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Date someone special from Brampton, Canada. Life is unexpected. Everything that happens in our lives has meaning and relevance. How we interpret moments of success and weakness depends on what we have gone through in life. Live life to the fullest, never have regrets!
I am optimistic. I challenge myself daily on becoming a better person. I love to see other people smile and have joy in their life. I am outspoken, opinionated, strong-willed and independent. I love to dance and sing, I enjoy going out and dancing.
My ideal match would be someone who is interested in similar things as I am or is willing to give things that are unfamiliar a fair chance. Someone who is outgoing, active, has a great sense of humor, patient and understanding. Someone who is ambitious and goal oriented.
I love taking long walks, travelling around the world to explore what the world has to offer. I am always up for a challenge. If your ready for a challenge.....

Meet a soulmate from Brampton, Canada. Hello,
I'm really new at this online dating thing. I'm a very family oriented person who loves my family very much. I work full time as a program coordinator. I love to watch movies, go for walks in the summer days, spend lots of time with my family and friends, like to get away when I can for the weekend or on vacation once in a while and I am open to trying new things. Some people think I can be old fashion when it comes to family morals and beliefs.
I am looking for someone that is outgoing, funny, and will make me laugh and smile. Honesty and open communication is a very important step in making a relationship very strong.
Currently looking to meet someone that will be my best friend / soul mate, knows what he wants, looking for marriage and wanting to start a family one day.

Date a woman from Brampton, Canada. Hey, I was not sure about this website but wanted to give it a try. I am a relaxed and easy-going girl but sometimes I can be hard and difficult person as well depending on my priority and interest.
People say I am generous with others but hard on myself.
I want to meet someone who can understand me and give me a smile and enjoy time together. I am explorative and active in doing new things and going to new places to widen experiences.
Preferably, I'd like to meet someone with Korean background but open to others who would match me.
I am a health care professional and my life motto is work hard, play hard. If you are passionate about what you do and also love to enjoy life, give me a message. I could be a great company to you and we could share a good time.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Ideal match would be someone who is business focused and not just a job person. Someone who loves to travel, has mutual understanding, communicate openly, dress well, spontaneous, funny and independent.
I'm 31 years old, born in Guyana, South America of Indian decent. I enjoy the lakes, boating although I can't swim :-) I've got great friends and my family is very laid back and sociable. I've worked for what I have and I'm content with what I've accomplished. My personality can be aggressive at times and I'm stubborn however I'm discipline, respectful and certainly have a TO DO LIST I'm working on :-)

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. i am real easy person to talk and loving outgoing person, i am looking my mate to be a nice and attractive, he what that means must be confident of his self, beautiful hearts is better than thousand of beautiful faces, so i choose better people having a beautiful hearts, rather than beautiful faces,.i am far away with my family, i work hard for my better future,i want to spend my life who is honest, caring patient understanding trustworthy, loving person and GOD fearing,i surround my self, with good people, i would love to fine someone who have ambition travel, and explore what the world has,.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. Hi there.........thanks for checking out my profile. I'm new to this whole online dating thing but I've heard some good things. Also, heard some bad, but I guess we all take our chances.
About me....I'm 30 years old (just turned....not quite over it yet), pretty laid back and easy going. I try hard to look good and take care of myself. Try to eat ok (beer, wings and pizza ARE considered ok once in a while......don't let anybody tell you different), go to the gym, play sports. I enjoy doing all kinds of things, providing I enjoy the company I keep. I consider myself a bit of a tomboy, but don't worry...I can clean up real nice too. I'm on here looking to find someone that I can get to know, get to know me, trust, laugh with, have fun with and hopefully one day form that awesome relationship that so many of us have been looking for. Not perfect...nothing is....but I find too often people have relationships just to have them. As cliche as it sounds......I want to find my best friend. Always have each other's back and just really enjoy each other. The best word I can think of is real.
About you......Honest, laid back and easy going. You don't always have to make a big deal about everything. Can take charge when need be. Absolutely hilarious and can have fun doing nothing at all. But also knows when to be serious. You don't have to take care of me but you got to at least be able to take care of yourself. No fronts. No pretending to be something you're not. Again....just real. Tall, dark and handsome would not be frowned upon either.
Drop me a line should getting to know me more and letting me know you interests you at all.
Good luck to us all in our searches.

Date someone special from Canada. Hey there! Im new to this and just wanted to check things out. I am light hearted, wear my heart on my sleve type women. I like to have fun and try to make the best out of any situation.
I am Looking for a down to earth man who has ambition.I like a great smile and a wonderful sense of humor, and a man who likes to let loose and have fun.
If thats you, lets start there...
A few things about me:
I like all kinds of music but mainly hip hop, R&B. reggae, soca, and old school.
I love a good movie, going for walks, and spending time with family and friends.
I dont club much anymore but dont mind a good night out every now and then.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am grateful for being surrounded by inspiring and positive people. I have lived and learned in many aspects of my life and I believe falling and scraping your knees helps build resilience. I don't believe in coincidences, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and doing unto others as you would like done to you.... karma.
I would love to meet someone that wants to experience all that life has to offer...traveling, family, friends, adventures and the unknown.
Someone that still values the delicacy of a woman and respects them. A man, who is looking for a real realtionship and is not afraid to work for it.
So, good luck and Carpe Diem. Anything and everything can change in the matter of moments.....

Date a woman from Canada. I'm best described as a good listener, funny and trustworthy. I'm looking for a man who is stable and knows what he wants. I'm also looking for someone who is honest, funny and adventurous. I'm grateful about life and everything in it. I enjoy meeting new people, spending time with family and friends. If there is anything else you would like to know about me. Just send me a message. Talk to you soon.

. i love helping out people, im very honest, im greatful to god for giving me good health and family.
im looking for communication and honesty in a relationship. im looking for someone who is normal, down to earth easy going and of course funny.. Want to have long term relationship to serious relationship .

. I am the stereotypical "good girl." I put my family first, I'm funny, loyal, honest, reliable and practical. But there is a bit of the "bad girl" in me and it takes a cetrain type to bring that side out!
My ideal short-term guy is this: someone who is fun!! Fun to talk to, fun to be with.
The long-term guy (who I doubt exists!): Someone who I can still have fun with but is ready for the real adult phase of life. Someone who understands the emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual responsibility and commitment required when two people decide to become life partners. Someone who understands me and when he doesn't, makes every effort to do so. Someone who makes my needs a priority, as I would do the same -- when that one act is reciprocated, a relationship cannot fail.

. What to say... this is all very new to me, I guess i will start off by telling you a bit about myself... I am currently in the process of completing my Masters in Nursing and working as a Registered Nurse. If you ask my friends they would describe me as being caring, fun-loving, trustworthy, extremely helpful and very creative.
In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends as they hold high importance in my life, I also enjoy traveling to new places around the world to learn about new cultures and experience new things, however, in my downtime I like to take care of myself by shopping, going to the spa or exercising.
Overall, I don't consider myself a very picky person but the most important quality I look for in another person is honesty. For me, being honest and open with your significant other is the foundation of a relationship. Someone who is well-balanced (not afraid to express himself and appreciates me for who I am) is also very important to me.
If you're interested in getting to know me a little bit more, please feel free to send me a message and we will take it from there.

. I think that I am a good friend. My friends know that they can rely on me for anything. I know when to be serious and I know when to relax and let loose. It takes awhile for me to warm up to people, but when I do, I am friendly. I'd like to meet a Christian who attends church regularly or wouldn't mind attending church regularly. Someone who is going to school to prepare themselves for a CAREER, not just settling for a job.

. I'm a happy go lucky person who enjoys doing the most life has to offer. I like to do different and entertaining things. I'm looking for REAL no games just someone to make me smile. Someone who is willing to get to know me and treat me like a lady. Someone who is interested in trying new things as well as travelling. This person can have kids and want to have more in the future. In a nutshell I am looking for husband material.

. I'm really not good at selling my self, but here goes. I'm a down to earth, laid back and like to enjoy life. I love to laugh and have a good time.
I'm looking for someone with a good sense of humor and enjoy my spare time with.
If there is anything you would like to know about me, don't be afraid and ask