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Date a man from Ontario, Canada. just about living and seeing nature at its finest log cabin i the yukon and cutting fire wood maybe panning for gold in the river will see fresh fish and a garden on the woods as pleasant birds sing in the background

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. I would like to meet a lady how enjoy going out some times, that be close to family, sweet, and good seance of humor, how love children, I love children, I love spend time with friend and family, I love going out for jogging

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. honest and to the point, loving and caring but does not enjoy or will put up with any B.S. what is in the past stays in the past for both parties, moving ahead is the only way relationships work. not holding on to troubleson thoughts.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I don't know what i'm looking for, no set goals or anything that's too much pressure.
Just someone to hang out with and leading to possibly more.
I like to travel, or road trip whenever I can and am always thinking up new ideas to do. I can be super spontaneous, or super chill so it really depends.

Date people from Ontario, Canada. what are you looking for in a relationship.what type of person are you hoping to attract.Who or what makes you mile.How would you describe your social life.What are the things in life you are most passionate about?

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. I am looking for someone to make me smile. Someone who is positive and motivated and sets goals for themselves. I'm a very stay at home kinda of guy. I like to cook for my friends and family. I'm very easy going and openminded

Date a man from Canada. LOL I spend hours in walmart, or stores. LOL I have children also and like people say they are the most important part of my life. Unfortunately got out of a relationship with there mom and they aren't living with me fulltime as she took off with them. So fighting for custody and gee that takes forever lol.. I'm pretty well looking for some one that can be there as a friend for support and to have fun with, need a change of friends. However, if something more comes out of it, and we both connect I'm not the kind of person to say no to a good thing. I work also, I'm a facilitator, and really love my position.
I have a passion for music. One thing I have always loved to do, and do play some instrunments, but unfortunately never played guitar. I've always wanted to learn to play though. I love Metallica, one of my all time favourite bands. I like all types of music however except country.
Movies- I would say my all time favourite would have to be Lord of the Rings. Yes geeky, but hey the affects, storyline, and suspense they produced in that film have to be the most amazing. Plus I'm geeky and enjoy movies and stuff like that. LOL However, I have over 500 dvds lol and would say my second most favourite thing to do is watching movies.Yes even the Twilight series.
I barely watch tv, but when I do which is really only two nights lol I watch vampire diaries, grey's anatomy, secret circle, Once upon a time and Supernatural. Lol the more I read my typing the more i think I'm a chick lol.
Well in 10 years I have two options that could happen, but depends on how the projects go for the position I have now. So either if this project I am doing continues and becomes more of a huge seccess and becomes self sustainable, then will be the Provincial lead manager for the project. If it doesn't, then I will be attending University and getting my Bachelors degree in Business and Major in Accounting, then hopefully land a good accounting job. Be married, and hopefully have my kids on a fulltime basis. That's where I see myself in 10 years.
So anyways, hope this appeals to you. Talk soon.

Meet men and women from Canada. im outgoing and looking for someone to travel with. I like to play sports, especially hockey and basketball. Im looking for a serious relationship and a best friend. also I have a dog - so animal lover is a must )

Date someone special from Canada. My name is Max. I live in Whitby. I have been here my whole life. I want to find a girl to spend some quality time with. I've done the bars and have gained nothing but a headache from those times and I will not go that route anymore! I'm new at the online stuff... Let's see how this goes

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am the most interesting person I know. Can you change that for me? I'd love to find someone that is truly unique! Do you awaken every day observing every moment and never stop asking why, what if, and how? Do you seek the answers to that of which you don't yet know?

Date people from Canada. I am a very easy going fun loving person. I enjoy good company and meeting new people. I am very goal driven with a passion for what I do. I am looking for an independant confident women that has a good head on her shoulders. Someone who I can be myself around and is good company whether its cuddling up to a good movie on the couch or at a social event.

Meet single man from Canada. I am loooking for someone independent. That has their life and goals together. Someone that does not need for anything but would like to share some life experiences with someone else. I am an independent person who has always focused on the tasks at hand alleviating any need for relationships.
With all of that being said I am here now. I am testing the waters to see if there are women in the Toronto area that just need to meet a no BS guy that wants nothing more than to share some good times with you. Stage productions, museums, movies, food, adventure, are the little things my male friends aren't often interested in.

. i live a simple lifestyle, health and family are whats important to me. my work requires me to travel often but canada is my home. i am content with my life and i want someone who have a passion for life and understand what it is that they want.

. Good looking sweet guy easy going likes to have fun like to travil I would open my mind, and enjoy a low expectations introduction with good conversation. It could be meet for coffee, or a drink. Or an outdoor activity, a hike, or a ball game, or a drive to nowhere in particular. Or if we are feeling adventureous, perhaps sniff some glue and go out for body piercing, then wander aimlessly into the wilderness without a map, and waiting for a rescue helicopter.
I am glad that I am not an uneducated married drug user financially insecure with no car looking for intimate encounters. Wouldn't have too much luck on this site. Good luck to all, and thanks for reading through this. You have won a $500.00 coupon to be redeemed at the ne

. I am a good and honest man. I have trouble lying unless it is for something positive (ie surprise party, someone's pregnant don't tell so & so yet.) "Brutal Honesty" is a "nice" word for not caring too much. I don't like the word "Hate" and I remain quite positive about those around me and situations. I give people the benefit of the doubt and I love everybody but that doesn't mean I'll hang out with them.
I'm hoping to find someone with similar spiritual views. There is a consciousness that we come from and we are part of it, we just forgot. Everything happens for a reason and we are never handed something that we cannot handle. You can see through the eyes of love or you can see through the eyes of fear. The eyes of love are the only true eyes and the eyes of fear are not really there.
I love to laugh, I'm pretty funny. Silly, goofy, intelligence, and wisdom are found in comedy. A good laugh is better than an asprin. I would love somebody to laugh with.
I rarely get angry and it's been a long long time since I yelled at someone. I believe once you have entered an argument you've already lost, and what the yelling is all about is an old conversation and not about what is being argued about at all. If you have taken a Landmark Education course you will totally know what I'm talking about. I have taken several seminars with them to really look inside myself to find out who I really am.
I would love to be with a positive person who can encourage gently, be patient and calm, and love as much as I do. I understand that men and women see things differently and this is good. It's like interlocking fingers when the partnership is ideal. Sometimes the things we do can upset the other but I see it as a perfect partnership where no detail goes unmissed.
I love intelligence, a sense of humor, creativity, and love in the heart.
I am a simple man with simple needs. I try to live my life without being overly concerned with possessions, and helping someone else feels ultimately better than helping myself.
Going for walks and just being with someone you are in love with is aces in my book, so is cuddling. If you don't like to cuddle please try it cus it's awesome. It's kind of like enlightenment, nirvana.
All the good guys are not gone, we've just been hiding in the basement, because I have no idea where to go to find a soulmate, they don't stock those at walmart, and I'm bored of hiding out in the bachelor life.
I'm looking for fun, joy, and love... a meditation partner wouldn't be so bad either.
p.s. I love a good cheese sauce on Broccoli:)