Date women from Canada / Ontario / Barrie, 32 year old

Date a woman from Canada. I am a strong, independent woman. I am always smiling and happy. I am looking for someone to enjoy life with. Good communication and honesty is a must have. I don't take anything for granted. I am willing to try anything once. I have 2 amazing boys 11 and 7. I am very easy going and down to earth girl.

Meet someone special from Canada. IРІР‚в„ўm a motivated, multi tasker who loves to keep moving. I love camping (the real kind without flush toilets!), fishing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, rollerblading, jogging, biking, squash and snowshoeing. My favourite kind of vacation is going deep into the forest where I donРІР‚в„ўt see another human being for at least a week. Having said that, I equally enjoy sitting back and watching a good movie or hanging out with a bunch of friends at a BBQ. IРІР‚в„ўm a dog nut, I myself only own one but since I work with them all day I fell like I have a hundred and I have a large, wonderful family who I enjoy visiting often.
IРІР‚в„ўm looking for a guy who enjoys and values the little things in life, like spending time with family and friends or just getting outside to appreciate nature. A good sense of humor (even a little goofy) is always a big plus, I love to laugh and itРІР‚в„ўs good for the soul. IРІР‚в„ўm looking to meet someone with the same love for the outdoors, if thatРІР‚в„ўs you please drop me a line.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am an outgoing, down to earth person looking to meet someone who is similar. I am not sure what to expect from this site and am just looking for now. Not really sure what i'm looking for to be honest.

Meet a woman from Barrie, Canada. I am a nurturing, thoughtful, caring and considerate women. I am sick of dating and want to find my soulmate! Some of my favourite things in life are my little dog, family and friends obviously, my job MOST days, nurturing and cooking for loved ones, buying gifts and making people smile, being creative, gardening, hiking, sports, watching movies and cuddling. I am very outgoing, love to be sarcastic and joke!

Date someone special from Barrie, Canada. I'm someone who enjoys the simple things in life. I love being with my family and friends and enjoying what life has to offer. I am too old for games so if that's what you're into, please don't message me. I am an old fashioned, down to earth, love to laugh and be silly kind of girl. I just want to be loved and be loved in return, to share a life with someone who's loving, caring, sensitive, funny, confident, mature and REAL...that's it, that's all :)

Meet a soulmate from Barrie, Canada. A little about me? Hmm, well the easiest way to figure me out would be to talk to me! ;) But I'll give this a shot...
- I love going for drives when I'm bored. Open the windows, crank the tunes, pick a direction and GO!! As long as I have a full tank of gas, a fully loaded iPod and snacks! ;)
- I have one cat that I somewhat 'rescued' and brought her in to my life so she could know what it felt like to be wanted and loved.
- I don't sit still. Even if I'm relaxing on the couch, I'm always fidgeting.
- I'm accident prone and when I go on vacation everyone who knows me expects me to come home with some sort of unusual injury. And a story to go with it!
- I love trying new food!! My philosophy is to try everything twice! I don't know many other people who have tried frogs legs. (PS... they do not taste like chicken. They taste like frog. lol)
- I'm a jeans and tshirt kinda girl, though I do quite enjoy getting dressed up for a night out!
- I'm that girl that can tear up watching a commercial. And then I end up laughing at myself for it! lol
- I'm very loyal to my family and those I care about and I would do anything for them.
- I love baking and love it even more when I can share the yummy results!
What I'm looking for: Confidence, good manners and someone who knows when it's time to be silly and when it's time to be serious. Someone who will keep me on my toes and introduce me to new things and who will be as willing to go on new adventures with me as he is to stay in curled up on the couch together.
So, are you ready to begin a new adventure? Drop me a line!! :)

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I am honest, easy going, loyal, sarcastic, fun and a bit daring :-) I like running, extreme sports ( ie snowmobiling, dirt biking, street biking). I love trucks but also have a spot in my heart for muscle cars. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I like to get out of the house and enjoy a nice restaurant and some wine every now and then. Looking for some who enjoys similar things. Someone who can be trustworhy, loyal , bit of a "guys guy" make me laugh and feel special :-)

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I love to laugh. I work alot but love to have fun, and go to new local places. I wanted to be treated well, and I like to be surprised. I love to be active and my dogs are very important to me. Looking for someone to enjoy everyday with me.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am a very honest and would like the people who I am meeting to be just as honest. I think that it takes time to get to know someone and that is how a relationship is made. I can be a little flirty at times and also speak whats on my mind.

. I am a happy individual who loves to laugh and finds enjoyment in the simple things in life. Family and friends are important to me. I love being outdoors... whether it is kayaking, biking, hiking, snowshoeing or sitting by water watching the sun go down and the stars come out... it's the place to be.
I love my career, working with children is challenging yet, very rewarding and has always been a priority of mine.
I am looking for someone who is ready to begin a relationship, ambitious, open-minded, lives an active, healthy lifestyle and has a positive attitude. Are you ready? :)

. Well for starters, I am a mom...I have a son that is a year and a half, and he will always come first no matter what. I also have a very demanding career that takes up alot of my extra time. This does not mean that I do not have time for someone else in my life, it just means that I am looking for someone that I can add to it, not change it. I take much pride in myself, my family, my friends and my career; I don't choose to have time for complications!
My spare time is usually spent with family and friends, I love to be outdoors all of the time in the summer, but have to admit in the winter it is not my first choice to be out in a blizzard.
I want to meet someone that is also independant, a guy who goes out with his friends, has a good career also, and can deal with my sarcastic and sometimes out spoken personality. I can battle with the best of them, and never hold back, I can admit when I am wrong, and will only take a bet if I am 100% sure that I am right. I like to challenged, don't always agree with me please...and don't tell me something just because you think that I want to hear it...I have broad shoulders!!!

. I think "City High" explains me well...
"You can say I'm plain Jane, but its not the same, I ain't in to big names, but I like nice things, I watch boxing matches & football games, I wouldn't mind being an actress, but I like to sing... I like going out, taking walks and stuff, I don't run with many girls cause they talk too much, I enjoy quiet nights at home, i'll curl up next to ya, though I ain't a virgin that don't mean I'm having sex with ya... Cause anywhere I go I'm spotted, and anything I want I got it, 5'5 with brown eyes, smile like the sunrise"
As for what I'm looking for...
Someone who likes to be spontaneous, likes going to social events but also likes to stay home, cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie. Being around friends is important to me and meeting new ones is always great. I have a lot of love to give to the right person, I just need to know that you deserve it.

. i am just seeing what's out there? U have to take chances in life because if you have nothing to gain, nothing to lose. I am a single mother and still believe in Romance and hope there is some still out there. I like someone with a sense of adventure, who is confident and is not afraid of being honest. I am looking to date and see where that takes us......

. First and foremost I am looking for someone who is real and who isnt afraid to be themself. I would consider myself to be a person who loves life and lives every bit of it to its full potential, you only live once right. I 'd prefer the mystry of a quite smile over those that try to be loud and boastful. I am humble at heart and believe hard work derserves rewards. I enjoy treating myself as well as my friends and family, making others happy always makes me happy. I am passionate about travelling to interesting places, and would take adventure over relaxation, but a mix of both is best. I love being outside during all seasons. I have an artistic flare, i like to paint and anything thats involves creativity. I love to laugh and i find humour very attractive. I love crakin jokes and engaging in conversation. I am not afraid to try anything once and never turn down a challenge. I am a free spirit with an easy going nature.

. What type of person I hope to attract is someone who is honest loyal and a true friend. Someone who you can always count on through the good and bad. I feel life is just a learning journey for everyone and choice's is the key to where we all end up in our lives...