Date men and women from Canada / Ontario / Collingwood, 32 year old

Date single man from Collingwood, Canada. I am kind, humble, and at times opinionated. I am looking for a girl who understands that its the little things in life which makes life what it is. Im in the mind -set where life is short and there is no time for dancing around, although abit of dancing could be fun. I would like a discreet woman if there is such thing anymore. I am not impressed with education because lets face it, anybody that has money can get one. And even if you have one you can still be behind the times anyways so i take no regard to that when seeking a woman to spend my life with. I would like a morally grounded girl because at the end of the day its about the children that we wanted to have and how they are raised, is the result of what we take as to what is right and wrong. Maybe its just me but things are screwy in this world and i will not waste my time being like everyone else. The only pride i take in my life if any at all is not following the crowd.
I have a great group of friends and family who i am close with and love spending time with. I love spending time outdoors and just hanging around. I seek just a caring, lovable, honest girl to spend the rest of my life with.

Meet men and women from Collingwood, Canada. About me... Iike adventure, outdoors ,and lots of different activities. Friends say I've got a good sense of humour and I'm easy going... I'm not a big fan of the "chain restaurants" and would perfer to seek out that small quaint restaurants.... Places I'd like to visit, oh there's a long list of them! For starters the east coast of Canada is high on my list. Things I like to do; set goals and work towards them (working towards one now deadline is 4 months away). Eat popcorn ( it's a weakness), sleep in at least once a week. My new thing is crosswords..I'm not great at it but the anwers in the back help out a little...ok maybe a more than a little...And i like to fix/break/build things cause that's what men do...
Who am I looking for...someone fun! someone that will fix the things I break, break what i fix and build something together...or eat a bag of popcorn... :-)!

Date a soulmate from Collingwood, Canada. I am independent and loyal. Love to be active and want to experience new things. I am looking for that someone who is up for life's adventures. Who wants to see and experience new things, someone who will travel anywhere and everywhere.

Meet a man from Collingwood, Canada. Hi my name is rob my friends call me (Jarvie) Am a straight shooter i will tell u how it is and wont bet around the bush, I love to have fun and laugh all the time its alot better to laugh then be mad and hate the world if u understand,

Date a soulmate from Collingwood, Canada. Most of my friends describe me as a real go getter who doesnt know how to sit still. I am always on the move and trying out something new. I find some guys find my busy schedule too much. Between horse back riding, camping and work and studying I am a busy girl with lots of drive.
I am looking for the same in a man. One who wants to get of the houser for the day on our days off and do something. Even if its in the rain. I love to travel to different countries on the spure of a moment.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. I am very open minded and i don't judge nor would i like that, i'll try anything once. I would do anything for anyone in moderation, i am very loyal and honest, i feel there isn't enough of that out there these days. i keep things simple and ill never keep you guessing. i am very kind hearted and adore my family.
i have no children and never been married. it's so hard to meet people when bars seem more like meat markets than a place to get to know someone. and it seems that most people have some twisted game up there sleeve or alterier motives for other things. if your straight with me i will always be straight with you, what do you have to lose, you just go out on another date. i am affectionate but will give space, i don't like to over do things, but i do like to take care of my man in most ways. i will always tell you how i feel because i know none of us are mind readers, i just like to keep it real because i am trying to meet someone to share my life with that wants to have fun and not be so seriouse alll the time. i do seem shy at times but it take me a bit to see if your real and then i tend to open up alot more. i want love and someone that is looking for their best friend because that's what i want, and a great lover, but i will be patient.