Date men from Canada / Ontario / Cornwall, 32 year old

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Meet a soulmate from Canada. Just looking for someone to share my life with. I love animals , kids and the great outdoors. I enjoy cooking , playing sports and or watching them. My two greatest accomplishments or my kids. Looking for someone to be apart of my life.

Date someone special from Canada. I'm looking for someone who is upbeat and has a good personality. I would like to meet someone who enjoys having fun and enjoys life. This person would also enjoy being around kids. I am a strong believer in family and spending time with them. I am hard working and put a strong effort into what I believe in.

Meet a man from Canada. I'm looking to find someone too share time with. Meet new friends and have some fun. Maybe find that new special someone who make me laugh and makes me feel good. And I'll try and do the same. Looking for friends first and then who knows what will happen next.

Date single man from Cornwall, Canada. A nice person who enjoys being around family and friends. Someone who enjoys sports both playing and watching. I am a nice person who enjoys playing golf, hockey and baseball. I also like to just relax have some drinks and enjoy the company with me.

Meet a soulmate from Cornwall, Canada. I'm an easy going guy who is looking for a gal who is just as laid back. It would be nice to have someone to hangout with whether its at home on those lonely boring nights, a night out on the town for just the 2 of us or at a house party with our friends. I can be quiet and shy at first, but once I get to know you, I'll be the life of the party. If you're interested...give me a shout.

Date someone special from Cornwall, Canada. i'm a surfer from pei, believe it or not, i have gone to athi for golf and now have worked at courses all over the country bc, alberta, and here at home. looking for someone that loves to camp hike surf or at least willing to try at least once. looking for someone who is real and willing to talk when things are not going as planned or for now a good friend