Date men and women from Canada / Ontario / Don Mills, 32 year old

Date people from Don Mills, Canada. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile and best of luck!
I am a well-rounded person and very passionate about life and learning despite the occasional setbacks. I am somewhat open-minded and rarely conform to trends. I have utmost respect for nature and all its creatures - the homo sapiens though need to prove themselves first! My friends will describe me as dependable, resilient, caring and creative individual.
The small things in life give me the biggest pleasure - I am happy to see the sun shine another day and smell the aroma of my green tea. :o) I cannot live without dancing up a storm or dipping into sea water once in a while, so it is lots of little things after all :o)).
I am hoping to attract an open-minded lady who is full of life and has interest in pursuing her hobbies and dreams while creating opportunities to stay in touch with the special people in her life.

Meet men and women from Don Mills, Canada. I am an active individual who strives to find a good work-life balance. Enjoy a good show, outdoor patio in summer, good conversation (about anything really...spanning across eco, science etc...)
I have a firm belief you have to really start hanging around with someone to find out what type of person they are.
Wanna hang?

Date a soulmate from Don Mills, Canada. My profile name describes my profession (think SimCity in real life) but that's not all that I do.
I enjoy volunteering my time to causes I care about. They range from world class international sporting events to a number of different environmental, social and community endeavors.
I like experiencing the cultural events around us, including the many concerts, plays and festivals that this city is proud to host. Exploring the various neighbourhoods around the city is also a fun activity. As an urban planner, I should know my neighbourhoods.
I also keep active by participating in various sports, especially tennis, volleyball, ultimate and cycling. I have tried new sports recently, having finished a half-marathon, figured out snowboarding, and also dragon boating. Any suggestions on other sports I should try!
Lastly, I love technology, but know when to put it down. I am a BlackBerry and PC person, but I do have an iPhone 4 as well. I would eventually like to test out an Android-based phone.
You should get in touch with me if:
- You are hoping I might message you first?
- You volunteer to advance some of the same causes as me?
- You enjoy some of the same sports as me, or you like sports in general and want a new activity partner/teammate/opponent?
- You are looking to settle down with someone.
All the best to everyone here!!

Meet single man from Don Mills, Canada. im an easy going guy looking for someone drama free to enjoy life with. i like going to the movies, restaurants etc but also like cooking dinner at home for someone special. im half italian and half egytpian (no one every gets it right) if you'd like to know more, and theres a lot more to know, send me a msg

Date men and women from Don Mills, Canada. I've been described as odd, strange, unique, one of a kind....loyal, dependable, intelligent, loveable, flexible (not like that!) and sarcastic...
My life and personality can be a bit contradictory:
1. My appearance is feminine and I always act like a lady but I LOVE sports, especially the NBA. And I can have an intelligent conversation about, positions, salary caps, teams that are not local...etc.
2. My education would peg me a numbers and results oriented individual (okay so I stole this from my resume) but I am actually very passionate about art, fashion and design.
3. I am very social and love hanging out with friends and family and can get along with almost anyone (well unless you're a death-penalty and private health care supporting, conservative snob) BUT I also love evenings at home watching a cult-classic and enjoying a cupcake on my own.
4. I'm a very honest person, but, I totally lied about my birthdate and sign on this profile.
So why am I here? Well, I have told numerous people that I would never try to meet people on-line. I never had an open-mind about the possibility. So why now? First, I want to make it clear, I don't think I'm old. I don't have a sudden urge to have a baby or anything like that. I just talked to a lot of people who have met some really interesting people here, so I'm checking it out. I've been meeting the wrong men in my social group, and if you're anything like me - a typical young professional living in a metropolitan city, you know how difficult it is to move beyond your inner circles.
So for now, if you don't think I'm a freak and want to talk/swap pictures...let me know.
Take Care!

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. Whenever I have vacation time, getting out of the country is a priority. My last trip was to Spain where I ate, shopped, and took in the sights of Barcelona, Granada, and Madrid. I've tried surfing in Australia and California but still haven't managed to always stand up - maybe some day!
My job keeps in the financial industry keeps me fairly busy but I find it stimulating. When I do have free time, I prefer low-key activities with friends with the occasional big night out. My ideal night would include trying out a new recipe and watching a good movie.
My friends would describe me as adventurous but level-headed, dependable but open to new things.
Looking for someone who is sporty, adventurous with food, likewise level-headed, and easygoing but dependable. Slight goofiness always a plus.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am recently single, just getting into the dating game, looking to have fun and companionship, but nothing serious. I am outgoing and love hanging out with friends in groups, but also enjoy individual activities. I can party it up and dance all night or enjoy a relaxing evening dining in and hanging.
I am a nurse and love my job.
I have 2 wonderful children that I adore.
I enjoy going out for dinners, I love watching all genres of movies, either at home or in the theatres.
And I really suck at writing these profiles (lol)

Meet people from Ontario, Canada. Hi =)
I love life and what I'm surrounded by! I come from a close family, and spend as much time with them as possible. I have an amazing group of friends that mean the world to me!
I'm an educated, outgoing, fun girl looking for the same type of guy. I love the outdoors, traveling, the beach, going to the lake, going out for dinner, or staying in, and opening a nice bottle of wine!!
I enjoy being active and living a healthy lifestyle. Three words that would best describe me are, honest, vivacious, and loving.
There is so much to know about me.... I haven't even scratched the surface. I'm passionate about life, love to laugh, and I'm genuinely excited about meeting someone special!

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I'm a pretty outgoing person, usually up for just about anything. I like to go out and have a good time, but staying in once in a while is a good thing too. I get along well with lots of different types of people, I love meeting and making new friends. As for what I'm looking for, a sense of humour is an absolute must! I also value intelligence, kindness and lack of conceit. Anything you'd like to know, all you have to do is ask!