Date men from Canada / Ontario / Caledon, 32 year old

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. I'm a easy going, loveable, funny person with a great smile, a passion for cooking. Love to travel and cook in different places around the world. I'm a gentleman that is considerate and understanding to our peoples needs. Looking to met new people in hopes to find that certain person that I can cook for.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I know exactly what you think when reading this.
You think: 'Please let him be the one I have been searching for. Not some douche bag again! I really want him to be someone extraordinary who makes me feel all those great things no one else can. The One I can unwind and really be myself with; who gives me new direction and makes me feel invincible and most special. The extraordinary one that no one can replace despite his quirks; who grows on me day by day, my other half.'
Now I could start telling you lots of stuff about how cool, interesting, exciting and sexy I am. I could tell you that I am 6" tall and have coffee-brown eyes. That my humor is intoxicating and lots of other intriguing things...but I won't 'cause I am sure you read a lot of those self-descriptions on this site only to ask yourself afterwards what happened to this thing about 'truth in advertising'!
I can tell you this though: I am a challenge! Driven, a bit elusive, vibrant, confident, funny, charming, fun to be with and not afraid to put you in your place and have a little sparring back and forth where necessary. A risk taker, who is always up for an adventure, has traveled the world and lived in 5 countries so far...
Now, as you have read this far there is interest from your side. So send me an email and we'll take it from there! Don't just window shop! That's just a waste of time. I mean you are here for a reason or not? I don’t bite… Well, on first encounters not at least ;)
No pressure! No expectations! We are just ourselves, take it easy, let things take their course and see where it leads us. If something happens between us it's meant to be. The worst thing that can happen is that we become good friends.
So if you are that special, above-average woman I am looking for, who is more than a pretty face, interested more in her ideas than her image you just have to see how much we can enjoy each other!