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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I've decided to give this site a new venue to meet someone. I have a four year old so it would be great to have someone for adult conversation at times. I'm at a point in my life where the club scene is getting rather repeative and it would be nice to find someone to try different activities with.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Being sad with the right people is better than being happy with the wrong one.... just because it's not what you were expecting doesn't mean it's not everything you've been waiting for....:0

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I am a very positive person and want to surround myself with others that are equally positive.
I have found that if you keep positive people in your life everything just seems to work out better.
So that is what I am here for, to meet positive people that like to do fun and interesting things.
I equally like to go out and have fun or stay at home and watch movies, so I'm usually up for anything, as long as it catches my
Can you?
I know I am awesome, and although it may sound a little tongue-in-cheek, I mean it because I know my self-worth.
I am intelligent, witty, full of energy, and have a bright look on life and all the things in it. Just ask my friends!
I can enjoy a good conversation or a spontaneous bout of dancing in the street. But I am equally happy enjoying a quiet moment in the park or the beach.
I do not fit into any one mold or description. Others have wasted their time trying to pin me down, but why try to describe the
wind? Just enjoy it, it is part of Nature and of Life.
Lately I find I have been too busy to meet people in the "conventional" way, so I thought I might give a try.
I bring a lot to the table but am very busy with work right now, so don't have a lot of time to respond to every wink or two word
e-mail, my free time is very precious to me.
But if you can put together an interesting bio or e-mail with good grammer and spelling, and have spent the time and effort to post
decent pictures (i.e. don't have other women in them like ex-girlfriends) then I will definitely be in touch.
You could be one of the lucky ones that gets to spend some of my free time with me.
And then lets see where it goes from there.

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. I am a fun-loving individual. I feel so good whenever I make people laugh. I work with elderly people everyday so my patience has become one of my systems now. Staying happy and patient play a very important role in my "singleness" .... searching isn't fun but I keep my fingers crossed and patiently hoping that one day my prince will come. I sound like a hopeless romantic, don't I? (I believe I am though)

Date people from Ontario, Canada. i am born and raised in holland, so i am a european, fun, nice, friendly outgoing. i am looking for something serious that could lead to marriage. i am grateful for my son, family and friends. i love my job. i love to be outside in the summer time, go on vacation at least once a year preferebly to mexico or any other hot and sunny country. love to go out with friends or just the two of us.
i am looking for someone who loves children, loves to hang out at home and go out. likes going on vacation, someone who is fun, outgoing, likes dogs especially big dogs, honest,

Meet a soulmate from Canada. A real soul looking to connect with another, patient, kind and understanding person who is not afraid to be their genunie self, loves good company, good food and is family orientated........respected, and treated everyone well no matter diferences

Date someone special from Canada. Let's see, where to start... well, I work with numbers staring at a computer all day long so I really appreciate great company, great food and a great big laugh when I can!
Travelling has been a big weakness for me; I try to go someplace at least once a year; I've visited a bunch of places in Asia, Europe and US and would definitely recommend Iceland ~ next dream spot is Machu Picchu! When I'm not travelling I like to walk about town, eat great food, be silly with friends or just cozy up at home and watch a movie or play a good boardgame. My friends would say I'm down to earth, thoughtful, easy going and maybe a little too sarcastic for my own good! I can also hold my own in a cake fight, something I discovered about myself on one of the trips ~ I'll tell you more about that one later! I would say I can cook, but my friends would probably beg to differ ~ Lol! ~
I'm comfortable in my career, crazy about my friends and love my family. I'm looking for a guy who has strong values, like to talk as much as listen, and enjoys life. Hopefully you're also looking for something more than just dating. Although similar interests are important some of the best conversations are about new experiences; that's what makes life worthwhile!

Meet a woman from Canada. Looking to hang out and explore the city. I've met some really wonderful people in Toronto but mostly through work - I never date co-workers so thought I'd try something new.
I like reading Michael Lewis, trying new restaurants and baking. And Breaking Bad.
If you think we might have something in common, message me.

Date men and women from Canada. Free spirited, enjoy keeping in shape, long walks, tea, good food and company. I'm very creative, open-minded and looking for someone who is well-rounded and knows how to loosen up his tie and have some fun!

Meet people from Canada. hi!
me: i'm 32, i live in downtown toronto & i want to be in a brilliant relationship by this summer.
phew. now that that's out of the way... my self summary:
i like to laugh and i do it as often as possible. i crave captivating content of all sorts: films, concerts, books, articles, ... i surround myself with people with good taste - in restaurants, in music, in film. being a passionate person, i'm attracted to passion (even if we don't share the same ones). i sometimes feel like i'm in a permanent state of enthusiasm. i orchestrate my life in order to always have something to look forward to, to be excited about. a trip, a film festival, a dinner, a show, a race, a new podcast!
i love my life and am so grateful for the richness of it. i know there's someone out there who wants what i want, has a similar view of relationships, partnerships, family. i haven't met him as of yet, but i'm certain he exists. this someone is loving, sociable, fun. he knows himself and is clear on what he wants. he loves the idea of spending a night at home browsing netflix under the covers. but could also get excited at the thought of going out dancing with friends on ossington, or spending a weekend in montreal (where i'm from, incidentally!). someone who is healthy and always up for a challenge. who isn't afraid to step out of his comfort zone.
(if you speak french, you get bonus points!)

. I have three amazing children, who are my world. I am funny and love to laugh. People say that I am very compassionate and that I am always fun to be around. I have a great, although sometimes twisted sense of humor and get along with most everyone. I love to be around people, but am happiest when I am spending quality time with those that are close to me. Looking for someone that is kind, honest and loves to laugh. And is as comfortable going on an unexpected road trip as curling up to watch a movie together.

. I love to laugh and value funny people that don't take themselves too seriously. I like to stay busy but hoping to find someone who makes the downtime fun :)
I'm originally from the East coast but have lived ALL over Canada. I have a job I love, great friends, and learning to be happy 'settling down' in the city, but also spending as much time outdoors as possible.
I'm a very down to earth, laid back person with a strong independent side. I like to take on new challenges and learn about new things. My motto is I'm willing to try anything... twice.
My friends would say I'm loyal, positive, honest, and I love to make them laugh, but also very hard working, driven , and passionate about things that are important to me.
I'm hoping to find a guy that is open minded, athletic, can be adventurous, and can make me think about things differently too!

. My friends would describe me as laid-back, sarcastic sense of humour and a bit shy at times.
Love my family, friends, dancing, a bottle of wine and a good movie.
Love anyone who can make me laugh and doesn't take life to seriously.
Im looking for someone who can have fun and make the most out of any situation. I like a guy who can have a take charge attitude but can also be a complete teddy bear. Honesty, kindness and maturity is also very important to me.
If you would like to know more about me send me a quick note. :)

. I would describe myself as caring, patient (unless I'm hungry or tired, lol), creative, go-getter, hippie, seeker and questioner. I'm sort of a romantic soul in an enlightenment world. I love traveling, reading, creating things, art, animals, chocolate, spicy Asian food, and listening to music ridiculously loud in my car. I'm really close with my family and my sister is by far the best person I know. I'm quite content with the simple pleasures in life, I'm not into "stuff", in fact I could easily live on a beach somewhere in a bamboo hut with just the clothes on my back and some good books. There's nothing better than great people and stimulating conversations about life, death and everything in between.
I've been in KW for about 4 years now. I previously lived in Toronto and worked in fashion/costume design. I've done a big career flip and now I work with foster kids and children with mental health issues. I still love Toronto and I'm there all the time since I also go to school there part-time studying spiritual psychotherapy (sort of Jung meets Buddhism). Spirituality, psychology, health and wellness are a very important part of my life.
Ideally I'd like to find a partner who's on the same wave length as me. That means someone who is spiritual, self-aware, self-searching, cares about people and the environment and understands that we are all a part of the whole. I would like to meet someone who can keep me stimulated intellectually, spiritually and physically (I can have it all right? Lol). Ideally that person likes to enjoy a quiet night in, cooking dinner and watching documentaries and just hanging out and being silly. Or getting out to go to for a bike ride, a day at the beach or drinks on a patio.
One of my favourite things to do is get all hopped up on caffeine and go for a walk downtown to my favourite used book store (and usually spend way too much money!) so if you like that sort of thing its a huge bonus!

. I am hoping to meet someone with a simular positive outlook on life. I very much enjoy the outdoors and I always try to see the positive in things. I love to laugh, be happy and enjoy the moment. I want to meet a friend who shares common interests and see where it leads to. I have a great family and great group of friends along with a full time job I love. I am looking for someone to share laughs with, explore, be adventureous and hopefully introduce me to new things as I hope to introduce them to new things.