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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I care about the people around me,always try to keep em happy.I am looking for someone who is honest about her feeling and willing to speak out her mind,has a responsible and healthy lifestyle.
I will try my best to keep happy.....

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. Hello,
Well to start off happiness would be the word that describes me most. I like being happy, I like to make people happy and I like living my life in a happy way.
I grew up in Europe and moved here to Canada in the early 90's. It was tough to adjust sometimes but knowing good people and making the right decisions definitely helped me understand who I am and who I want to be. Staying positive and happy has made me have great friends and enjoy my life to the fullest. I love to travel and explore new things. Having butterflies in my stomach and running into problems frequently tells me I'm Alive and onto something exciting.
I want to meet someone that enjoys their life!
A great time for me would be going for dessert somewhere downtown and watching people;).
Simple, but fun.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. She should be loving,caring respects others morals and values. Should know my needs and wants. Respect my values and I will definetly repsect her. Trust and honesty I'm mostly looking for in this tour of mines.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. I am a person who trust my life partner a lot and would like to have some one who is untrustworthy and accept my opinion. i like my partner should be be romantic and little bit sexy. she should love having sex only with me and should be respectful.

Date people from Ontario, Canada. i am a very easy going laid back person
i like to laugh and make others laugh
looking for that special someone
i am very handy enjoy working on my house and working on cars or trucks
humm hard to talk about your self i do better when asked questions

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. Very sociable individual,likeable by many around me,looking for a great girl that knows how to have fun and not being bored...
Very passionate about outdoor activities...sports,dancing,music,picnic anything goes when with the right partner...
grateful for everything I have achived in my life so far,great is beautiful,and all can make it happen..etc

Date a soulmate from Canada. i grateful hapy im love to mack my friend smile and liafe i love to halbe dos who can,t halpe tham salf im grateful lif im looking som wan who is grateful hape smile i love my work im passionate halping pebol and cat,s ol animal

Meet single man from Canada. I have lived in london for just over a year, and I dont' have the time to go out and meet new people all that often. I work full time during the week in my office and then bounce at a bar on weekends so it somewhat limits my time. I am fun and outgoing, love the outdoors, and enjoy many activities from computers to camping.My ideal match would be someone who is out to have a good time,and meet some new people. Who likes to spend time curled up on a couch and watch a movie and go for a walk, or just spontaniously go for a drive to where ever.

Date someone special from Canada. Hi! I'm new to this site... I'm friendly and I keep myself busy with work and hobbies... I'm looking for someone to really connect with and share my laughter... Hope to find someone here... Cheers! :)

Meet a man from Canada. Hi: I never thought I would be back on an online dating site again, but here goes :)
I recently turned 32 and while the career side of things is going well; I'm at an age where I'm looking to find that special someone.
I have recently changed careers; coming from a construction background and moving into a corporate setting working for one of the large Telecommunications carriers here in Ontario.
When I'm not at work I enjoy; boating, socializing with friends over a drink, playing golf the odd time and doing nothing at all sometimes.
My friends would describe me as a funny (dry/sarcastic), kind, dependable, easy going and open person.
So what am I looking for on here? Well; I'm ultimately looking to find that special someone; that person who I can click with. I do not have a checklist that I would measure someone against. I believe that the only true way to you can get to know someone is by meeting/socializing with them.
Well; thats about all I can come up with for now.
If you would like to know more...don't be shy.

Date people from Canada. … I can hurl baseballs at small moving objects with deadly accuracy and have translated sexual innuendos for Canadian refugees. I have prepared extraordinary four course dinner menus using only mouli and a microwave. I can divide by zero and can turn off street lamps using telekinesis, but only after eating humus.
I believe depression is merely anger without enthusiasm and can recite the writing credits of all the major Shakespeare plays from memory. I long to live in a world where the chicken doesn’t have to get its motive questioned for crossing the road…
Have you ever wondered about your life and asked: isn’t there more than this? I believe a healthy relationship is two emotionally complete people who choose to be together because they enjoy each other’s company, none of that “I need you I’m so empty without you” stuff that’s really just addiction masquerading as love.
Would you describe yourself as educated rather than street-smart, clever rather than cool, and cute rather than hot?
If you believe that the best way to predict your future is to create it, don’t be shy and say hi. I’ll take it from there.
****** THE END ******

Meet men and women from Canada. What type of person are you hoping to attract?
i am a photographer &fun loving person. i am looking for fun loving person, average & good beautiful, average body type, easy going, well understanding,

. Well hello, welcome to my profile.
I'll keep my profile pretty simple. First, I have to say that I am a restaurant aficionado. I love all cuisines and scour the city to find the next best place. Everyone has their favourites so send me a message if there is a place I have to try. You might have to come with me though.
On top of finding great food, I like to meet people who make an effort to carry out a healthy lifestyle and share the same interests.
I've been described by friends and random strangers as easy to get along with, genuine, and a bit quirky. Must be because I sometimes talk in binary. Really I don't, but if you don't believe me send me a message and find out :)
Two qualities I love in a woman are honesty and openness. Being able to communicate and not be afraid to talk about anything that's on your mind can do wonders in a relationship. A girl that is confident, challenging, and a great teammate is really attractive too.
Obviously there is much more about me, so just send me a note.

. Here to explore the possibility of meeting someone I wouldn't normally bump into in every day life. I live in downtown Toronto, so I feel I have the ability to meet new people all the time, however I don't go out to bars or clubs as often these days and this online thing seems kind of interesting.. kind of mysterious. Not trying to have huge expectations here, but you never know when you might meet someone who could turn into a friend or something much more ..
About me:
Sociable, Caring, Extraordinarily Funny, Understanding, Insightful, Witty, Fair Minded, Talkative, Good Judge of Character, Hard Worker, Busy, Goal Oriented, Good In Bed, Creative, Experienced, Knowledgeable, Ambitious .. If those are some of my strengths, I could probably list a few of my weaknesses as well - but you'll have to ask :)
I take a lot of pride in my social circle and am privileged to have been able to build a fairly large network of friends over the years.
I have been self-employed for about 4 years now and very much enjoy being in control of my own financial and professional destiny. The freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.
Warning: I sometimes get the urge to go on random spontaneous trips .. to Europe, Vegas .. the Caribbean.

. I am quiet by nature, though also passionate about many things. I have spent much of my life at school and university and thus place a high value on reading, learning, and discussing new ideas, and am looking for some one who shares those interests. I enjoy being with people, and believe that one's relationships with others are really the most important thing in life. Though I am not originally from Toronto, I have been living in the city for several years now and plan to be here for the foreseeable future. In addition to reading, I enjoy travelling, attending the theatre, and going for long walks through the city and in nature.