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Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I'm a mostly mellow, down to earth kind of gal who can also enjoy and take part in excitement. Sure, I'd like walks on the beach but I also think that you only live life once and therefore sometimes it's good to do something a little crazy.
My ideal match would be someone who's strong but has a soft side. Someone who's playful and has a good and/or wacky sense of humour. Someone who's a dog person and loves the outdoors, exercise and spending time with a friend and partner. I think friendship is the foundation for a relationship.

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. i m looking for a human being who is loving and caring :). i love seeing the joy that a simple thoughtful act can bring to others.I would like my main guy, he'd have a good sense of humor, an open mind, he'd be adventurous like me and never say no to trying something new :)

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am sexy and beautiful. I hate drama. I love life. I crack myself up but am serious if I need to. I live a full life and I want someone who has a great life on his own but is willing to share, explore and walk this world with me as well.

Meet people from Ontario, Canada. I am looking for someone that I just click with really. I am attracted to someone who will support me during hard times while also challenging me in my ideas, thoughts and even fitness level :) I want someone who can make me laugh and who is not afraid to try new things, meet new poeple and get out and be social when the time calls! I enjoy a few drinks out with friends as much as I enjoy a glass of wine and some home coooking or a movie....all with quality conversation!

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Recently decided to really give online dating a chance and thought what would be the harm in trying this site as well. I've given others a try, unfortunately they aren't working as I had hoped. I have spent many years on my own figuring out what I am looking for, working on myself and finally feel I am ready to jump back into the dating world.
I am looking for a man who is comfortable and confident in their own skin, not needing the approval of others. Respect and communication are the most important qualities I would like to find in that special someone. Faith is also important to me and I hope that the person I am with understands that and would be willing to explore this with me. I enjoy going out for dinner, movies, spending a day walking St. Jacob's or little antique towns, walking my dog, but very much enjoy spending time at home as well. I'm not someone who need to be on the go all the time. I cherish my relaxation time!

Meet a woman from Canada. I'm looking for someone who has a variety of interests and wants to experience the city together and with our friends. I want to take time to get to know each other and enjoy the process.
I really value good conversation and people who are open-minded and make me feel comfortable. Fun dates could involve dinners out, live music, movies, coffee shops and board games(!), art galleries, and watching sports. I like watching hockey, basketball, and sometimes football. I'm looking forward to watching the summer Olympics too!
I like to be active by swimming and playing rec hockey in the winter. I can't wait until the weather warms up so I can golf, rollerblade, swim outdoors, and enjoy lakeside parks.
I'm a vegetarian, but my significant other doesn't have to be. My favourite foods are really simple: burritos, veggie soup, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, and pub grub. I also like trying new suave restaurants around the city.
As for music, I enjoy jazz and soul, but most of all, I listen to pop and "alternative." Once in a while I go to classical music performances and just chill out. It's great. I recently tried out country music and realized that some of it is pretty damn cool.
I want to travel more. I've been fortunate enough to travel a bit, but there's so many more places I'd love to go!

Date men and women from Canada. I am an easygoing individual who is looking to find that right person for a relationship. I am ambitious, own a house and like to have fun.
Likes sports
Can make me laugh

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Preface
"Assumptions allow the best in life to pass us by"
"Sometimes all it takes is a simple, genuine... I'm sorry"
About Me
I'm looking for a strong connection, for new and exciting experiences, for that feeling of looking into the eyes of the person you are really into, them looking back, and experiencing that feeling that they are as much into you as you are into them.....bahha haa haa..I know sounds a little corny, but itРІР‚в„ўs true:P
IРІР‚в„ўm an independent, ambitious, hardworking person and probably one of the easiest people to talk to. I love to keep things new and exciting, as I feel itРІР‚в„ўs important to be mentally, emotionally and physically stimulating in your relationships. I feel that life has so much to offer. My biggest challenge is overcoming fear...I will try anything at least once. I love adventure and spontaneity.
I would love to meet someone who can take the reigns at times and lead. Someone who is confident and knows what he wants. IРІР‚в„ўm usually the one in this role and it would be refreshing to meet someone who can provide that balance. Someone with whom I can stay up late, and spend hours talking to about everything and nothing at all, not realizing how much time has gone by, and throughout the next day text one another to complain about how tired we are:D
My ideal partner:
-DoesnРІР‚в„ўt settle for mediocracy as he has high expectations of himself and life
-Loves quality over quantity
-Knows what he wants and is determined to get it
-Challenges me and also loves to be challenged...because I will:P
-Keeps me on my toes:O
-Lets me be me, which is silly half of the time:P
-And last but not least......makes me laugh:D

Date people from Canada. Hi there, I'm a very down to earth person. My friends, are well, they are my family as much as my immediate. I truly adore the people in my life and how they inspire me.
I work hard and love what I do, but I do know how to kick back and have a great time. I am not a workaholic.
I enjoy down time to reflect and relax, or going to shows and dancing. I'm really up for anything.
I like to be outside when I can, but rainy days in are nice too.
I'm an artist in my down time and enjoy people that are into creative things.
I'm really looking for someone that is honest, funny and outgoing. Just goes with the flow. Someone that values friendship and is open to new things and can laugh at themselves once in awhile. Confidence is a big turn on as well. But humor is the best:)

Meet someone special from Canada. Hmm, what to say? Well, I'm a laid-back kind of gal. I enjoy simple things in life; sunny days, taking walks, spending time with friends and family, a good book, cooking, entertaining friends. I'm pretty easy-going and and very content and happy with my life. I always try to be optimistic and am looking for the same in a man.
I'm looking for someone who is honest, a strong character, someone who is not caught up with petty things, who enjoys simple pleasures and of course, has a good sense of humour!
If there's anything else you want to know, just ask!

. Hey!
I am an active person, who is comfortable being outside on skates, or inside watching a movie.
I have many interests and enjoy many activities. I don't believe we have to be interested in doing all of the same things, some diversity in a relationship is good! For example, I don't watch sports, but if you play hockey, I will come watch. If you saw the Superbowl, I will sit and watch it with you (although you may have to explain the rules!)
So this is what I expect from a partner. Someone who will go to an opera once in a while, and who will come to a museum with me. I am looking for someone intelligent, and articulate. Someone who can join in a good conversation and is ready for an exciting adventure. Finally, it is all about the spark. It is truly about chemistry.
I am new to match, so I am not sure how this all works. So forgive me if I don't respond right away!

. It's a little strange to try and come up with interesting things to say about myself without sharing too much, I wouldn't want to run out of things to talk about when we go out. ;) let's start with this...
I am an independent woman who enjoys doing what I love and now I would like to find someone to share my life with.
...Someone who can appreciate a good joke and who doesn't take life too seriously.
...Someone who also likes their own space but loves to hang out and spend quality time together.
...Someone who likes to go out and have a good time with friends but is also happy sitting at home watching a movie.
...Someone that has respect for himself and has a positive outlook on life.
Horses are one of my passions. I have 2 of them...I may even let you ride them one day! ;)
My family and close friends are a very important part of my life. They keep me grounded when life seems to get in the way!

. Looking for an honest and fun loving person. I like to cook, travel, watch tv and movies and be active outdoors. Looking for someone that is affectionate and wants to spend time doing things together.

. Well, I feel like I've signed my life away answering all the previous questions, but I guess that's part in parcel with finding a match online. I'm a social person, perhaps a little quirky (but that's why my friends love me). I need honesty and trust in my life. But I also want fun and laughter. I have the best friends and family anyone could ask for, and they are the most important to me. I'd like to date someone, that does like to get out of the house, but someone who also is content to stay in too. A little ambition never hurts either. How about Travelling... if you like to Travel, so do I! I find myself enjoying the company of someone who has a great sense of humour, who's honest, who is considerate of others and can carry on a conversation.

. I always find it hard to describe myself but I will give it a try...
I am a kind hearted and caring individual. I am always willing to lend a helping hand. I am passionate about living life to its fullest. I am very thankful for a supportive group of family and friends that surround me with love all the time. I sometimes think my sarcasm and wit tend to hid who I really am in a new environment. It covers my compassionate side. My job makes me very happy and I enjoy every minute, as it always offers something different. I love to go out but also enjoy just hanging out and relax. I enjoy travelling and hope one day to see as much of the world as possible.
I am looking for someone to laugh with, talk with and hang out with. I hope to find someone who has the same interests and desires in life that I do. I am looking for someone who enjoys doing things for the people they care about. Someone who knows how to have fun but can be serious too. Someone who enjoys travelling would be a bonus.