Date men and women from Canada / Ontario / East York, 32 year old

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. Most people would say, "my friends would describe me as..." but I want to express myself directly to whoever is viewing my profile. I'm a man with good morals and I believe to be a well mannered human being. I'm the person who would give up my seat to a senior if needed while riding the TTC or helping a lady with her stroller down a flight of stiars. I'm a firm believer of good and bad karma. Everyone knows that saying, "what comes around, goes around".
I would relate myself as a "smore". A graham cracker "crunch" with a "soft" marshmallow/chocolate center. I know, I know, I'm such a canadian eh! I really don't know how funny I am but when the opportunity presents itself, I would give it a shot. If I'm not funny, just fake a few giggles to make me feel better. lol

Meet people from Ontario, Canada. Thanks for stopping by and give my profile a look. I never do a good job at writing these things, but here goes nothing….
Where to start…. Well…. I guess I should get some important stuff out of the way first that will probably cause issues from the start. First, I am looking for someone to have a relationship with and not a quick one night romance. But let me be clear, I do not want to get married. I do not believe in the concept marriage. It’s an out dated concept that has no place in today’s world, other than to waste a lot of money on nothing. Second, I do not want children. I know, I know, I say that now but down the road I will change my mind…. I think not. I have known since I was 16, that I did not want kids and never will and I have taken steps to ensure that will never, ever happen…. Thank you modern medicine.
Ok…. Are you still here…? If so, great!
I am a caring and fun loving person, who is very outgoing and very talkative and I love have great conversations about just about anything, no subject is taboo to me. I love music of all kinds and I even find stuff that is so obscure that most people have never even heard of the artist or their music. I strongly believe that music should move you and yes, even bring you to tears if done well. I also love great stories, told in many different formats be that; books, movies, TV, Live plays or the best of the bunch…. Through video games. Some of the best stories and the most beautiful music have now come from games. I also enjoy going out and spending time at restaurant’s, movies, shows, galleries and museums.
I am looking for someone to spend my free time with. I work some crazy hours and I never know what I will be working week to week, So flexibility is very important me. I am also looking for someone that is intelligent and well spoken, that can carry a conversation on a wide range of subjects and can handle deferring opinions on said subjects, and has more to talk about then the weather, shoes, hair or make-up. This is the most important thing to me, above anything else.
So if you like what you hear, then by all means contact me.

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. I'm new to this and thought I'd just give it a chance. I'm done with the bar scene. I really don't know what to say about myself. I've been told I'm a nice guy, that can cook great meals. I like wandering around the city finding new places and seeing strange faces.. I'm a fan of beers on patios and people watching. I also enjoy my time in and watching a movie with a good bottle of wine.
I'm going to keep this short, so if you wanna know more, please just drop a line and we can go from there.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm an educated professional looking for someone who is active, spontaneous and outgoing. I have a busy lifestyle but always willing to make time for that special someone. In terms of future goals, i'm looking to run a successful, busy multidisciplinary clinic. I enjoy most sports, ranging from football to basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis and even golf. I also enjoy playing sports and weight lifting. I'm always willing to try something new and open to new ideas. I wouldn't mind salsa dancing but i would need a partner to train my 2 left feet :). Anyways, if your willing to enjoy life and the little things in life feel free to message me.

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. Nice guy looking for a nice girl to spend good times together. I like hanging out with friends and exploring new things. I also like traveling and movies. If you think we match then try and drop me an email so we can see how it will go:)

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Hasn't anybody told you,
don't judge a book,
by the cover?
Well I'm the one
that you picked up,
and never read.
Or else you heard
and you listened,
to what you thought
that I said.
don't be fooled
by your own stupidity,
but most of all,
you don't fool me.
and the freedom to be weak,
is my strength.
A stubborn streak
mixed with a need
to be held.
But not held up,
never comfortable.
I will very happily
give you,
whatever you need.
Just don't ask me,
or even tell me
what you think that I need.
I want to be loved, anyway.

Date men and women from Canada. I am the nice guy, I open doors for others, I have manners, I help anyone at any time just because I can; even strangers. I love to be adventurous and am very outgoing, confident and certainly a good hearted person. I have an open mind and a damaged, yet open, heart. I am a hopeless romantic and I love to snuggle up and melt away with someone I care about. I love to write, read, draw and make things. I love Halloween and I do believe I am a movie trivia champion. Family is very important to me. I love to give people massages, I'm really good at that; and yes, I will rub your feet too. I am really laid back and compassionate and adventurous, I like to enjoy EVERY moment that makes up my life. I am a computer engineer and I work really hard and sometimes I just want to lay in bed with that special someone and laugh, and act foolish and like a kid and be lazy a little.
I want someone like me, chill and easy to get along with, someone who tries their best not to get involved with stupid drama. I want someone I can cuddle with and who’s there at the end of a work day to have dinner with and someone I can party with.

Meet people from Canada. Simple, sarcastic, intelligent and down to earth! I greatly appreciate the simple things in life, but still work hard to be successful. I love trying new things and doing activities that challenge me mentally, physically!
I’m trying to find a girl that is real, ambitious and appreciate the meaning of life.
I love a nice home cooked meal and can cook most things myself. Extremely thoughtful person and believe that it's the little things that count in life. If you have a bad day, I’ll do my best to try to cheer you up..
I am an active person who enjoys the outdoors including hiking, mtn biking, basketball volleyball, skiing, and many more. I also can just hang out and relax. I have great family and friends that I would do anything for.
Ideally a travel partner would be a dream come true! but someone who enjoys other cultures and not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone is nice as well.
I value Honesty, Tremendously. I am a very Honest person in all Aspects of my life. If asked for my opinion you will get the
absolute truth. To me lying shows a lack of self confidence and makes someone appear weak.
Hopefully this is enough cause it takes away a lot of the fun getting to know each other!!!

Date single man from Canada. I nice and easy going! I love to be romatic and have fun! Looking to meet someone special! I am very open and I like to do wild things that will surpirse most people. I am spontaneous and love adventure!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. A little bit about myself. I am an easy going laid back person but focused and determined when I want something. I am generally a happy person that likes to surround myself with good friends and family. I work in the hospitality industry so my friends consider me a little bit of a foodie and a wino but it always leads us to interesting excursions in Toronto's diverse culinary underbelly. I like being spontanious, meeting new people and learning new cultures and just trying something new. What I look for in a signaficant other is a girl that is open minded and driven but it doesn't mean that you have to have your life all figured out just that fact you are furthering yourself in life. Someone that is happy that can share interests with one another as well as still have independence.
If you like what you hear and want to know more send me an email I would like to hear from you.

Date a man from Canada. My closest friends say for me that I am one of the guys who likes to invest in friendship .
The things that meke me a smile are full of life and hapiness . Iam proud of my achievement in Canada since I came alone and did not have any help except of my persistance and good working habit . I am grateful to my parents , my country past and present and a Lord who created me . I am hoping to attract honest person without complexes . My social life is my spare time which I try to spent the best I can alone or with good people . I am passionate about the values which is not possible to reflect in money .

Meet someone special from Canada. I am a quiet serious looking person. My friends describes me like coming from a noble family. Sincere honest and want my partner to be nice looking as nuch as being nice from inside. To understand how life is not easy and to stand next to me struggling together in this world. I don't want extra load on my shoulder that makes my life more miserable

Date men and women from East York, Canada. im caring, with good humor and i want to meet a good woman with God fearing attitude. im passionate about my career and im looking for a long term relationship with true love and to make a great and wonderful family.

Meet people from East York, Canada. Just an aussie guy moving to toronto in july and looking to meet a lovely lady out there.
And if im lucky enough that any of you lovely ladies takes an interest in me i will be polite enough to say g'day.
Anything else just ask im not to shy and i dont bite.

Date a soulmate from East York, Canada. I'm looking for someone who loves simple things in caring and likes to have fun . Has a good job and I don't have to take care of. But if you were sick I would take care of you of course :) I like to go out a just walk around and people watch.