Date men from Canada / Ontario / Cooksville, 32 year old

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. Hi. What are you doing later? Lets go make time stand still. Tell me what you like and don't like, better yet, tell me what you have the most fun doing so we can make our own adventures. Maybe we can stumble on a new experience, get to know each other better, and have some laughs along the way.
There are a couple places I would like to show you and a great place to eat we can check out.
Would you prefer to find a trail to hike, or a random roadtrip? How about just hanging out with friends?
Maybe you feel like pretending we are tourists in the city and act silly?!
If you want to just relax we can chill outside, put on some music while swinging on the hammock with a fire going. I'm really easy going and usually up for anything. As long as your comfortable and you feel secure when you're with me.
And if you feel like staying in, wicked. There were a couple of movies I really want to see and a bottle of wine with our names on it. By the way, you are in luck!...I know how to cook so I hope you're hungry.
So tell me, what shall we start with first!? Whatever you want to do just let me know it's up to you.
Hope to hear from you soon

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. It is difficult to talk about yourself unless someone talks to you and understand thinking trends. In brief I value knowledge, respect people and enjoy family, friends and work. I appreciate beauty and creativity in all forms. of course no one is perfect the rest, you have to discover ;)

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. First of all I would like to explain the name ....Yes it is a spelling error that I didn't catch in time and Iam a big guy, very friendly and love big hugs and when that is what my family and friends see all the time and it is what you would experience if you are the one.
This is what I will say is important about me... Iam the oldest of 6 siblings out of which 4 are girls. Having sisters and warning them about what men are like for so many years automatically developed me into a man who treats the woman he is with like he wants his sisters treated. Other than that I am fun loving, ambitious, love to crack a joke or be sarcastic to keep life humorous, love adventure and the outdoors, usually have a book or two on the go, love going dancing with a good crowd, my favourite company are my family and friends. I love working out and staying in shape although I love food as well so its a balance I have to strike lol. I have my own business and I love the independence it grants me if I want to travel. I love going on a spontaneous trip at the last second without any plans. I have been lucky enough to see much of europe an asia including some cities in the U.S. but there is so much I have yet to see and experience but now I want to do it with the person I am looking for. I am very ambitious, so much so that I left Canada for an overseas job for the last 9 years and trust me when I say it wasn't any place a 23 yr old wants to go. I achieved the goals I set out for myself and now Iam back with my own business.
What I am looking for is having as much of the above in common as possible. A travel partner and a partner in crime, someone who is confident and witty, family oriented and positive. Drama is my kryptonite so I am definitely looking for someone easy going and who also hates conflict. I believe in building a sanctuary not just a relationship, I am looking for my best friend not just a partner. If this sounds like you then I would love to hear from you and if not then I wish you the best in your search.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. What i can tell you is i am all about family and friends. They would describe as Fun, loyal and a dry sense of humor. Some one who would do anything they could to help them when they needed it. I am also a big foodie, and will go a good distance for a good meal, even farther if i have good company. I enjoy all most any food and am willing to try new things. I try to live my life as open as i can, so if you have a question you can go ahead and ask :-)
My match:
I like a women who is strong and open minded. Some one who will tell me what is on her mind. I like a women who is confident and isn't afraid to make the first move.

Date a man from Canada. I believe in absolute exclusive commitment and loyalty. I think if you decide to do something, you should give it everything you got.
I love my career, it is exciting and very fulfilling. I can be a workaholic at times but when you love what you do it doesn't seem like work. I believe in being very positive and to that end I am almost constantly in a good mood...even in the morning.
Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Have fun.