Date women from Canada / Ontario / East York, 32 year old

Date someone special from East York, Canada. I'm looking for someone who loves simple things in caring and likes to have fun . Has a good job and I don't have to take care of. But if you were sick I would take care of you of course :) I like to go out a just walk around and people watch.

Meet a soulmate from East York, Canada. I have decided to give this another shot. Nothing ventured nothing gained I guess...I am outgoing and pretty independent. I have a lot of things on the go lately and really haven't had the time to venture out to meet someone alas here I am =) I guess to best describe myself I'd say I like simple. I am not interested in cars or what someone does unless its something they are truly passionate about. I am a single mum of a pre teen and have been pretty good at it so far. I would have to say I am not the typical live, love laugh kinda girl, I hear that all the time and feel it is a better idea to just do it rather then say it. I'm all about action vs words. I am looking for someone who isn't still a partier. Don't get me wrong my hair is awesome when I let it down. I am just looking to have more quite times. I find the older I get the recovery time after a night out lasts far longer then it used too. I would rather have experiences then woop it up lol I will also add I am not looking for a father for my son I do well on my own. I do hope one day the man I settle down with would be a pal. I love to help people and would like to further my life in a positive non material way. I like nice things but they aren't a priority. Something about seeing someone smile when you know its not easy makes me feel so awesome. I am silly so if you don't know how to be ridiculous and laugh even when times are tough it probably won't work. I am looking for something more then a night out and hope to find it. I would love to settle down and I am a firm believer that doesn't mean you have to settle. I love to cook and am becoming a healthy choice kinda gal. I do believe in things being equal so I am not into having things paid for all the time. I like to contribute and won't take no. In saying that I still like having a door opened for me or being romanced. I just feel a woman has far more responsibility in a relationship then whats in her pants (ya I said it). I am honest and expect the same. I am a woman and have learned enough to know there is no point in pretending or being something someone else wants. I believe the right man is out there and the only way he will find me is if I be me. Thanks for reading =)I

Date a woman from East York, Canada. Am a sing lady with perssion and goals. am single never married , no kids. Am self dependent. i will like to meet a man who is strong and ready to take for real. i need a strong and long term relationship.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am a simple person. Very understandable. IРІР‚в„ўm fan of traveling so IРІР‚в„ўd like to work for a tour company. I'm dreaming to visit all countries all over the world and to see all wonderful and great places. I hope my dreams will come true.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am easy going, optimistic, and I like to smile and laugh. I feel that there is a holiday in my heart when people around me are happy and smiling too. I would do anything I can to make them happy and to make their life better. I am an altruistic person, and I care about others a lot ? I do not think only about myself, because this is not good, in my opinion. I am a believer in all the good in the world. I think that everything we do in this life returns to us, so it is better to do good things, and they will return to us multiplied by many times.
I like sports very much. I think that the best kind of sport is dancing for me. I think that it is good to know how to dance, because it makes us feel good in any company. I like to jog as well, and I think that it is a little better and easier than running. When you run, you get tired very fast, but you can jog a longer distance instead. I like to jog in the mornings, when I have time, and I can do it in the evenings in summer. Another kind of sport I like is swimming. I live in the city on the sea shore now, so I like to visit the beach to swim. I like to listen to music too.
I am looking for a kind and generous man, who will understand me very well. I hope that I will be number one in his heart, and he will be number one in my soul too. I would like to meet a man who will be happy because of my successes, and who will support my ideas in life. I will be ready to support him too by all means. I would like to meet a person who will motivate me to become better and who will share my interests. I would like to be able to grow personally and intellectually by his side, and I hope that he will not be bored with me either.I look for a good man who is not here to play games but ready for a serious relationship.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. Hello to everybody...I'm smart, caring, affectionate, pretty, love to talk.... I'll tell you more when we talk.....I have so much to say about myself. i like to read novels, i like dancing, i like to club, i like when i get to have the right person and then hang around him for beach, i like cooking, i like to bowl... well really i like all things that makes me happy.

Date someone special from Canada. Im a simple and cute person,looking for a good friend and if we have connections maybe it well be my man of my life that i can share with for the rest of my life. i love to be with the man and he is sweet and caring to make me feel that Im special to him. Its my dream to have a complete family. The want that i considered to be my own.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. This is a little bit about lyneacc22:
I never know what to say when I have to talk about myself, however, I have grown more and more to know what I want out of life, whether in relationships (friendships and other) and personal goals. I'm on here just to pass time, if something comes out of it, I'll be glad that I gave it a try, especially if I meet a man who shares my faith and moral values! I guess you could say I'm a daddy's little girl: he taught me very early that if a guy's not willing to move mountains for you, run several miles to get to you, cross the ocean to find you and sell all of his treasures to gain you, he's SIMPLY NOT that into you! Best advice ever, thanks, dad:) I'm most likely the best girlfriend out there: love to spend time with my man, prepare scrumptious meals for him, be a helper when he's busy, support his decisions and ambitions; all in all, making sure he knows he is not being robbed of his God-given gender role: that is being the MAN in the relationship. All I ask is to be with a respectful, streets-smart, intelligent, mature, chivalrous, romantic, man who has a kid's heart and still is resourceful, nonjudgmental or superficial while still giving me enough attention...also, I'm thinking of FINALLY learning to do the following: learn how to ride a bicycle, learn how to swim and try to go on a Seadoo for the very first time! All this in NO PARTICULAR order, so, gentlemen, I'll need a COACH/MOTIVATOR!!! lol Someone who wants to get to know ME mentally FIRST before physically. No baggage here: had my 1st boyfriend @ 22 and been in 2 relationships ever since (could have been more, but then again, what girl wants to be known around the block, eh?), never-married, no kids, never "shacked-up" or "lived-in-sin" with a dude, lol; therefore, not very savvy or experienced when it comes to relationships in general, etc! So here's to hoping that I find the one that will make my heart skip a beat again and be super tall (I'm just DYING to start wearing stilettos!)
It would be amazing to meet a Christian man (See 2 Corinthians 6:14-15), who is hard working (See 1 Timothy 5:7-8), who is generous of his self to others, especially his family/future spouse (See Ephesians 5:22-33) and who is honest, has a good reputation and strives for the qualities of a spiritual leader. (See Acts 6:3, 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9).
BTW, don't be surprised if you discover that I have a cute (so I've been told, lol) French accent: I was born raised in Montreal and moved to Toronto about 3 years ago, as a job transfer! I'm fully trilingual (French, English and Haitian-Creole... can read Spanish too).
Why am I resorting to online dating? Well, it's simple, where I live (Toronto, ON), not a whole lot of CHRISTIAN men who happen to be SINGLE NEVER-MARRIED with NO BAGGAGE! LOL! I'd love to meet someone locally, don't get me wrong, but, I'm trying to stay open-minded about using this technology in a godly way... After all, I have to have faith in one of God's many promises: 1 Kings 19:18

Date a woman from Canada. Okay, so here are the facts: I am single and looking to get out and meet someone.
Some people might describe me as serious but my closest friends say I have a great sense of humour. I can both dish out and take jokes, nothing cruel, always in good fun. I am also ambitious and looking for what else life has to offer.
I love being surrounded by people that care for one another. I was brought up in a big family and have learned how to share and compromise. Helping others get to their happy is what makes me smile.
That being said, I am looking for someone who is smart and funny and willing to put up with my love of basketball :). He should be confident, like to travel and try new things. Above all, I would like to meet a man who is considerate. Could that be you?

. This seems like a tough crowd, so I will keep this short but sweet. I am looking for my match/best friend. Someone who is honest, loyal, has a good sense of humor, and knows what they want. I am not into playing games, and am looking for something that will develop into a long term relationship. I am looking for that special someone. Someone with a great personality and sense of humour. Someone who is loyal, trustworthy, and can put a smile on my face. Someone I look forward to seeing, and canРІР‚в„ўt wait to share my day with.
About me: I am pretty easygoing, independent, loyal, and I have a great sense of humor. I love my family and friends and try to spend as much time with them as possible. Not sure what to expect from this, but I am staying optimistic!
Hope to hear from you soon.

. To know : I m a friendly person I like to enjoy the live,meet interesting person with who we can have good conversation but for my part the best thing is to introduce myself with more details to people who want to know me .........

. I am a nice, friendly, some say funny girl looking for a nice, friendly,funny guy. I am lucky to work in healthcare (not a doctor or a nurse), and love traveling and any beach. I am close to my family and have a great group of friends.
Originally from Nova Scotia, I have been in the city for seven years. I have a strong love for the Simpson's, Family Guy and American Dad that most people I know are confused by.

. Don't believe what your eyes are telling you...
All they show is limitation... Look with your understanding....
...try to feel understand with your heart.
Everything in life is luck.

. i'm a loving person. a one womam man. if i love someone i cherish him and love him unconditionally. i'm a nature lover, i like historical places. i'm looking for a person that accept who i am. love me also unconditionally.

. My friends describe me as ambitious, independent and extremely generous. I'm not afraid of change and know what I want. Hope to find someone with similar qualities.
Hope you're mature, fun loving and attractive. You have a good head on your shoulders and have a great time along the way..... I look forward to meeting you :)