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Date single man from Ontario, Canada. My friends would probably describe me as an easy going guy that will do anything for someone that he cares about. I love being around people that make me happy and enjoy just having great conversation. I am very family oriented and love my friends and family who have made me who I am today. Looking for that special someone that I just enjoy being with, that becomes my best friend and allows me to be myself while they continue to be who they are. If you would like to know more about me, I would love to hear from you :)

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. First off I’d like to say I’m not very good a writing these sort or things but here goes. I’ve a very honest person, and I don’t really have a poker face. I’d describe myself as a little bit shy but it just takes me awhile to open up until I get that comfort level with someone. Once you get to know me I’m pretty funny and I like to make people laugh. I have a pretty sarcastic sense of humour. Most people would describe me as pretty laidback.
I’m not really into the bar/club scene so meeting someone outside of my circle of friends or work is kinda hard to do.
I’m looking for someone who is pretty outgoing and adventurous. Someone who’s into traveling, I’ve been to lots of places myself but have always wanted to go to Japan. And someone with a little bit of a nerdy side to them.

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. i am who i am and will never change for everybody, i love my children and my family, but i want to have many children. i do things out of the blue and love surprising people and being there for my family and friends...

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. the best looking for the best best looking,best in class, best sporstwomen, bestat what you do, best in life, if your not first your second lol. im proud of me blah blah blah grateful for life passionite about life

Date people from Ontario, Canada. What you see is what you get. I'm a straight shooter, and if you like my sense of humor I'll make you cry. I love to make people laugh, my sense of humor is not for everyone, but I can be PG when appropriate. I'm looking for a girl who likes to get out and have fun, or sit back and relax depending on the mood. I'm easy going and easy to get along with and I like the same in women. Conversation is important for me, I love to converse or debate topics with people who have similar or opposite views as me. I am not a jealous or possessive guy, if you wanna be with me you will, if not you won't. I don't want to be your life, just maybe part of it. I'm a hard worker, and my job is very taxing, on both mind and body. So someone who makes me feel at ease and can make me laugh is a big plus. I love sports. What did you expect, I'm a guy. I love hockey (Go leafs Go) and almost any other sport. I'm also a musician, been playing guitar for 20 plus years. I'm in 1 and half bands (my singer and I do acoustic sets at open mics.) I dabble in a few other instruments and I think I can now classify myself as a vocalist (my singer's been teaching me.) I also love to read. You couldn't get me to read a book for a book report in school (coles notes) but I just love it now. I'm big on Jim Butcher (Dresden Series) and I like Christopher Moor too. You want to know anything else just ask. If your interested let me know.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Im looking to find my sole mate and maybe some friends to network with and have fun. Im into people who dont have problem reasoning with out their own ego and false self pride. I like to suround myself with good hearted intelligent people who have goals of their own that they are working on. It is a sense of motivation and energy for me and i hope to reciprecate. I like to do fun things with my time even if i go out of comfort zone and try some new. Im mostly jus an easy going layed back type of person. I dont like to judge or put any one down in life ,i try understand and deal with things as they come. I dont know what esle to say about myself except that i know myself and im cool with that!!!!

Date single man from Canada. Am simple funny and take life seriously. love hanging out with friends and playing games. Freely mix with people of different backgrounds with ease. I hate being taken for granted and being rushed. like to meet ne people and friends.

Meet someone special from Canada. My closest friends would say I am a nice guy, and am responsible and dependable, and open-minded.
I'm looking for someone who is decent who basically does what they say they are going to do, and will be honest with me. Someone I can trust, and spend time with on a regular basis, but still have a little bit of alone time too. I'm ready to settle down, and am not into the club scene or anything like that. I do enjoy movies, music, going out, staying in, going for walks, shopping, snuggling with my special someone, gardening, cooking, and more. I suppose my interests are very broad, and I would hope yours are too. I'm a little quiet and shy at first, but I can get very talkative very quickly with someone I like. I have a great life and am always interested in learning new things and perspectives, but I feel that my life could be even further enhanced if there was someone special in it who I could share my thoughts and feelings with, so this is what brings me here. So, if you are somewhat like me, have at least a couple common interests and are looking for a long-term and monogamous relationship like me, with a loyal and affectionate person, please get in touch.

Date men and women from Canada. well im a 30 year old male who has been through alot alright in life. ive been married and now going through the divorce.(hopefully the lawyer will hurry up) hes had over 3 and a half years to do it. have 2 beautiful girls who i wouldnt trade for anything. they are the air i breath, my best friends, and my life. my match hopefully will love kids and would enjoy doing family things at times or just staying home relaxing.. lifes to short...... make the most of it.

Meet a man from Canada. I'm just a regular guy that enjoys playing sports and watching sports, watching movies and just doing fun stuff overall. i consider myself an honest and repectful person. My family and friends are very important in my life.

Date people from Canada. Apparently I get along with everyone. Thats what peope who know me would say. I am passionate music and cooking.
My ideal match would be somone who shares the same interests as me. That way the two of us would not only be able to spend time together but share our time together. That being said, she would also be able to introduce me to new things and be open minded enough to allow me to do the same.
My first date of choice is dessert and coffee for two reasons:
1. it allows us to talk and get to know more about eachother
2. it allows us to enjoy something chocolate
So if you have a sweet tooth, like trying new things, and enjoy having fun lets make it a date.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Nice Guy looking for some fun. EnJoy almost all types of activities. Like to naughty. I enjoy life and do whatever makes me feel good. I enjoy billiards and going out but as well enjoy watching movies.

. I have been single for a while now and now that I'm confortable in my situation that I would like to pursue a relationship I am having trouble meeting someone.
I am an easy going, down to earth guy. I have cheerful attidute and a "don't sweat the small stuff" view on life. At times I can be serious, at other times I enjoy a good laugh, but not at the expense of others.
I am looking for someone who enjoys the small things in life. Someone who enjoys going to a movie, musical or live theatre. Just hanging out at home together with a movie or a book. Have a stimulating conversation over a meal or drink.
Honesty, intelligence and a sense of humour are my three most important qualities in a parter. I need a partner I can trust and open up too. I need a partner who I can have intelligent discussions with about topics of interest, the world, and life in general. I need a partner who can laugh, not at others, but at themselves.

. I believe that if you're not laughing and having fun in this life, you're not doing it right. I have a goofy sense of humor (see headline) and try not to take myself too seriously--- while balancing that out by being the most ambitious person I know, to be successful and hopefully make everyone that means alot to me proud.
I think family is the most important thing in the world--- and friends are a close second... you can tell alot about someone by how they value and treat both.
Speaking of friends, they've been on me forever to try this, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
Not the most photogenic guy in the world, so it was a little tough to pick a picture--- hope you like this one.
Wow... 3287 characters left? Not sure what else to say...
If you're cute, have a great sense of humor and think my picture looks pretty good, feel free to email me with any other questions.... As you can tell, very new at this :)

. What to put here... something that's enticing enough to draw people in, yet brief enough to keep a little mystery. I'm the tall, dark and charming guy, that is a little different than what you'd expect. I'm a driven creative guy, who's ambition has taken him on many amazing journeys. I'm looking for a best friend first, someone with a passion for life and enjoys to laugh and have a good time whether she's wearing heels, or a pair of pumas.... As the headline states, 'She's intelligent, sophisticated and sexy and I'm looking forward to meeting her-- Here's hoping I find my BFF!