Date men and women from Canada / Ontario / Ajax, 32 year old

Date people from Ajax, Canada. I'm at a certain point in my life where being in a relationship with the "right" person is important. The funny thing is I don't know exactly who the "right" person is...I don't know where she'll be from, what her hair colour will be nor her age but I'll just feel it when I see her. That much I know.
I've had serious relationships in the past (which all were great in their own right) but I can honestly say looking back that they were doomed to fail. For whatever reasons (distance, timing, commonalities, etc) they never worked but in all honesty none of those scenarios are obstacles if it's the "right" person...For me I need a connection mentally so I can respect her. I need to have a connection physically so I can desire her. Most important though I need a connection emotionally so I can love her. There is no way around it I need something profound, anything less won't do.
So here I am on "Match". I view it as another way to meet people who aren't in my social circle. It's not the only avenue but an avenue non the less that could lead me to what I want and more importantly what I need.
I'm not going to write a lot about myself because it doesn't matter in the end, lol. What I mean by that is if you like my pics and think I can differentiate between the words "there", "they're" and "their" amongst other grammar related stuff you may or may not msg me. In the end I don't know...
I like conversation, have a positive mindset, have many interests and most of all am ready for the right person.
"You can never say the wrong thing to the right person..."

Meet men and women from Ajax, Canada. I value a great family, friends and a relationship, that both people can wear our hearts on the outside. I love to laugh and live my a simple motto "Its not where you are, but who your with that create the most lasting memories and special occassions in life."

Date a man from Ajax, Canada. im a good guy my spelling suckes and people lafth at it.i gess it is funney still,i like having fun going out seeing everthing that cool and fun.i like fishing camping wather parks skating moves swimming.skripping rockes ,i like going skidiving i wood do it nacked but i dont think they wood late me.

Meet single man from Ajax, Canada. I'm a hard working, easy going guy who knows that life is all about balance and how much more you can enjoy life if you have it.
Id like to meet someone who is independent, knows how to have fun, and is appreciative of others and of good deeds. Someone who would put me first from time to time would always be appreciated.

Date a soulmate from Ajax, Canada. I would consider myself a very down to earth, laid back type of guy. I`m content simply just sitting outside by the lake, having a drink, some laughs and enjoying everyones company. I work work hard and would like to meet someone who does the same.

Meet someone special from Ajax, Canada. I live in Ajax.i love seeing the joy that a simple throughtful act the bring to others.i wont someone appreciate that an who also want to get most of her life. i surround my self with good people. i would like some one love to me feel free touch me my hearts .

Date people from Ontario, Canada. I am an easy going, kind, intelligent, and very optimisitc person. I love to laugh and be around other positive people. Fortunately I have a great group of friends that keep me on my toes.
I really enjoy a good meal with family or friends. Good conversation can be about sports, politics, pop culture, food, or anything really. I like to keep learning new things and read up on various subjects.
The most important thing I'm looking for is a genuinely good, kind hearted person. I hope to meet someone positive who handles life's challenges with poise and perseverence and treats those around them with respect.

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. I am just browsing to see what this on-line dating thing is all about. I don't know anything about it and am just a little curious. I've been told that there is someone out there for everyone... maybe for me too.

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. My closest friends would describe me as a workaholic. I work long hours, but I like to play long hours too. I'm a very curious person and like to try new things all the time. Sports, theatre, you name it.

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. Im hoping to attract someone honest, caring, sweet, and sexual.
I myself consider myself to be honest, caring sweet, and sexual.
Im looking for someone that to share my life with.
I want my other half to be like my best friends and to enjoy everything together.
I like to travel a lot and its better with the person u love.
I work hard. I have my own house. I love my job. But Im missing that special somebody to be with.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am looking for a guy, whom I can get lost in conversation with, just as easily as we can share one of those moments of comfortable silence. I want to share both our passions, some of mine, some of yours, some new ones we find together. You should be honest, Say what you mean and mean what you say and donРІР‚в„ўt make promises you canРІР‚в„ўt keep. You are affectionate and not afraid to show it. You will encourage and support me and I will do the same for you. You are a hard worker, but realize that a work-life balance is important. Finally, you can make me laugh, whether itРІР‚в„ўs a well timed joke, or a quote from your favourite movie or TV show (family guy and Simpsons offer a huge pool to pull from).
So what do I have to offer? You will see me smile more than I frown. I am not offended by a dirty joke and can dish out one of my own. I believe Sarcasm is a spice of life. I encourage you to spend time with your boys, and will make myself scarce on those nights. Finally, you will never have to hold my purse at the shoe store.
Ultimately I am looking for someone to be a partner in life.....and maybe even live out our days until the zombie apocalypse. :)

Meet people from Canada. It is a challenge to try and describe yourself in a matter of words, so bear with this likely weak descriptive paragraph. I am an active, healthy and at most times a positive-minded woman with a head on her shoulders, but always interested in learning new things.
I am definitely not interested in any drama or people presenting themselves under false pretenses- I am an honest person, and expect and hope that the people that enter my life will prove to be the same. I try to conduct myself in a way that consistently demonstrates my consideration and respect for myself and others.
I guess joining this site for me, is mostly about allowing for opportunity and my future to start shaping itself. I am looking to maybe make a connection with someone forthcoming and honest and has a true sense of what they value and want from the world. I enjoy sports, being active, reading and without a doubt music. Mainly, my limelight is a natural one, without pretense, where I can have a few laughs and enjoy all the wonderful experiences that life brings most often when we're not paying attention.

Date a woman from Canada. Born and raised in a small town in the Rocky Mountains, I'm fairly new to the area and still getting accustomed to the GTA. I'm easy going, independent, and I have a great career that I love love love. I'm 6' tall so obviously I'm looking for someone who is not vertically challenged (sorry Frodo). I was a varsity athlete and I'm currently playing competitive volleyball several times a week, so ideally you're an equally active person in whatever activity that might be. I own my own house and car, and I travel a few times a year. I'm also environmentally-conscious and really into animals and nature. I listen to music all day long, and it ranges tremendously depending on my mood. I have a passion for architecture and I can't wait to visit some of the places that I've read about. And I love to make people laugh, even if it's at my own expense.

Meet men and women from Canada. I always try to have a positive out look on life.
I am blessed to have a beautiful daughter and a career I love. I own a hair salon with 9 staff that keeps me very busy.
In my free time I like to hang out with friends and my daughter and just enjoy life. I love to travel and try new things. Snowboarding, soccer and have a bike license but sold my bike. :(
I am looking for a partner to compliment me and just have some fun.

Date someone special from Canada. A real soul looking to connect with another, patient, kind and understanding person who is not afraid to be their genunie self, loves good company, good food and is family orientated........respected, and treated everyone well no matter diferences