loving girl who is quick to laugh and enjoys life. I honestly love my job, trying new activities and visiting new destinations. This past year, I've been lucky enough to visit Germany, England and Jamaica. I love being silly, spending time outside, trying new foods and socializing with friends and family. I'd like to meet someone who's also happy in life and just looking for that 'someone' to share it with it.

. I'm looking for someone who is honest and loyal, gangsta (hood not ghetto) and keeping it real at the same time not afraid to show their emotions and be true to themselves and others.
Me, I'm a strong indepent single mother of two under the age of 8.

. Well..I am a very independent, easy-going, passionate person...I love life, I am looking for someone that can share in my interests of kayaking, cross-country skiing etc. and of course I am always up for trying new things..i'd love to learn how to golf! I do have a dog, she is a shepherd/husky...and 2 cats, so if you are not an animal lover it just wouldn't all do own my business and I am very secure with where I am in life and would like someone who is happy with themselves and where they are. I'm super close with my family which is really important to a family man is a huge bonus! Looking for someone to keep me smilin! :-D

. I am looking for a genuine guy who has a passion for life and who can talk with me about everything under the sun. In my spare time I enjoy cosy dinners with close family and friends, traveling off the beaten track to unique and intriguing places and skiing down scary mountains or sometimes just the bunny hills :) If you have a gentle soul, believe in yourself and your values and doing good to others, then do get in touch.

. Both at home and at work I enjoy putting 110% effort towards everything to get the most out of it! Looking for someone who shares the perspective of enjoying life to the fullest, regardless of what you're doing, someone who has a great sense of humour and likes to be active. Aside from working long hours, I love going out to dinner, live entertainment, patios and walks/hiking all year round. My kids are with me every other week, but i'm currently looking for someone to spend my free personal 'adult' time with.

. I am very open minded and i don't judge nor would i like that, i'll try anything once. I would do anything for anyone in moderation, i am very loyal and honest, i feel there isn't enough of that out there these days. i keep things simple and ill never keep you guessing. i am very kind hearted and adore my family.
i have no children and never been married. it's so hard to meet people when bars seem more like meat markets than a place to get to know someone. and it seems that most people have some twisted game up there sleeve or alterier motives for other things. if your straight with me i will always be straight with you, what do you have to lose, you just go out on another date. i am affectionate but will give space, i don't like to over do things, but i do like to take care of my man in most ways. i will always tell you how i feel because i know none of us are mind readers, i just like to keep it real because i am trying to meet someone to share my life with that wants to have fun and not be so seriouse alll the time. i do seem shy at times but it take me a bit to see if your real and then i tend to open up alot more. i want love and someone that is looking for their best friend because that's what i want, and a great lover, but i will be patient.