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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. To be honest I was not interested in trying this but I thought what the heck life is short and sometimes you gotta try new things and expand your horizons..
Writing this feels like a first!! sooooo I love listening to live music especially blues and jazz. I like to watch b-ball sometimes (go celtics) and I really enjoy travelling..I wanna see the whole world and everything in it, hopefully b 4 I kick the bucket and since IРІР‚в„ўm only sixteen I should have all the time in the world (relax IРІР‚в„ўm kidding).
Any way IРІР‚в„ўd love to meet someone with the same desire to live everyday and enjoy life to its fullest
: )

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. i am looking for my soul mate , i am serious abot that , i hope to find my soul. i live in canada , i came to canada just a few monthes, i am engineering and i study master and i want one to study with me the master of love

Date people from Ontario, Canada. i love God and my kids i am a family person and i work real hard to be a role model for my kids i am honest,loving,caring and a goal getter i would say more but i prefer to say it to the one that is interested in knowing.God bless u

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. I'm an outgoing person who enjoys being around a good group of people. I'm a simple, down-to-earth girl who values respect and honesty. I am looking for someone with whom I can feel comfortable around, talk to about things that are important to me, and someone who can make me laugh.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Hi!!
I'm a 30-year-old professional woman looking to meet my match.
I spent the last 3 years living abroad and preparing my master's degree. Now I'm back in Canada and hoping to expand my social circle.
I love reading, writing, cooking, dancing...

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Looking to meet someone who is looking to settledown and move forward with someone in there life. I'm at that age in life lol. Also I'm very friendly and outgoing also very caring. I am blessed to have wonderful friends in my life. I do like going out and having a good time but also staying in and just hanging out. Did I mention that I am big wrestling fan believe it or not lol.

Date a woman from Canada. Thanks for reading my profile:)
Great gal looking for something amazing!
Qualities I find appealing:
-Someone with goals in mind and is driven in life
-affectionate and can express themselves well
-fun and light hearted/upbeat personality, but can be serious when needs to be
-a good listener and really wants to get to know their partner
-takes good care of his body and is active
-family is important to him
-likes simple things in life. Ex: walks, ice cream etc!
-likes dogs (I hope to have one of my own someday)
-is genuinely looking for a great connection and is ready for that in his life
Good luck with your search everyone!

Meet people from Canada. Okay so this is the part of the profile I find a bit awkward. I mean can you really sum up in a paragraph who you are and what you are looking for?!? Lol.
Well here's a start!
I am very outgoing and have a strong personality. I like to have things my way... But then who doesn't? That being said I am open to compromise and I'm sure if you are level headed we can sort it out.
I love laughing and spending time with friends and family. I try new things all the time and would hope you could with me as well.
I have a very busy schedule and would want someone who can respect that as my work is very important to me.
I am looking for a partner that is strong, career minded, loves to have fun but understands life isn't always fun and games.
You will definitely have to be open to travel, exploring new things and being part of this wonderful world!
The world is our oyster, we can virtually do anything we want!!

Date men and women from Canada. Giving, openminded, deicated, faithful, hard working, organized. looking for an independent self sufficient man to travel through life with. Passion is Dance and theatre. Would love someone who can be with family, friends, wants a family, loves to travel, enjoys exotic foods, energetic and lives on his own!

Meet someone special from Canada. I like:
Both staying in and hanging out, and going out to enjoy movies, plays etc.
Going on insanely long walks.
Going on spontaneous adventures, whether it be a random drive to nowhere in particular, or a picnic in a park.
Guys with a sense of humour. (I can be pretty sarcastic) (silly) (etc.)
I prefer:
A guy in a t-shirt and jeans, over a suit and tie.
Someone who uses less hair product than I do. (Which is very little.)
A guy who can be both ambitious and get things done, but also who knows how to be lazy and relax.
I don't like:
Rambling jazz music.
Doing the dishes.
About me:
I love my job, and have been there for five years.
I love adventure (I've been white water rafting, black water rafting, para-sailing, zip-lining, skydiving.. etc.) Anyone up for a bungee jump? I haven't tried that one yet ;)
I LOVE traveling. I would love to meet someone who would love to see more of Canada and this awesome world we are all a part of. I spend a lot of my spare time taking fun courses, and volunteering in the community.
About you:
You have a sense of humour, and its important to you to be with a girl who likes to joke around and have fun.
You are laid back enough, but can still get passionate about what's important to you.
Family is important to you, and you would like to have a family of your own one day.
You are cuddly and affectionate.
You understand that if you have a camera, and I see a statue, that I instinctually I may be drawn to it for a photo.
My trinity of things I can't stand- sexism, racism, homophobia...
If you aren't smiling in at least ONE of your profile pictures, then we are probably not meant to be.
When I meet a new person, I think of it as meeting a new friend. It's great if something more develops out of it, and if not you've made a new friend. If not, not, then you have a great disaster story to share with people after. Really, it's a win-win-win sort of situation.

. Everyone spends the whole life to discover the world, but finally they find they are unable to completely understand even themself. That's why I don't like to talk about myself here.
Yes, the people around said I'm cute, sweet, a little bit smart and quiet. But I think I only look cute in some people's eyes. I'm only sweet after eating some chocolates or candies. :-). I'm only smart for the things I am gifted to be smart or something I have more experiences, something I have been trying to improve myself. In front of my loved ones, I become more talkative.
I'm looking for someone who has the ability to talk and listen to me in the rest of my life. I know I'm not really mature now, as I always want to be as happy as a kid. If life allows, I prefer to live in a pure and simple world forever. As people can only be mature after suffering, dissappointment, sadness. All the bad things, so why everyone tries to show or prove they are mature.
I'm looking for someone who knows how to appreciate my merits and has the capacity to accept my weakness. This kind of words we heard millions of times all places from all the people, practicing this in the whole life is that easy?! I wish that is him who is strong enough to encourage and support me when I feel weak. And also, he would cry to me without worrying I will laugh at him.
I'm also looking for someone who is willing to eat my leftovers, who will share the houseworks without complaining that is the job of the wife. I also wish he is a good cooker, whatever he cooks I would like to eat. At least we can cook together, or he can teach me from now...I like reading books, enjoying movies, travelling around the world,etc... I expect I will be lucky to find him here so I will know him better. I like to share my favorites with him, also hope he will add more favorites to my items.
I can't tell exactly what I want until I meet the one. Communication and understanding should be the main key for a good relationship.
If you're really serious and want to have a long-lasting relationship, hope to see you here!

. I'm a student who is in actuarial science, my friends often describe me as cute and friendly. I'm hoping to find someone who will take me seriously and not try to manipulate me or take advantage of my innocence.

. I am intersting woman, young , I am easy going person, I would like to search someone intersting,
someone to keep a nice conversation.
Well I love all type of music I enjoy go to the concert listen music and have fun,...
Also I am responsibility about my self I student and worker...But sometime is no easy have time for meet people.
Thats me, if you want meet me..just meet I am a nice girl

. sometimes i am pessimistic, especially while bad mood.
sometimes i am optimistic.
i am passive, maybe for traditional or shy, it's me.
when you are alone or lonely, what will you do?
i always listen to music,songs, sometimes i will talk with stranger, not good friends, maybe for protect myself.
maybe you will ask me---- what do you like?
i like go to library, church.
i like walk in the park or sit on the grass, i like walk in the mall, no goals, i don't buy anything, just like to walk.
i like drive on the highway no destination, just like that feeling.but waste gas.
i like sit there to look out of the window, no any thought, just on daze.
it's me, simple, sensitive, caring.
what am i looking for?
we need friends in life, but get to know a friend, too hard!!! i hope i can meet someone who can come into my heart, as good friends, he must be patient. nobody can be good friend each other if only met a few times, need time, need to know, need to care, need to understand.
if you want to know more about me, you can email to me.

. Wow how quickly I could send 200 character text or even write up a resume but when it comes to talking about myself I'm not going to lie, I'm a little shy but here I go...
I want to have fun, try new things, and make the best of my time. Some nights a pizza and a movie is exactly what I need too. I guess I'm just looking to find someone with a balance like that
Let's just enjoy life!