Date men from Canada / Ontario / Georgetown, 32 year old

Date a soulmate from Canada. Well, I'm very much an open book. I tend to be upbeat and in good spirits. I've overcome a lot in the past several years and have worked hard to make a good life for myself. I'm grateful for the person I've become, we seem to learn the most when things aren't going as planned.
A few things to explain me would be: That I do have a conscience and care about the well-being of others. I'm kind of shy at first and can be quiet in certain situations, but have no problem standing up for myself or those I care for. I've never been into the typical guy things, cars, sports etc. I keep my word, that's important to me. When I make a mistake I'll admit to it, apologize for it and correct it. I see success as self improvement and our treatment of each other more so than money and material things.
I'm looking to take my time building a healthy relationship with someone I can be happy and at peace with. Someone who is warm hearted, an optimist, intilligent, takes care of their health, honest with an excellent moral compass, and has a wicked sense of humour.
I love anything Celtic, Victorian or Gothic in nature. In my spare time I'll watch a movie, listen to music, read, play a video game or go for a walk. I would like to adopt one day but we'll see how it goes. I'm a big kid at heart, kind of silly at times, but am good at knowing when to be serious. I like to keep things light heart and enjoy life as much as possible. I can be pretty funny in person, my sense of humour is more spur of the moment observations, so it's difficult to get that across in writing. There's so much more than I can fill in here.

Meet single man from Canada. ideal sincere and honest,looking good and like travel sport and music looking for sharing life the good and the worst ,laugh all day ,no anger and social no problems and no place for dishonest ilike going outside smiling everyday with my love and enjoying life fully ,trust each other no game

Date someone special from Canada. I never know what to say here, I am looking for a relationship, not into playing games.
Looking for someone honest, caring, and love when they can speak their mind.
My friends would describe me as: Responsible, Trustworthy, Kind....if i say something i mean it.
A good sense a humor is a must, You can't take life to seriously all the time.
Hope to hear from you :)

Meet a man from Canada. I am a good and honest man. I have trouble lying unless it is for something positive (ie surprise party, someone's pregnant don't tell so & so yet.) "Brutal Honesty" is a "nice" word for not caring too much. I don't like the word "Hate" and I remain quite positive about those around me and situations. I give people the benefit of the doubt and I love everybody but that doesn't mean I'll hang out with them.
I'm hoping to find someone with similar spiritual views. There is a consciousness that we come from and we are part of it, we just forgot. Everything happens for a reason and we are never handed something that we cannot handle. You can see through the eyes of love or you can see through the eyes of fear. The eyes of love are the only true eyes and the eyes of fear are not really there.
I love to laugh, I'm pretty funny. Silly, goofy, intelligence, and wisdom are found in comedy. A good laugh is better than an asprin. I would love somebody to laugh with.
I rarely get angry and it's been a long long time since I yelled at someone. I believe once you have entered an argument you've already lost, and what the yelling is all about is an old conversation and not about what is being argued about at all. If you have taken a Landmark Education course you will totally know what I'm talking about. I have taken several seminars with them to really look inside myself to find out who I really am.
I would love to be with a positive person who can encourage gently, be patient and calm, and love as much as I do. I understand that men and women see things differently and this is good. It's like interlocking fingers when the partnership is ideal. Sometimes the things we do can upset the other but I see it as a perfect partnership where no detail goes unmissed.
I love intelligence, a sense of humor, creativity, and love in the heart.
I am a simple man with simple needs. I try to live my life without being overly concerned with possessions, and helping someone else feels ultimately better than helping myself.
Going for walks and just being with someone you are in love with is aces in my book, so is cuddling. If you don't like to cuddle please try it cus it's awesome. It's kind of like enlightenment, nirvana.
All the good guys are not gone, we've just been hiding in the basement, because I have no idea where to go to find a soulmate, they don't stock those at walmart, and I'm bored of hiding out in the bachelor life.
I'm looking for fun, joy, and love... a meditation partner wouldn't be so bad either.
p.s. I love a good cheese sauce on Broccoli:)

Date a soulmate from Georgetown, Canada. Looking for someone to share new adventures and experiences.
I am quite at first, once you get to know me I seek only the best out of people, I am a very loyal person that does not play mind games.
I always speak the truth, no need to cover or hide anything.
I seek the same qualities.

Meet single man from Georgetown, Canada. i just want some one to hang out w/ easy to talk to loves kids likes spending time with kids love me and my kids the same i just want a normal relationship no drama, I can spend the afternoon with talking how their day was, i am looking for a girl who funny beautiful inside and out.
someone that is true to herself

Date someone special from Georgetown, Canada. I'm a fun, caring, loving person. I like spend time with my friends and family. I enjoy having exiting evenings going out for dinner, dancing, movies, playing games. At the same time though a relaxing evening at home cuddling on the couch is also enjoyable.