Date men from Canada / Ontario / Fort Frances, 32 year old

Date someone special from Fort Frances, Canada. After a while on Match, I decided it was time to update my boring profile. It is very difficult to get a true sense of a person through an online posting, but I will try my best.
Over the past several years I have accomplished many of my personal and professional goals. I am happy with what I have accomplished in my life so far. That is not to say that there are not aspects of my life that I would like to change, but that overall I am pleased with what I have accomplished. I believe we are given an opportunity every day to improve, and that we ultimately have the power to be the best that we can.
A few years ago, I was so driven by my career that I neglected other important areas of my life. I believe I have now achieved the balance in my life that I need and now would like to invite someone to share my life and experiences with.
I am seeking a professional who is a strong individual with their own goals, dreams and aspirations. I am looking for someone to complement my life and I hope I can complement theirs. I am looking for a best friend, for someone to share a laugh, an intelligent conversation, and all of the little moments that enrich our lives and make them worth living.
For all of the benefits of living in a small community, I do find the social scene lacking for young professionals. I hope Match will allow me to connect with someone who knows how to have fun and enjoy themselves, but also someone who can engage in stimulating and intelligent conversation.
I see this as a starting point....perhaps of a great friendship, perhaps something more or something less. Take a chance....who knows where it could lead?

Meet single man from Fort Frances, Canada. I'm someone that is real, i like honesty so much and that is something i need. I don't like the mind games, and i try hard at everything i do. I'm looking for a girl i can grow with, something that I look back on and say "that women really made my life".