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Date someone special from East York, Canada. Hi. Welcome.
I like to spend time with my friends and family. I'm open to anything. I'm into music, hiking, cooking, entertaining, reading, walking, anything really. I'll try it all once.
I have several tattoos and don't regret any. I'll likely get more over time.
I often re-read a book three or four times to rediscover parts of the story, but I'll usually only watch a movie once.
I am looking for someone to compliment me, and teach me a few new tricks. I'd like to meet someone adventurous, and exciting. Ideally, this person will also like to spend the occasional night at home, or with friends. I'm really not picky. Just meeting new people is exciting.
I work in the wine & spirits industry, so appreciation for wine and delicious cocktails would be a definite bonus!

Meet a woman from East York, Canada. I am looking to find my best friend that becomes more. Have fun with laugh be silly with. Be adventurous and laugh at myself when I try something new and I fall on my funny! Laugh with me or at me It is quality of life thing! I am looking to make a connection and have something more to add in to my life a person to share my life with a friend and lover to be the first person I run to with good or bad news no judgement, encouraging, comforting, to count on
( and they can count on me) Someone to share things with. But amazing is not perfection Timing is everything!
I like to travel experience new places and things. I" m a foody! I love sports.
I am hoping to find a person with similar interests with whom to explore new things. I'd like to meet someone who is at the time in his life when he can appreciate and enjoy (almost) everything. I'd like someone who has the time for a meaningful relationship and who is ready and willing (and realizes how great it would be) to share his life with someone else. I'd like to find a person who is kind and honest. He must have a sense of humor.I'm looking for a man to share lifes ups and downs all while maintaing a sense of humor. You to like to travel, eat a wide variety of foods and make my toes curl when you kiss me. .I like a man with a great smile...Someone I can spend some quality time with.I'm not looking for a man to complete me...just someone to compliment me...
I have no time for playing games, but I'm also not running to get married either,let's just get to know each other.I like a man who can stimulate my mind, and keep a smile on my face. Intelligence and a great smile will get me all the

Date a soulmate from East York, Canada. My closest friend would describe me as :
- always knowing what she wants and goes for It
-honest, funny sense of humor
-loves animals
-loves being with family and friends( their most important to me in my life)
-quiet and shy
-book work

Meet someone special from Canada. I am looking for someone that is ready to settle. Caring, and that love children since i have one on my own. Someone that love to travel and that have been in different place beside Canada (Toronto). Spontaneous and understandable as well. Someone that values family and principles.

Date a woman from Canada. I am a simple lady who is looking for someone to share laughter, and fun of life. I would like to meet someone whom i can share my life and potentially be someone i can spend my life with in the future.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Me: I am all those things you look for on paper: funny (in the sarcastic kind of way,) smart (in the I am curious about everything and want to ready everything kind of way,) educated (in the I have an arts degree because I thought I wanted to be lawyer kind of way) etc. Mums generally love me, IРІР‚в„ўve got the infectious laugh, warm heart and I like to cook (usually a winning combo for mums.) I am restless (in the I have a long list of places IРІР‚в„ўve been to and an even longer list of places I want to go to,) opinionated (comes from the curiosity and watching a lot of John Stewart) and analytical (I blame this on my profession.) I am also passionate and exuberant in some areas of my life. I love to dance (in that, I donРІР‚в„ўt need a drink or anyone else to be around kind of way,) take chances and give back by donating my time. If looks are important, IРІР‚в„ўve been told I am easy on the eye and can coordinate an outfit or two. Most importantly my family and friends are the foundations in my life.
You: WhatРІР‚в„ўs your story, the state of your heart and most of all what makes you laugh so hard that you get a cramp in your side?
(whew being witty is hard work)

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am an adventurous person and I love to try new things (such as surfing in California, zip lining in the jungles of Honduras, snowboarding, and bottle feeding tiger cubs - I didn't do that one, but I want to!). I also love to read, watch movies, listen to music and talk (I know guys love to talk). I am constantly looking for new ways to grow and learn and I would love to have someone to do that with me.
I am looking for someone with a sense of humour who doesn't take themselves too seriously. I want to be with an easy-going person who is kind, considerate, funny, spontaneous, and witty. Oh, and someone who would be willing to step out of their comfort zone in some way.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. I thought for sure I wouldnt, but like so many here I am. Good things happen when least expected and friends have had good luck at it, so here goes nothing.
And geez, this is tough. Guess I'll return when I figure out what I want to say ...