Date men from Canada / Ontario / Hamilton, 32 year old

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. Hello, I'm 32 years old; I have a great career which I’m really enjoying. I have goals set for myself and currently I'm working very hard to achieve them. I'm very passionate about my career, sports and Manchester United (best soccer team in the world). I enjoy getting out for a bike ride when I’m not playing soccer. I'm also coach youth soccer. I'm very social; I really enjoy good company almost always. I'm usually the life of the party, as in telling great stories and some funny jokes, lots of those stories are about me. Anyways as I said I’m 32 years old and I’m looking for a serious relationship, I would like to find a nice woman that is mature and beautiful on the inside; family oriented and respects the idea of long term partnership. I need her to be honest respectful and understanding when it comes to life's responsibilities i.e. importance of family. Trust, Compromise and understanding are also something important for me.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am humorous person, i love to laugh and be happy always. I love fancy things and am very considerate. Full of passion love to give. I love to understand people and take them for who they are, never imposing my values and likes on people

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. 32 yo guy who hates the "bar scene" and other sleazy online sites. I would love to find a fun, easy going girl that would match me well.
I currently work a lot and find it hard to find the right girl. that being said I don't work so much that I don't have free time to spend with the right girl.
I would love to find a girl with a passion for music, I cannot get through a day without music in my life.
me in a nut shell
-easy going
-try anything at least once
-loves sushi
-has a small but amazing group of close friends
-loves a fun night out on the town
-also loves a nice night in
hopefully you in a nutshell
-see above
Want to know anything else please feel free to get a hold of me, I hate filling these things out!

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am good natured, my personality, I would say is pretty good. The best way to describe myself would be to describe the type of woman I am looking for in life. First, she would have to have a great personality, love me for who I am, not try to make me into something that i'm not. She would have to know the true meaning of love, not just say it.

Date single man from Canada. I like spending time with my friends and dog!! Looking for someone who is into rockabilly culture, doing the social scene but also likes a video wth bowl of popcorn. Spend a lot of time designing art work for my shop. My dog, Farley is currently the light of my life but could be replaced by the right one. Getting a bit tired of the bar scene so thought I would check this out.

Meet someone special from Canada. New to the site, having a look around. I enjoy a wide variety of activities/hobbies. I love dining out, conversation over dinners with some wine. I equally enjoy outdoor activities such as horseback riding, camping, hiking. Pretty much anything except clubbing.
Ive had the chance to live and work in south america and over seas. I also enjoy sports, such as soccer, football, mma. I have a career which I love and I love waking up in the mornings to go to work :)

Date a man from Canada. I'm a full time Chef and dad to a 3 year old boy. I have plenty of interests too long to list in this tiny box so please feel free to ask me anything. Basically looking to meet my match and experience new experiences together :)

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Ive noticed in previous relationships that didnt work out that i didnt have enough in common with that person.
So id like to find someone who is active goes to the gym andor plays sports. Most importantly someobody who likes me for me. I dont want to change anyone as i dont want anyone to try to change me either.
You should have your life together have a good job, strong family connection, and independent.
Obviously there must be an attraction for the both of us. I dont want anyone high maintance lol.
Im a non smoker and will not date a smoker sorry but its gross.
Im also looking for someone who is serious and not looking to play games.
My background is serbian

Date single man from Hamilton, Canada. Im a really nice guy once you get to know me. I'm funny, intelligent and sweet. Isn't everyone?! lol! I'm understanding, open minded and non-judgemental. Since I'm very shy, I have trouble meeting people so I thought this would be worth a try. I'm open to new things, anything and everything. I'm just looking for what everyone else is... someone to love and to love me back

Meet someone special from Hamilton, Canada. Just moved to Hamilton, ON from London, ON for a new job and my first day of work was only my 5th day ever in Hamilton. I am looking to meet new people, and find help in getting to know my new city.
I love to travel and have done a lot in the last year : Las Vegas, Columbus OH, Vancouver, Ecuador, Peru, Chicago to name some of the bigger places.
My week days are spent in front of computer screen as I am a web developer by trade. I am successful in my profession and passionate about it, but come quitting time I am looking for something fun and/or interesting to take me away from the tech stuff. I also like to workout a few times a week as it is a good balance to having to be seated at a desk all day.
Laughing and having fun is important to me, I never like to take myself too seriously and I most often find the best person to start laughing at is me!
Can't say I can think of much more to say about myself. So I will just ask you a question: What is your must do thing big or small for a person new to Hamilton, ON?

Date a man from Hamilton, Canada. Friends have had a lot of luck online and I figure it's my turn. I've been single for a while and really enjoyed the freedom it gave me to pursue my other interests, but it's just not enough any more. I'm looking for someone who challenges me, someone who can sit and have an intelligent conversation one minute and goof off the next, someone who doesn't take life too seriously and can see the humour in the world.
I'm a teacher and love my job (most of the time), it can be extremely challenging and rewarding. In my free time I work in community theatre, write, play hockey, work on my aging house (107 yrs and counting), and have recently got back into graphic design.
When it comes to going out I'm pretty much up for anything. I enjoy sitting around with friends, having a pint, shooting some pool, playing darts, or goofing around with a board game; basically, something that allows you to have conversation with the people you're with and a few laughs.
Well, that's enough out of me! If you think we might get along or if you want to know more send me a message.

Meet a soulmate from Hamilton, Canada. Make no doubt about it, you just found the most un-boring guy on this entire site! Twelve years ago when I was twenty it seemed like time was never an issue, if your math skills are good that makes me 32, so today I find myself making choices that make every moment count. I gotta try everything at least once, probably why I am here in the first place. Back then I spent 7 long years working in school, graduated got a job, then a promotion and then another one, and then became a corporate director at a young age. Now I just don’t give a crap for people that don’t want to enjoy life, and are miserable or focused on all the idiotic things that life doesn’t offer. My likes…in the winter time I like to drive my convertible with the roof down. I am a big ski bum, spring skiing is best done in your underwear. I don’t actually like the cold though, so I am a big fan of global warming. I want to be the first to have a palm tree in my front yard. I enjoy sports, I just hate watching them. Watching makes you fat and stupid. Sailing is a big passion of mine, I spend most of my summers on the water drinking beer. Yes I like beer, the weird shit that nobody can pronounce is my favourite. I love my job, mostly the people that I look after. I hate normal, cause it’s boring! I enjoy art, especially the culinary kind. I can’t cook worth of crap, but I can always sniff out cool joints to eat. I am a health fanatic, work out twice a day eat well. Sometimes I like to have a cigarette before I do my 10K run in the morning. I work like a dog when I have to, but I enjoy my job so I suppose that’s okay. Travel a lot, my favourite place is Greece by far. Still a lot of places I haven’t been, Antarctica is one of them. I am totally spontaneous, but sometimes I don’t mind falling asleep. I am a bit addicted to life. So I am here to…find someone that shares the same addiction. Qualities in a girl, know what you want, know how to love, enjoy the social aspects of life, be smart, be spontaneous, be compassionate, have a great sense of humour, care about yourself, be yourself. Age, probably 20-35. Attractive looks are a fact of life. If that’s you drop me line, what’s the worst that can happen. Rejection is a part of life. Just kidding!

. OK so I consider myself a Simple man. I am straight forward. I like people who are sraight forward with me. I am a loyal person. I love My Family and they are very important to me. I have three sisters who are awesome which only figures since I'm Captain Awesome lol!! I take pride in my work and my accomplishments, I am a plumber. I also take pride in the accomplishments of my friends and family. I love Hockey, I'm a die Hard leaf fan, with 'em win or tie!! I am looking for a woman who likes Camping/cottaging, Bon fires, it would be nice to have a girl who is a real leaf fan who will actually watch games with me not just put up with the fact that I rarely miss one, I want a woman who will drink a beer. I love Comedy, stand up or whatever , My favorite comedians or comedic actors include will ferrel, mike myers, Jim Carey, however I laugh at everything remotely funny so whatever. I also love movies ,going to and staying in and watching. My kind of music includes classic rock and hair metal like Zeppelin, Hendrix, ac/dc, G'N'F'N'R, poison, def leapard, twisted sister (both songs lol) i also like blues like Stevie ray Vaughn, the occasional hip hop tune can sometimes fit the moment and to me Bob Marley IS reggae!!!

. a bright personality is a huge turn on. and a sense of humour is another thing i like. you don't have to be tina fey, but if you know how to have a good time and make the best of a bad situation that is a really great quality. i would like to think i'm a pretty good guy and a little bit old fashioned. i like thinking i'm doing something romantic. i think my focus now is on really understanding who other people and seeing where they are coming from. i've been doing a lot of introspection on my life recently and i think i've figured a lot of me out, so i'm looking forward to taking a break from that and turning the focus on being with someone else and learning about them.

. I am recently migrated to canada. I live in hamilton since past 2 years. I am in health care sector. Looking for my match to live with. I am calm with sense of humor. I wanna my partner to be happy and smiling all of her life. I will do anything for that