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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I think people are stories; with a cover that everyone sees and then you really start to get to the good bits once you read farther along a bit more. I try to live life like it's short..with laughter, friends, family and just good conversation over a glass or three of nice wine. Galavanting on airplanes to travel every so often is also something I really enjoy. I seek a considerate, honest man that makes me laugh with his wit and can challenge me..well, that makes me blush.
Someone who compels me for better and hopefully, he expects the same of me. One of my favourite things is to try to see the world through someone else's eyes. I like learning new things and laughing along the way is key. Chivalry, intellect and an appreciation for sarcasm in life are like love potion no. 9.
I have a very wide canvas of passions and interests which may not be readily apparent if you were trying to just fit me in a box. A picture is only that- a picture and all of us are much more than that inside.
I'd much prefer to get to know someone with just real conversation. If you are witty and aren't afraid to disagree with me and tell me when I am being ridiculous (girls do that sometimes), then we are much more likely to get along. I don't do well with pushover guys.
The rest is for a lady to share in time.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. I can be shy at first but once you get to know me, I am very open. I am pretty quirky, and own that. I left my career in advertising 2 years ago to pursue a career in baking and pastry. I love the creativity that goes along with baking; and the smiles it produces on peoples faces.
I am looking for someone who shares my interests and that I can teach and can learn from. I am looking for someone who can make me laugh and is not demanding, over bearing or plays games. I am not at the age where games or over bearing is ideal.
I am a musician, mainly singing and piano. I also love teaching piano to young children just starting out.
I do a lot of things in my spare time: reading, writing, movies, TV, going to basketball. I love basketball, so it would be great if you are a fan.
Quirky fact: I collect Mr. Potato Heads. I am always on the hunt.

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. About me...
I'm a fun loving girl who always looks at life with the glass as half full mentality. I enjoy spending time with friends, I like to travel and try make the most of each day. I have a successful and rewarding career and can honestly say I love my job. After work you can find me socializing with friends, sitting on a patio, or hitting the gym.
I am looking for someone who is sincere and genuine and who can make me laugh. Someone who can appreciate the little things life has to offer, who is happy staying in on Saturday night or getting all dressed up to go out.
Cheers :)

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Hi!,
So here it goes...I'm a happy person--love my family and friends--enjoy my job and traveling the being in the city exploring new places, especially new to eat... I'm hungry right now!
I'm looking for a good, honest, funny, witty guy who's easy going, family oriented and has good character. Someone who I just click with and in addition to that spark and chemistry, someone I can have great conversation with. I want a guy who is looking for and ready to be in a serious relationship. I guess I'm looking for the real deal....someone who I get excited to talk to and spend time with.
Not too much to ask, right?!

Date people from Ontario, Canada. So......since Mr. Right hasn't come knocking on my door yet, I'm out to find him.
I'm so grateful for my good health, family, friends and job. I have two amazing kids that I'm crazy about. I love being a Mom. They live with me full time, and visit their Dad every other weekend. I have a 4 year-old son, and a 2 year-old daughter. I like to stay active and lead a fairly healthy lifestyle. I enjoy the outdoors.
I'm up for new adventures, and excited to meet someone who can introduce me to new experiences.
When I look into my future I see lots of traveling; with and without the rugrats. I'm definitely looking for someone to travel with. I'd love to take up salsa dancing too.....maybe with you!?
I've never asked, but I hope my friends would describe me as cheerful (definitely a glass half full kind of girl), honest, kind and caring. I can be shy at times, until you get to know me. I think my neighbours would describe me as the girl next door. ;) I'm independent, and fortunate enough to own my own home.
My ideal match would be a man who values family and friendship, is great with kids, loves to laugh, and is a good communicator.
Bye for now. :)

Meet someone special from Canada. i think i'm an honest individual. I like to go on hikes or bike trails with friends. I have a big family and I'm grateful for them. They keep me grounded and headed in the right direction and they have always been there for me.

Date a woman from Canada. I am most proud of my parents- the education I have accomplished- the photography business I have built- the amazing group of best friends I have had for over 15 years and how giving and loving I am to the special person in my life. I come from a wonderful loving family. The guy for me is outgoing, thoughtful, successful, driven and confidant....funny is great as well :)

Meet men and women from Canada. I love to enjoy the simple things in life...hiking, walking, camping, bike rides, dog park, etc. Looking for someone who enjoys life, their job and their family.
I love hanging out with friends and having a good time. I am shy at first but my goofy fun loving side doesn't take long to come out!

Date a soulmate from Canada. Hi-ya!
I'm new to this so lets see... I'm outgoing, positive, energetic and quite sarcastic at times. I play dodge ball in the fall, snowboard in the winter, ride my bike in the summer. I've got a great job and a background in design so my creative side drives my BIG dreams and funds my killer shoe collection.
My friends are the most amazing people EVER and I would do anything for them. Oh, my family is pretty awesome too. They even wear the paper hats that come in the Christmas crackers though the whole turkey dinner every year.
I live a healthy lifestyle but enjoy a cold beer and cheeseburger on friday after work. I can most often be found entertaining friends and chilling out on my deck or around the fire on a cool summer night. I love a good road trip and look forward to a being co-pilot on random trips without a plan. I think some of the best conversations in life happen in the car (even if they happen in my head when I'm not singing lol).

Meet people from Canada. I'm looking for a nice guy... someone smart, interesting, affectionate, and honest.
I'm down to earth, easy going, independent, and career/goal oriented, but I do strive to have a balanced life. I usually know what I want and I'm very transparent.
My family and childhood friends are very important to me.
I've always been into sports; I swam competitively for 10 years and I've been figure skating for 9. Hands down, best two things I've ever done with my life (despite injuries). I still swim a little and I also bike in the summer. I like snowboarding too, but unfortunately Ontario is pretty flat...
I enjoy going out with friends, travelling, and movies. I like all sorts of music (lounge, hip-hop, pop, rock, etc), I guess it depends on the occasion and what I'm in the mood for. I used to party quite a bit but not so much anymore.
I speak English and Spanish fluently, a bit of French, and I'm learning Italian. I've lived in 3 different countries, 4 different cities. I've been in Toronto for over 4 years now. Great city.
I've travelled to Europe, South East Asia, and North America. I take every chance I get to travel to new and interesting places as I believe it is the best way to learn, grow up, and get things into perspective. Not to say that I don't enjoy just going to the beach or some other fun trip like that every now a then.
My favourite drinks are beer, diet coke, and skim milk (but not together!)
Thanks for reading my profile.

. hi im simple asian girl a loving and caring person and has a sense of humor and i love to met person who similar to me who is caring and loving to and tale love a a serios not a a game.i love travelling and discover things around the world .

. I'm a geek.
No, for real.
I know, I know.....I'm too cute to be a geek, right? Well, someday, as you're sitting beside me, and I start waxing rhapsodical about Battlestar Galactica's design, world view, and character development.....or maybe launch into a diatribe of what is wrong with the electoral system in Canada and how it should be fixed.....or start singing something from a musical and blather on about the impact that that particular musical had on the genre......or I wrangle you into a game of Settlers of Catan with my roommate and'll have to concede....I'm a geek.
I'm looking for a person who can challenge my mind, make my heart skip a beat, and make sure I'm skipping when I leave in the morning...if you catch my drift. I like to look before I leap, so don't be expecting a commitment out of the gate - let's make sure it's something we both want first.
I have (or so I've been told) great hair, pretty eyes, a nice smile and cute freckles. I also have junk in the trunk and a rack to match so that gets noticed. Then I open my mouth and they think "Damn this chick's smart!"
You should shoot me a line if you're tall, intelligent, articulate, ambitious, silly, and passionate.
And smokin' hot.
Oh don't get your panties in a twist. All I'm saying is, if you find me physically attractive, hopefully I'll find you the same.

. Well let’s give this a try, “single and looking”.
I am looking for someone who is honest, respectful, and sincere. Someone who accepts me for who I am, and will stand beside me to make memories that we can look back on years from now.Would like to find someone adventurous (like me), with a great sense of humor, and wants to get the most out of his life. Is that you?
I like my job ….most of the time, I love hanging around with my friends, my family is a very important part in my life. I adore travelling, learning about other cultures or backgrounds, having fun it’s on the top of my list. I take care of myself physically and emotionally. I know what I want and committed to get it!!!

. I'm an easy going,kind person and who loves the outdoors. I love learning and trying new things. Right now I'm learning to golf and really enjoy it. I would like to meet someone who wants a relationship and has common interests.

. I am easy going, optimistic, and I like to smile and laugh. I feel that there is a holiday in my heart when people around me are happy and smiling too. I would do anything I can to make them happy and to make their life better. I am an altruistic person, and I care about others a lot ? I do not think only about myself, because this is not good, in my opinion. I am a believer in all the good in the world. I think that everything we do in this life returns to us, so it is better to do good things, and they will return to us multiplied by many times.
I like sports very much. I think that the best kind of sport is dancing for me. I think that it is good to know how to dance, because it makes us feel good in any company. I like to jog as well, and I think that it is a little better and easier than running. When you run, you get tired very fast, but you can jog a longer distance instead. I like to jog in the mornings, when I have time, and I can do it in the evenings in summer. Another kind of sport I like is swimming. I live in the city on the sea shore now, so I like to visit the beach to swim. I like to listen to music too.
I am looking for a kind and generous man, who will understand me very well. I hope that I will be number one in his heart, and he will be number one in my soul too. I would like to meet a man who will be happy because of my successes, and who will support my ideas in life. I will be ready to support him too by all means. I would like to meet a person who will motivate me to become better and who will share my interests. I would like to be able to grow personally and intellectually by his side, and I hope that he will not be bored with me either.I look for a good man who is not here to play games but ready for a serious relationship.